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Make The Best Use Of Porcelain Stoneware Tiles As Bathroom Tiles

11 March 2022
Make The Best Use Of Porcelain Stoneware Tiles As Bathroom Tiles

Few individuals recognize the significance of the bathroom and take its design carefully. The bathroom is a vital part of our everyday lives, and it should be well-maintained and adorned with new tile design ideas to enhance its attractiveness. You can use porcelain Stoneware Tiles with a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. Porcelain Stoneware Tiles are the ideal method to make your bathroom appear impressive. Stone, porcelain, glass, and a few other tiles, as well as trendy and natural; a traditional white tile design, or a mix of black and white monochromatic in the bathroom, are just a few examples of tile ideas for bathroom walls and backsplashes.

Contemporary patterns such as herringbone, hexagonal, or glass tile prefer the conventional square style. You may dramatically change any size of the bathroom with our modern tile design ideas. A distinctive bathroom tile design will make your bathroom truly stand out when considering a bathroom redesign. It is pretty simple to create a fantastic tile design using our tried and tested methods and materials with the assistance of our design specialists. In this post, we will help you acknowledge how you can use Porcelain Stoneware Tiles to style your bathroom.

Porcelain Stoneware Tiles Design Ideas

#1 Play with Scale

Mixing and matching scales with tiles is a terrific way to create interest in even the tiniest of bathrooms. Find an equivalent format a smaller size to work as a backsplash behind the sinks to match the tile you’re placing on the floor. Make sure you select two tiles with significant size variances for maximum impact. You may also change the colors but maintain it coherent by keeping the two regions in the same color wheel sector.

#2 Colorful Impact

The term “color drenching” is used to describe the process of painting space. Use colorful tiles to cover practically every (or all!) surface in the bathroom if you want to be inspired by this design. Don’t make your titles too small, as a large number of tiny tiles combined with a bright color might be overpowering. Keep a part of the wall bare to paint in a complementary hue if you don’t want to cover everything.

#3 Attractive Design

Let’s face it, there are a lot of locations in a bathroom that aren’t fascinating, but they are required. Use tiles to draw attention to a specific region of the room. If you’re showing visitors around, this is the first thing they’ll notice, and it’s also where your gaze will naturally be directed daily. The space behind a vanity unit is the most prominent location, as mirrored surfaces are already a focus point. Choose a patterned tile to ensure that the gaze is directed correctly.

#4 Zone

You can use floor tiles in a more oversized bathroom to visually divide the area. Perhaps one style runs from the shower to the sink while the other runs around the bathing area. When figuring out how to arrange a bathroom, this is a terrific method to break up otherwise dull floor space. There are several methods to employ tiles in this manner. Use one color in two different shapes or two different tiling patterns for a more dramatic impact for a more subtle design. The use of contrasting grout will help to define the visual barrier further.


glazed porcelain tiles

#5 Mix & Match Style

Subtlety has its time and place, and it’s up to you to decide when that moment is. Because you don’t spend your whole day in the bathroom, why not take advantage of the chance to have some fun and explore in your bathroom? Mix and combine your favorite colors, shapes, and patterns to give the space personality. If you choose this way, do whatever makes you happy when you walk in the door each morning.

#6 Create Pattern

The pattern isn’t limited to what we see printed on tiles; it may also be seen in nature. Marbles and other stones have beautiful veining or other natural markings that form organic, free-flowing designs that are elegant. While marble bathroom ideas already have a pattern, boost the ante by using two different marble colors, such as black and white, so that the veining reflects each other.

#7 Style With Sink Splashback

Use your bathroom tiles as a sink backsplash, just like you would in the kitchen. A modest square of tiles behind the sink area is required to give a decorative element to a bathroom layout. You may make the appearance as subtle or as strong as you like. The tiles do more than look fantastic; they also protect the walls from the spills of everyday sink use.

#8 Tile The Bath

Incorporating the surround into your tiling pattern is a great way to hide the surround with a bath panel. The procedure necessitates using a specialized tile backing board that will not warp, and it takes a little longer than using conventional bath panels, but it is typically worth it.

#9 Go With The Trend

Bathroom trends are a wonderful place to start because they may help you get ideas for the area when it comes to tiling. There is a slew of exciting new trends launching for the next year, but one that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is this Insta-famous design. You can turn these ingenious tiles to create three completely distinct designs. This blush rose tile looks especially good with matt black furniture, white sanitary ware, and grey accessories.

#10 Safety

Porcelain tiles are great for use in wet regions. It may seem self-evident; you want your shower and bathroom to be watertight after all. Ceramic tile floors and walls are waterproof when placed properly using the necessary procedures and materials, protecting your structure from water that might otherwise harm it.

Other building items may claim to be waterproof, but they lack waterproof installation methods or processes for achieving a watertight assembly. It implies that the final installation may leak, retain moisture, and enable leftover wetness (hint: splashes) to harm your building.


Suppose you are a nature lover who wants to maintain a bit of nature at home, head straight to stonewalls. Its natural texture gives it a pleasing and energizing appearance. If the tiles start to fade over time, you may polish them to bring them back to life. It has fewer variants than other tiles, yet those few varieties are enough to entice you.

When cleaning the tiles, you should exercise caution since they are highly reactive to acid, and their stains are difficult to remove. These tiles are rather pricey. We hope you must have acknowledged how you can use Porcelain Stoneware Tiles to style your bathroom.