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That which is unique is always rare and special, so is with the finesse of Lavish tiles. Lavish is synonymous with excellent quality tiles that define the beauty of a well tiled space. One of the largest manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles, double charge vitrified tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles and digital tiles, Lavish is famous for adding that sense of grandeur and splendor through sheer product quality.

Since more than two decades Lavish group is renowned for the production of tiles that provide finesse, style and quality. Our supreme quality is a result of leading edge 21st century production process that includes high end machinery, quality control process, research and development as well as automation.

Based in Morbi, a town known as the Paris of India given it is the largest production of tiles in the country, Lavish is identified as a benchmark for innovation. Accompanied by ISO 9001 certified methods of production that provide quality, Lavish Group is also known as one of the largest producers of tiles in India.

Amazing quality ambiance with a blend of Italian, Spanish and high end machinery as well as technological excellence and expertise is reflected in the well designed quality tiles that make our identity. A brand that is famous for being one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of leading wall, vitrified, floor and porcelain tiles, a wide range of our tiles are applied in for office, bathroom, kitchen or living room.

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We installed India's largest kiln

This year behold the inauguration of Luxgres Ceramica LLP factory which expanded our production capacity.

With the installation of India’s largest kiln of 260 meters, Luxgres Ceramica LLP factory strive to deliver the best quality product to its consumers.

Expansion of our product range

This year we added a new series of Porcelain tiles in size of 30x60 cm with an exclusive collection. We introduced this new range of collection to expand our portfolio in the domain of manufacturing ceramic tiles with innovative sizes and textures.

The progression of wooden strip 20x120 porcelain tiles

This year marked the inception of up-gradation of our plant, Liva ceramics to enable the factory to make wooden strip 20x120 porcelain tiles. This year we catered our innovative product in the market which unfolded the face of wooden strip ceramic tile industry.

Continuing to Grow with a New Height

2017 has been a great inspiration that came across with the new heights of achievements where we reached our total manufacturing capacity to 20+ million square mtr. And our total global export to 2+ million square mtr. Along with that we have successfully completed the portfolio of porcelain tiles with the excellence of our luxury and high quality tiles!

Commencing a new unit

2016 Immediately after our success with Lavish Granito, within four months we started the construction of our upcoming project Lakme Vitrified Ltd to increase our production capacity up to 16 million square mtr. And we hope to continue creating wonders in the form of excellent quality tiles!

Making vitrified tiles

2015 We Participated in BIG 5, Dubai and Cevisama, Valencia Spain. Here we crossed the 1 million sq. mtr. in export. Lavish Granito Pvt. Ltd was founded to bring our footprints into vitrified tiles. This meant we had developed enough expertise to achieve the production capacity of 60 x 60 cm, 80 x 80 cm and 60 x 120 cm Nano Polished, Double Charge Vitrified Tiles, GVT and PGVT Vitrified Tiles within 2 months of commencement.

We also launched an 8 color digital printing machine in Liva in keeping with our practice of innovation and also so that we continue to be the leading edge producer of excellent quality. So not only were we celebrating a new unit but we had reached 10 million sq. mtr. of production capacity of the group, had installed new latest digital printing machine from Cretaprint, Spain and were going global! With special effects like reactive, luster, matt, the production had reached its culmination.

Venturing into many countries for exports

2012 In keeping with our practice of innovating at regular intervals we started R&D and QC department to pursue best business practices with utmost integrity to create a variety of ceramic tiles. As a part of innovation we started a different range of ceramic tiles called elevation series.

Elevation series are the type of ceramic tiles that provide the look of a stone. This series saw a welcome response making Lavish an extremely popular and sought after brand. In 2014 we participated in international fair BIG 5, Dubai to enhance the export in Middle East and received a great response. This became a starting point for us to venture into many Middle East countries.

Installing one of the first digital wall tile machines in India

2011 With the success of Silk and Lavish, we started Liva Ceramics after introducing the latest technology in wall tiles. With Liva we introduced Spanish inkjet technology that developed a very good range in 30 x 60 cm and 30 x 45 cm. Live was one of the first units in India to install the digital wall tiles machine. During this year we also imported several maulers from Spain to provide a feel of Spanish tastes in India.

This year was eventful as we also started Liva minerals. It gave us an opportunity to produce body clay in house, which allowed us to create the base for ceramic tile quality as per our requirement in differing situations. This unit also helped us to make body clay with our strict Lavish group quality parameters. Not only did we reach the production capacity to 5.35 million square meters, the advent of digital machine in Lavish and Silk Ceramics made a huge difference in the production quality by making our ceramic tiles even more appealing.

Advancements with technology

2010 A welcome year, it brought a very good response from the market and we became technically empowered. Subsequently, with increased production capacity and quality we had the advantage of focusing on our export potential. Soon we started to create our footprints across the globe.

Growing steadily

2009 We introduced a 10 x 13 cm ceramic tiles. This year saw a phenomenal achievement for our group as we commenced a construction of Lavish Ceramics in December. This was indeed an epitome of success and achievement for us as we had come a long way. We could now produce 30 x 45 cm ceramic tiles with ease!

Success with exports

2008 Backed with a steady increase in demand we were motivated to increase our production to 1.4 million sq. mtr. This was particularly an eventful year as we commenced our first exports to Sri Lanka, Philippines, West Indies.

Making innovation our forte

2003 After a steady growth we introduced Luster wall tiles in Indian market. By 2005, our success gave us the impetus to sell our share of Sunlight Ceramics and start a new plant called Silk Ceramics. In 2006 the production of Silk Ceramics reached a level of expertise to the extent that we could produce varied tiles, which also included a production of 20 x 30 cm ceramic tiles. This endeavor received a great response and it encouraged us to innovate further.

Mastery over production

2001 Within two years given the hard work and dedication we found a strong footing in the market across India. Backed with our success we had developed the technical know how to create 20 x 30 cm ceramic tiles. By 2002, we felt blessed as we observed that our production increased bountifully and up to 25%.

Creating a distinct brand

2000 One year later we started Sunlight Ceramic Pvt. Ltd with ceramic tiles that range from 15 x 15 cm and 15 x 20 cm. This gave us an opportunity to launch ourselves as a distinct brand in the market.

Starting a fresh

1999 This was a pivotal year as we constructed our first unit and called cheers to new beginnings!



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The company has huge production capacity. Where you can find the ingenious sharp vision, global network and powerful backbone. The Company carries the vision to cater world class ceramic tiles. It believes in producing superior quality ceramic glazed tiles with a sharp vision on market.