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5 ideas to Create Organic Furnishing Style with Wooden Tiles

26 January 2022
5 ideas to Create Organic Furnishing Style with Wooden Tiles

Over the decades, homeowners have aspired to incorporate the inexplicable warmth of nature into their homes. As humans, we have long been drawn to the organic appeal of nature that makes us feel calm, at ease, and, above all, at home! The increased awareness of the limitations of natural resources has magnified the importance of preserving them and cherishing them even more. The imperfect beauty of nature is a constant reminder of human limitations. In this blog, we will talk about the creative and sustainable methods to introduce nature-inspired elements into your decor such as indoor plants, wooden tiles, props, etc., and bring the charm of nature into your homes. So, without further ado let’s dive straight into it!


While incorporating natural elements into your home isn’t an unexplored ground, for many homeowners the idea of bringing nature into every corner of their space is revolutionary. It’s easy! You can incorporate nature into multiple aspects of your home design—from creating a warm floor design with our luxurious floor tiles to creating that statement wall with our exclusive wall tiles that add a unique character, there are multiple ways to achieve your goal. In addition, you can use organic linens with imprints of rustic leaves, an inspiring natural painting, or even add natural stones that instantly catch one’s attention. Not only this, you can design your space around what makes you feel emotionally charged, enthusiastic, calmed, or soothed, and consider how nature might be incorporated into your decor.


As proponents of sustainability, we believe that cutting down more trees is the last thing we need. However, using wooden furniture in moderation is a more environment-friendly option than particleboard furniture that may prove harmful over long periods. Wood is a long-lasting, reusable, and recoverable material that will outlast other materials that are more likely to end up ruined. Wooden furniture can endure a lifetime and can even be reused as a new piece of furniture if necessary. Also, you can use wood in conjunction with other engineered materials to create cohesively elegant designs. For example, You can add real wood at the threshold of your door and match it with wooden floor tiles to create a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors. One more easy way to use less wood is by using furniture of genuine wood with engineered material in a 30:70 ratio.


Thanks to the latest technology, wooden tiles fantastically emulate natural wood, appearing so realistic that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference from real wood. Their unique and accurate detail can closely mimic the look and feel of a hand-scraped wood floor. Moreover, they are made with an emphasis on performance and longevity, making them perfect for any space, both residential and commercial. Wooden tile, unlike genuine wood, can be utilized in damp places such as kitchens and bathrooms. They are easier to maintain than real wood, and because of cutting-edge production techniques, they are long-lasting and versatile. Whether you’re looking for something minimal or more dynamic, wooden tiles will help you get more creative with your design. And, they aren’t limited to just floors, you can add them as wall tiles to create a serene nature-inspired look.

Furnishing Style with Wooden Tiles


Plants are perhaps one of the easiest ways to begin integrating nature into our space, and they also come with a slew of incredible health advantages. Adding green plants in your space will not only uplift the aura but also filter the air. Isn’t that amazing?

You may not know but your gadgets and other electronic items release plenty of toxins in the air. And if you can’t have your windows open all year, especially if you live in a colder province, this is a great way to ensure that you’re breathing cleansed air all of the time. Moreover, We recommend you to use plants in almost every region of your home and choose plants as per the amount of light they require. Some of the common indoor plants popular today are Aglaonema, Ferns, Dracaena, and Philodendrons.


Sunlight is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most attractive natural elements that many of us overlook in our designs. Natural lighting can bring your space to life, bringing out the colors in your furniture, illuminating the floor tiles and wall decor, while making you feel healthy and inspired. The best part is that natural light will not be added to your power bill at the end of the month. It’s completely free. Moreover, natural light may have an influence like no other throughout your space, whether you use windows, or solar day tube light extended from your roof into closets or dark rooms.

Hope these five ideas have revealed some crucial parts of decorating a space, organically! However, it is important to know that decorating your home is an intimate experience that cannot be completed in a single day. It must be known that turning a decent space into a great house requires time, patience, flair, ingenuity, and a lot of inspiration. But, when it comes to elegantly designed spaces, material quality is equally important. So, when you want the best covering material for your space, head out to LAVISH for stunning inspirations that pose as the perfect decor for your canvas.