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Best Floor Tile Designs With Guide by Lavish Ceramics

25 July 2022
Best Floor Tile Designs With Guide by Lavish Ceramics

Renovating your house? Or thinking to give it a new and modernized touch? How are you designing it? Well, no matter whatever design you are having in your mind, investing in the best floor tiles is a smart way of adding some elegance to the entire décor. Gone are the days when the flooring was carried out with merely one or two common and simple tile designs. Today, there are various designs and materials available which have made styling the house in a unique way easier. Again, the tiles carry advanced features that make them better than other flooring ideas like wood and carpet.

Tile flooring carries the capability of seamlessly designing the house with a horde of styles that perfectly suit your area. Be it marble, slate, PGVT tiles, porcelain, ceramic, or even travertine, all such tiles surely give your bathroom, kitchen, or any other flooring a sophisticated appearance.

Baffled about which style or design you should select for your house? Here are some smart and effective ideas from the experts of Lavish Ceramics that would help you design your floor beautifully.

Select the flooring style

Usually, people selected stone flooring as it came with properties like durability. However, today people are getting more attracted to modern and rustic flooring designs. If you want to give your house a contemporary look, grey tiles in a large format are the right choice. On the other hand, the beige and orange slates give you a rustic look. For those looking to give the house a modern touch, ceramic or porcelain tiles with a variety of colors and textures are the best to go with. Again, the rustic designs would give a warm and cozy touch to the outlook of your house. If willing to give a warm tone to your area, invest in some wood-like or natural stone flooring tiles. Apart from all these, there are many other tiling options like faux-wood flooring, black and white patterned tiles, etc. that are ruling the market these days.

Size and Shape of the Tiles

The floor tiles are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes today. No doubt, the traditional tried-and-true tiles of 12” X 12” are still used by various people, but more and more people are getting attracted to larger size tiles. Some of the popular sizes ruling the market today include tiles of sizes 16” X 16”, 12” X 24”, and 24” X 48”. When one uses large tiles for their house flooring, the number of grout lines reduces which also reduces the hectic cleaning process. Again, it also gives the room a spacious look which is less busy and more open. Similarly, the thickness of the tiles is reducing day by day as people are now looking for thinner tile options. Some of the popular designs include hexagonal designs, geometrical shapes designs, chevron designs, herringbone designs, and various other mixed-width patterns.

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Selecting the Material

The material of the floor tile you are willing to purchase is also equally important in the overall look of your house. If you want to give the room a natural and classic look, the natural stone tiles like travertine and marble are the right choice. Again, it should be noted that they are easy to clean and durable too. On the other hand, the large slate tiles are selected as they are durable and quite phenomenal in style. However, if you are looking for a tile design with a limited budget, the ceramic tile is what you should go with. Be it a traditional look or a modern touch, the ceramic tiles are available in various styles, patterns, and designs that give the house a personalized touch within your budget. With the advancement in technology, the tiles are now available in advanced prints that give the house a realistic look in terms of concrete and stone look. The strong porcelain tiles have won the hearts due to the style, hues, and other latest features it carries. Hence, study the area of the tile, and the material before making any purchase.

Selecting the color of the tiles

Black and white. These are the typical traditional colors of tiles. However, today the color of the tiles is capable enough to set up a mood. These days, people are getting more attracted to grey tiles as they create a comfortable and cool atmosphere in the house. Again, the grey tiles are sure to go with any wall color as it gives a bold statement to other household appliances. Next on the list is the bright white tiles. They are widely selected for giving a contrasting look to the dark appliances and cabinets. Again, if you are thinking to invest in white large tiles, it also gives a spacious look to the entire room. If want to give a different look to the bathroom and kitchen, next on the list is the marble tiles. Apart from all these, the wood-look tiles add some warmth to the house. Hence, when you are ready with the number of tiles, the smuggle tile designs, the wood-like designs, etc. If you want to give a complementary or contrasting look to the house, the wooden tiles, 2-color treatments, etc. are what you should end up with.


So, now that you are ready with the shape, size, and other properties of the floor tiles designs, it is high time to look for the right tile for your house. Flooring is very important in any house. As they are available in various shades, hues, etc., make sure you go through every possible element of the tile you are willing to purchase. Again, before selecting the tiles, it is important to consider other factors like cleaning, grout cleaning, maintenance, etc. Again, the selection of the tiles also depends on the room or area you are willing to decorate like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, etc.

So, which type of floor tiles are you going to use for designing your house?