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Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Current Bathroom

05 July 2022
Top 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Current Bathroom

Traditionally, the bathrooms were kept very simple as people invested less in their making. It mostly included only a bathtub, toilet, and some basic accessories. However, the modern bathrooms are enhanced considering both the design and space. People today look after even the minor accessories and other design parts related to the appearance of the bathroom. Again, the current designs are based on the requirements of the people.

Are you also looking to upgrade your bathroom? Or want to change the boring appearance and make it a lively place? Whether you are looking for some minor changes or a major one, here are the top 5 ways to upgrade your current bathroom to give it a new look advised by the experts at Lavish Ceramics.

#1 Convert your tub into an elaborated shower

No doubt, it is not possible for everyone to install a Jacuzzi in their bathrooms. However, the different types of showers available in the market can surely be one of the best and smart ways to upgrade the bathroom. The shower is the best choice for every plumber to give your bathroom an improved look. Be it a big bathroom or a small one, one can easily install a shower in the bathroom for making a corner an attractive one with glass doors. For the final touch-up, you can also add plastic plantation blinds for embellishing the bathroom. There are various advanced or modern shower styles available in the market that give a luxurious look to the bathroom at a comparative price. Lastly, if you aren’t comfortable standing below the shower for a long time, you can also invest in a shower seat. For people having mobility issues, converting the bathtub into an open shower is also advisable.

#2 Reform the bathroom tiles

Are you willing to invest in the best floor tiles for your bathroom? But worried about the budget? Here is a piece of advice from the experts of Lavish Ceramics for upgrading your bathroom tiles. Today, people are widely using natural stones for the classy flooring of the bathroom. The natural stones not only give the bathroom a luxurious look but also enhance the overall look of the bathroom, particularly if you have boring linoleum flooring. The natural stones give the bathrooms a unique look. Some people also opt for a vintage appearance of the bathroom which is also quite trendy. Again, while selecting the tiles, make sure you select a tile with anti-slip features to reduce the chances of an accident in the bathroom. So, it is high time to work on the flooring tiles while renovating the bathroom.

#3 Integrate a Different Mirror

The old bathrooms usually had a small mirror attached to the small wall closet or a rectangular mirror on the wall. But do you know there are several different styles of incorporating a new and unique mirror that would change the look of the bathroom, especially the walls? Yes, you can surely replace the dreary mirrors with a classy or unique shape mirror that is capable of changing the look of the bathroom. Again, adding vanity lights to the mirrors would completely change the vibes of the bathroom. However, it should also be considered that a bathroom is a place where people would comfortably walk without clothes, and hence, it is advisable to keep in mind the comfort zone while selecting the mirror. The classy mirrors are truly the best to invest in as it gives both an enhanced look and are also budgeted.

Bathroom Design Ideas

#4 Focus on the bathroom colors

Do you remember the color of the bathroom walls anciently? All white right? But today, people are also interested in uplifting the appearance of the bathroom by investing in different shades for their restrooms. You can give the bathrooms a modernized touch by adding multiple colors. Specifically, when you have decided to invest in Lavish Ceramic Tiles, we advise you to select different colors and patterns. For example, today people are more attracted to shades like bold jewels, matte brown, greens, and blue. On the contrary, if the walls are given a particular color, you can change them to something attractive or catchy. Most of the time, people select dark and bold colors as they give the bathroom a spacious appearance. Talking about the kid’s bathroom, choosing a cartoon-based theme for the tiles and walls would make bath time a fun time for the kids.

#5 Select the right Lighting

Apart from focusing on the best wall tiles, floor tiles, and other accessories, it is also important to select the right lighting for your restroom. The lights of the bathroom have a deep impact on people’s mood. So, it is high time to replace the old fluorescent bulbs with LED lights. Again, installing a dimmer switch would give you chance to completely control the atmosphere of the bathroom. Like you can dime the bathroom tiles when enjoying a relaxation moment in the bathtub. Another benefit of LED lights is that they are budget friendly and energy-efficient too. You can also look for vanity lights for your mirrors for an enriched outlook of the restroom.

Apart from all these, some other ways of upgrading your bathroom with minor changes include investing in some necessary accessories for the bathroom like bathroom storage carts, bath mats, aromatic diffusers, fig candles, etc. Some people also select small plants to add some greenery to the bathroom from local nurseries. Changing the sinks of the bathroom along with the mirrors is also suggested. Today, changing the bathroom sinks with some printed sinks, decorative sinks, etc. are much helpful in upgrading the look of the bathroom. Choosing the bathroom cabinets and knobs wisely is also advisable for changing the look of the bathroom. Another quick and budgeted way to improve the look of the restroom is by adding a botanical or beautiful printed wallpaper to the walls of the bathroom.

So, what is your choice to change your bathroom style with something interesting? Write to us.