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Ultimate Guide to Choose and Buying PGVT Bathroom Tiles

26 May 2022
Ultimate Guide to Choose and Buying PGVT Bathroom Tiles

When the right choice of tiles is made for the floors and the walls, tiles can add a unique pattern, color, texture, and a naturally glitzy look. And when it comes to the bathroom, tiles play a very crucial role as they don’t only add to its outlook but also make it waterproof. However, most of the time while renovating the house, people are less concerned about the interiors of the bathroom. As a result, compared to the entire house, the bathroom appears to be gloomy.

Are you also going to repeat the same mistake? Well, we are here to save your time, efforts, and money to give you a perfect bathroom. Through this piece of information, we bring you a complete guide for choosing the best tiles with practical and inspirational insights for your bathroom.

Style of Bathroom Tile

Is the selection of the right tile disturbing you? Are you having problems choosing the perfect tile from various designs, styles, and colors? Start with the style of bathroom tile you are willing to invest in. There are basically three different styles available in the market hotel style, decorative style, and geometric style. Geometric style PGVT bathroom tiles are available in various printed prints. These designs give an attractive look to the bathroom. Similarly, the hotel-style tiles are minimalistic and subtle. They are available in neutral colors like pastel, black, and white shades to select from. Lastly, the decorative tiles are quite bold and give the bathroom a quirky, modern, and cheerful outlook. Hence, check out the styles and select the right tile for your bathroom.

Size of the Tile

Once you are ready with the style of the tiles, the next step is to select the size of the tile. There are different sizes available in the market. And you have to select the tiles as per the size of the bathroom and the design or style you have selected. Most people select the customary square tiles as they are very easy to install in the bathroom. However, if you are not willing to go with the crowd, the rectangular-shaped tiles are the next shape and size you can go with. These types of tiles are available in large formats as they give an elegant look compared to the square-shaped small tiles. The rectangular tiles are available for both small and large bathrooms too.

Material of the Tile

After the design and size of the tile, the next step is selecting the material of the tile. It is important to focus on the material of the tile as the bathroom is completely filled with moisture compared to other rooms. If you are looking for a luxurious finishing for your bathroom, porcelain tiles are the right selection that serves you with elegance at a hefty price compared to other tiles. They are completely versatile, durable, and strong which can also keep your bathroom immaculate for years. However, if you are willing for a stylish look for the bathroom, the stone tiles are the ones that give you an aesthetic and beautiful appearance. However, when it comes to the flooring, they are quite cold underfoot. Hence, if you are selecting it, you might also need to invest in a rug, particularly during winters to keep the floor a little warm for your feet.

Select 3 Minimum Designs

Once you are ready with the size, design, and material of the tile, the next step is select the right choice for your bathroom. Still, finding it difficult? Well, it’s not easy to pick and choose the right tile. Hence, to make sure your bathroom gets the right tile, make sure you select a minimum of three designs for the tiles. Start selecting the floor tiles first, and then you can select the shower floor tile and the wall tiles. This would help you get a complementary outlook for your bathroom while you blend the tile designs for a perfect set of tiles. On the other hand, if you are thinking to have a feature wall, initiate the selection of the right tile for this wall as they need to look elegant. Once you have selected three designs it becomes easier to select the right hues and designs for your bathroom in a proper way.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Separate the Shower Area

Does your bathroom have a shower area? If yes, you will also have to go through shower tile ideas that would help in separating the shower area from the other part of the bathroom. For the shower area, you need to look for a different or unique set of shower tiles.

While selecting the right tile for this area, make sure the tiles are anti-skid as the shower area can be slippery and someone might end up with serious injuries. You can also go for a similar selection of bathroom tile for the walls and the floors. Hence, while selecting the bathroom tile for the shower area, make sure you pair up the tiles of the walls, floorings, and the shower area of the bathroom.

Other Accessories and Fittings

While selecting the tile, other essential things also hold a vital role like the fittings, furniture, and other accessories. The tiles should perfectly go with all these for an overall perfectly designed bathroom. If you are looking to give your bathroom a rustic design with bamboo accessories and wooden cabinets, wood-effect tiles are what you need to end up with. Similarly, if the bathroom is having luxurious look with cupboards and white drawers, decorative tiles are what would give you a perfect combination. Hence, from bath mats, and curtains, to the furniture in the bathroom, everything needs to be considered while selecting the right tile for a well-themed bathroom.


Apart from all these, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the budget while designing the interiors. Looking for a tile that suits your bathroom appearance and your budget is what needs a good portion of your time. And with our guidelines, you are sure to end up with your dream bathroom for sure.