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Same Flooring Throughout House with Porcelain Tiles

15 July 2022
Same Flooring Throughout House with Porcelain Tiles

Are you thinking to buy a new house, or want to redecorate your old house? Flooring is one of the essential aspects to be considered during this phase. If the flooring complements the aesthetics and functions of the space, they are capable of creating congruence throughout. But what if the floors are mosaic in texture, materials, and colors? Today, people are looking for different designs and colors for floorings in different areas of the house. But is it right? The question that still disturbs the minds is can one go for similar flooring in the entire house?

A one-word answer to this question is YES. Placing the same GVT tiles for the entire house is helpful in improving the flow, and giving the home an enlarged outlook. This also simplifies the maintenance and cleaning of the house. Lastly, it is also easy for the budget at the time of redecorating the house.

Through this piece of information, let’s learn about how similar flooring would be one of the best ideas for the entire house. Whether the flooring should be different for different floors or rooms, should you switch on the materials for other areas, the pros and cons of the same flooring and much more would be discussed for a broad idea.

Pros and Cons of Similar Flooring with Porcelain Tiles:

Firstly, it is essential to determine whether your house requires new flooring or not. If there are issues with the floorings because they are dirty or old, then it is good to replace the tiles rather than changing the tiles of the entire house. Here are some pros and cons of having the same porcelain tiles throughout the house.

Pros of Same Flooring:

  • It converses the appearance of airiness and wide space which reveals artistic unity which is seamless and pleasing.
  • Having the same tiles in the entire house makes cleaning the house easier as you don’t need to change the vacuum cleaner or even the mop while cleaning the tiles
  • This also reduces the chances of falling and being nimble over the changeover between the carpets, wood, and tiles.
  • Placing the same tiles all over the house eliminates the chances of any misalliance in the areas that comes with an ill-fitting exterior.
  • When a house has similar tiles in every room or area, it makes the people feel additionally cohesive and comfortable, however, it should be noted that all the directions and angles of the seams or lines are properly placed for a complete effect.

Cons of Same Flooring:

  • One of the primary issues of the same flooring in the house is that it lacks the uniqueness and diversity that different PGVT tiles give.
  • Having different flooring would help in determining the type of furniture every room would have as per the taste of the owner.
  • Using similar flooring restricts the choice and interest of family members who might want a unique flooring for their own room or space.
  • Replacing any broken tile material would be difficult, challenging, and even expensive if the flooring is similar, if the flooring is different for different spaces, repairing, replacing, or patching the tiles is easier.

Hence, these were some of the pros and cons of investing in the same tiles throughout the house.

Porcelain Tiles


Is placing the same tiles on different floors a good idea?

Many people today live in a house with two or more levels. And this adds to the hitches of cleaning the floors or house. The accumulation or amount of dirt and dust is different on different floors. Where the living area and kitchen on the ground floor might need daily deep cleaning, the bedroom upstairs might not need deep cleaning on daily basis. The same goes with the maintenance of the floorings.

Many house owners prefer using different tiles for upstairs and downstairs. However, it depends on the choice of the house owners and the family members. Yet, there are some houses that have the same floorings upstairs and downstairs. But the flooring material might differ in some cases as per the amount of usage and function of the area. Bedrooms that have less traffic and bathrooms and other wet areas may have different tiles with anti-slip features like Porcelain stonewear to prevent accidents and keep the areas clean. The hallways are commonly used and come with high traffic. Again, they are also connected with upstairs, hence, they are designed with similar floorings.

The bedrooms that are located upstairs can have the same flooring, however, people prefer using floor rugs or carpets to keep their feet warm. Again, as there is less traffic in bedrooms, they would remain clean. If art is what matters to you the most, then you might look for flooring that would give a balanced look in every area. Similarly, if you are not having the required time for cleaning the entire house, designing the house with the same tiles is the best idea. But if cleanliness matters to you the most, you can go for different flooring in the house and use certain tiles that would help in cleaning the tiles faster. If different tiles are placed in different areas, it would add to the cleaning time due to the material used in the flooring.


As per the experts from Lavish Ceramics, if any of the family members is having a certain medical condition, or is allergic, they might be sensitive to certain floorings. Hence, in such a situation, using the same flooring tiles for the entire house might not be advisable. On the other hand, if there are aged members in the family, different tiles can be used to highlight certain areas like stairs.

Lastly, selecting the floor tiles is completely a personal choice of the house owners and it often pivots on the aesthetics, budget, and function of the family. There are various benefits of using the same flooring in the house, but one should keep in mind every essential factors while thinking to design the floorings.