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Top 5 Decor Ideas with Porcelain Stoneware

29 August 2022
Top 5 Decor Ideas with Porcelain Stoneware

Are you thinking to renovate your house to something unique? What if I tell you that you can take your home interior to the next level by adding something interesting which is already in your bathroom or kitchen? Yes, I am talking about the kitchen and bathroom tiles. When tiles are added to the stairs, living, or any other corner of the house, it is sure to take your home interiors to another level.

Tiles not only give your house a bold look, but it is among the innovative ways of transforming your house and space with simple patterns or tiles. Again, as per the latest trends regarding house décor and interiors, tiles have been an essential part of various areas apart from the bathroom or kitchen. It gives the entire house an elegant and aesthetic look complementing other areas of the house.

Are you also looking for innovative ways of renovating your house or using porcelain stoneware tiles?

Here are the top 5 décor ideas using porcelain tiles you can start with to enhance the entire outlook of your house.

#1 Entrance Area

Gone are the days when the entrance was ignored while decorating the house. Today, people give utmost importance to the entrance area similar to other areas of the house as it gives the first impression of your entire house décor. No doubt, many opt for strong hardwood for covering the floor of the entrance. It not only gives a welcoming look but also looks exclusive and attention-grabbing. But today, using white and black colored tiles is quite a trend. It gives the entrance a graphic turn compared to the traditional colorful tile covers. Again, there are various porcelain stoneware tiles in different shades, designs, and patterns available that exactly suits the entrance area.

#2 Bathroom and laundry area

When it comes to indoor areas, the bathroom and the laundry areas are the best spaces for experimenting with your interiors. Nearly half of the day is spent collecting laundry, washing the clothes, drying, and arranging them back. Again, the bathroom is also used many times a day. And using the best floor tiles for giving these areas a neutral shade or even a bold one, is sure to add some character. The newly designed ceramic tiles come with various advanced features that make the bathroom anti-slip and give it a new design. Hence, by decorating the bathroom and the laundry areas with the latest in-trend ceramic or porcelain tiles, you are sure to end up with a smile every time you visit there.

#3 Living room and Fireplace

After the main entrance, the next thing people would observe is the living room and the fireplace in it. Both the areas get much more attention as well as remain crowded for many hours. And hence, the interiors here should be well appealing. Today, people are moving towards monochromatic or poppy patterned ceramic tiles including mosaic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, etc. for the living room or fireplace. And when even simple furnishings are kept in such areas, they give a highlighted look. On the other hand, even making minor changes in the living room like changing the carpets, art, curtains, etc. would also be helpful in getting an overall change in the design.

Porcelain Stoneware

#4 Working Space

The next on the list is the working space. If the possibility of anyone from your home working from home is more or even for the people from the corporate field, a proper working area should also be designed accordingly. So, if you are also thinking to build up a workstation at your own home, why keep merely a table and chair for it when you can give the working area a new and innovative touch with the best wall tiles made from ceramic? In this way, you shall take the entire workplace to the next level. You can use fun floor tiles like hexagonal tiles, plain bold shade tiles, designer wall tiles, etc. for decorating the walls and the flooring. This would not only make the entire area fun to be in but also make you more efficient in working.

#5 Cocktail/Mocktail lounge

Are you having a lounge in your home? If yes, is it interesting? Whether you are going to serve coffee in there or even drinks, the lounge needs to have an interesting outlook and should be quite appealing too. When the lounge is given some bold designs and a bright metallic look, it is surely going to add some fun and excitement to the memories you shall create there. For the people who want to give the lounge a romantic or dim-like touch, focusing on the hues of the tiles or looking for digitally printed tiles would be helpful. Some of the popular designs selected for designing the lounge area include backsplash tiles, wooden beige marble tiles, blue mosaic tiles, bloom tiles, and many more made from ceramic.

Apart from all these areas, the kitchen and the bedrooms can also be given a new touch with the help of Lavish ceramic tiles. Some also prefer using black ceramic tiles in squares for walls to design vintage kitchen areas. Adding some 3D printed tiles with fine kitchen prints on them to the kitchen walls would also be more attractive. For the nature lover, the wooden ceramic tiles are widely used to add some classiness to the bedroom. Some popular designs for bedroom ceramic tiles are slate slit face tiles, seashell marble effect tiles, wood effect tiles, and many more.

As per the experts at Lavish Ceramics, people are using tiles in a creative way for decorating their homes. This includes ceramic plant stands, painting old tiles, tile placements and coasters, tile stencils, mosaic style planters, ceramic vases, etc. The stairs are also given a unique shining and colourful tile design with bold colors that give elegant vibes.

So, which porcelain stoneware tiles are you going to select to design your entire house for a newfangled appearance?