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12 Easy Methods for Cleaning Kitchen Wall Tiles

13 June 2022
12 Easy Methods for Cleaning Kitchen Wall Tiles

Just take a look and find out which area of your house needs proper care and deep cleaning? It’s the kitchen, right?

The kitchen is termed the heart of any house. It is not only the place where food is prepared but a place where many secrets are shared and amazing memories are developed. But is it easy to keep the kitchen clean? Daily cleaning and mopping might keep the floor tiles clean, but what about the wall tiles? While cooking the wall tiles have to face a huge mess. Again, the oily and greasy walls are also hard to clean.

What if any guests appear suddenly and have a look at your messy kitchen? Terrible, isn’t it? So, are you in search of quick and easy methods to clean your kitchen wall tiles? Here are some remarkable ideas from the experts of Lavish that would help in eliminating the stains from the kitchen walls with ease.

Clean using Lemon

Lemon is a strong ingredient for cleaning tiles full of grease and oil in the kitchen walls. It is a natural acid or bleach that cleans the oily stains and greasy particles for keeping the tiles glossy and shiny.

To use lemon, take around 1/4th cup of water and add one cup of lemon juice to it. Add around 2 tsp of baking soda to the mixture and stir well. When all the ingredients are properly mixed, apply this mixture to the wall tiles. Scrub with the help of a smooth brush or scrubber. Leave the mixture on the walls for around 30 minutes and rinse off the mixture using warm water. Clean the tiles using a cloth.

Clean using Ammonia

Ammonia is another strong ingredient that cleans the stains or grime of vegetable oil, wine stains, cooking grease, bacteria, and food coloring. Ammonia is also an ingredient that is easily available and cheap. However, it should be noted that while using ammonia, one should wear hand gloves and protective glasses. One should also not inhale the ingredient in excess and be careful of any splash. People suffering from any kind of lung issues or asthma should avoid using ammonia.

To use ammonia to clean the walls, take around 7 cups of water, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1 cup of household ammonia. Combine all the ingredients and make a smooth solution out of it. Apply the solution to the walls or dirty areas of the wall. Scrub the walls properly using a scrubber and leave the solution on the walls for nearly 15 minutes. Rinse properly using regular water. Wipe the walls using a clean towel. Again, make sure the windows are open when cleaning the walls using ammonia.

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Clean using Bleach

The next ingredient for cleaning the kitchen walls suggested by Lavish Ceramics is bleaching powder or bleach. Bleach is a common ingredient available in nearly every house. It not only cleans the tiles thoroughly but also kills all the bacteria and germs on the walls and eliminates every bad odor. It is also an effective sanitizer for the kitchen walls.

For using bleach, take some powdered bleach and mix it well in water. Make a thick paste with a consistency similar to the toothpaste. You can take two parts of bleach powder and one part of water to make this paste. Mix the ingredients properly and form a thick paste. Apply the thick paste to the kitchen walls using a sponge. Coat the tiles properly using the paste and keep it on the walls for around 10 to 15 minutes. Take a scrubber and scrub the walls using a brush. Use regular water and clean the walls. Wipe the remaining liquid or mixture with the help of a clean towel and allow it to dry well.

Clean using Vinegar

Are the greasy walls disturbing the look of your kitchen? Have you tried vinegar? Vinegar or white vinegar is an ingredient that not only removes oil splashes from the wall but also removes any kind of contaminants and kills harmful bacteria too. White vinegar is a mild acid that helps in removing all kinds of grease and stains from the wall. It is very useful for kitchens with white tiles.

For using white vinegar, take a spray bottle and add 6 parts of white vinegar and 2 parts of water to it. Add some sea salt to the mixture and combine all the ingredients properly. To make the mixture or liquid more effective, make sure you have added the right quantities of the liquids. Spray the solution on the kitchen walls and rub it using a scrubber or sponge. Allow the mixture to remain on the walls for around 15 minutes. Spray some normal water on the walls and wipe off using a clean cotton cloth or towel. Dry the walls using a paper towel.

Clean using baking soda

Baking soda is the next DIY option for cleaning the kitchen walls. It is a mild cleaning agent and an effective cleaner that removes the grease with ease. It purifies the tiles due to their acidic nature as well as eliminates the bad odor too. The ingredient is not only effective in cleaning the walls but the grout and oil stains too.

To use baking soda, take around 5 tbsp of water and add nearly 2 tsp of baking soda as well as a pinch of salt in it. Mix all the ingredients properly and form a paste. Apply the paste to the kitchen PGVT tiles. Scrub the wall tiles using a scrubber or sponge. Allow the paste to work for around 30 minutes. Rinse off the wall tiles using regular water. Wipe off the walls using a clean towel.

Cleaning the kitchen walls thoroughly helps in keeping the environment of the kitchen clean and hygienic. It gives a clean environment for cooking and also helps in the prevention of any kind of foodborne health issues. So, what are you going to use for cleaning your kitchen walls?