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A Brief Guide to Outdoor Tiles by Lavish Ceramics

13 April 2022
A Brief Guide to Outdoor Tiles by Lavish Ceramics

While designing or redecorating your house, have you ever thought about the outdoor exteriors? Generally, people are fonder of decorating the house from the inside. But when it comes to outdoor exteriors, they give importance to only the door decorations and the nameplate. But are the outdoor exteriors limited to the doors only? Well, the outdoor exteriors also include the outdoor tiles used for the walls and floorings outside the house.

Just as the indoor exteriors of a house are essential, so are the outdoor exteriors. The outdoor area parades the personality of the people living in the house. And hence, people need to work on the minor details of the outdoor exteriors. Outdoor flooring and wall tiles have been ruling the market for a long period. However, the enthusiasm for using them is quite limited.

In the past, outdoor tiles were widely used for practical use. They didn’t carry any kind of excitement and appearance it provides these days. With design advancements and innovations, the outdoor piazza tile is now beautiful and durable. However, considering the weather, regular hassle, and maintenance, there are certainly some things you need to keep in mind while selecting the outdoor floorings.

Here is a brief guide on how to select the outdoor tile to have the right one decorating your outdoor area.

#1 Durability and Stability

The first-most thing to consider while selecting the outdoor tile is durability. Be it the outdoor deck or floor tiles, it needs to be durable. Many people ignore the strength of the tile. The outdoor tiles of the courtyard, unlike the indoor tiles, need to be additional resistance to cracks, scratches, or any other longstanding damage due to the location where they would be placed. Again, the tiles to be placed outside need to be capable of surviving in a severe environment and other rough actions. Be it the rainy waters or even the scratching of the furniture, the tiles need to be tough to bear all such situations.

#2 Non-Slippery Tile

No doubt, durability is much important when selecting the tiles for outdoors, but the tiles also need to be non-slippery. While searching for the right tile, people mostly look for features like complementary, durability, most beautiful, etc. However, they neglect an important feature, slip-resistant. No doubt, a polished marble would give the outdoor a marvelous look but installing such outdoor floor tiles would be dangerous when the tiles would be wet or even moist. If the tile is smooth or glossy, it develops a greasy residue that can lead to serious injuries, especially during the rainy season. Hence, the tiles you select need to be highly slip-resistant. Such tiles would allow a good grip on the walkers, particularly the kids and senior citizens.

#3 Select the right tile color

The next on the list is the color of the outdoor porcelain tiles. Selecting a general color for the tiles would be important rather than going for any complementary or patterned tile that would match the walls, window frames, and doors of your house. Like cream, the color goes very well with sand and brown, and similarly grey goes well with white or black. Another thing to keep in mind is the portion of natural light available in the outdoors. If the sunlight is available, for the entire day in the outdoor areas installing a tile that is dark in color is the best idea as using a bright light would add to the reflection leading to scratchy glare. Similarly, if the courtyard is surrounded by tall buildings using pale and sandy colored tiles would be helpful in increasing the light available.

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

#4 Style of the tile

Finally, after all these, the next on the list is the style. We all know that when it comes to selecting the tiles for your courtyard, there are innumerable choices available to select from. However, a rural cottage when given a tile with a metallic effect would give an unusual look. Similarly, using a multi-colored tile slate would be the best for an ultra-modern courtyard. Suppose your garden or courtyard has several sleek condensed walls, a perfectly pared topiary, and amazing sharp angles then a limestone tile that is skillfully spotted is the best choice. On the other hand, for a country garden with ancient outdoor wall tiles with brick design and some wild plantation around it, the plank style tile with timber effect is the right choice.

#5 Tile type

Last but not least, the type of tile you are willing to install is also important. The porcelain and ceramic tiles are the ones on the trending list these days for outside tiles. Both the tiles give an amazing outlook on the outdoors, be it the garden area, pool area, or even the courtyard. Every tile comes with different plus points and negative points too. Again, it depends on the type of your outdoor area too. So, check on all the attractions of the type of tile, and have the right one for your outdoors.


No doubt, there are no particular rules and regulations for selecting the right tile for your outdoor areas. Again, the ultimate choice would totally depend on your personal choice which is again also right. Where one tile will give a beautiful look, the other tile might give you some other advanced or required feature. So, look after every possible aspect while determining the right tile for the outdoors. The selection of the tile also depends on whether you are looking for tiles for a flat surface or a somewhat sloppy surface. Again, the kind of furniture you are going to use outdoors and the antics to be placed there for decorative purposes also matter when selecting the tiles.

So, now that you have gone through the entire guide for selecting the outdoor tile, I guess it is the right time to shop for the tiles. Practically selecting the tiles is sure to give you a broad idea of the right tile. So are you ready to explore the latest collection of outdoor tiles?