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Concrete effect or concrete look tiles are a part of the urban trend, which continues to have an impact on the styles in interior design. These cement-like tiles are known to mimic the aged, industrial appearance of cement or concrete surfaces with a variety of textures, colours, and finishes. These tiles interpret all the subtleties that characterize cement’s surface, whether it is simple or raw. With exceptional perfection and no detail overlooked, concrete effect tiles reproduce the aesthetic characteristics of cement. 

Porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles with a concrete look can be used in every room of the house, thanks to their technical qualities. Moreover, as long as they adhere to all practical specifications, these tiles can be installed outside. A minimalist design for your bedroom, living room, terrace, or bathroom is provided by the collections of Lavish Ceramic Tiles with a cement texture, which adds elegance to your home. Here’s what else you will get from Lavish Ceramic’s concrete-effect tiles collection:

  • Unaffected by moisture.
  • Abrasion Resistant.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Resistant to weather changes.
  • Environment Friendly.

To achieve a metropolitan or urban chic vibe, concrete-effect tiles are much sought after. In addition to underlining the room’s beauty and practicality and creating seamless surfaces across floors and walls, their neutral tones also lend the space an elegant industrial feel. Lavish’s collection of concrete-look tiles offers not only traditional grey tones but also a creative palette of beautifully crafted tiles, guaranteeing limitless design options for homes, public buildings, urban furniture, and newly constructed or restored modern buildings.

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Our Favourites

Athena Crema




60x60 CM | 60x120 CM | 30x60 CM | 80x80 CM | 80x160 CM
Attic Sky

Attic – Polished



60x60 CM | 60x120 CM | 30x60 CM | 80x80 CM
Bangkok Grey




60x60 CM | 60x120 CM | 30x60 CM | 80x80 CM
Glam White




60x60 CM | 60x120 CM | 30x60 CM | 80x80 CM
Aleut Grafito




60x60 CM | 60x120 CM | 80x80 CM

Fossil – Matt R11



60x60 CM


Evoke a sense of luxury with Concrete

Concrete FAQS

Concrete Effect Floor Tiles give rooms a look that is similar to industrial concrete. These premium concrete-effect tiles are ideal for any floor and come in a range of tones for the most authentic appearance.

When properly maintained, the usual lifespan of a concrete roof tile is 50 years. In comparison, concrete-look tiles may last longer than 50 years with the same level of maintenance. 

Concrete Tile can be used indoors or in outdoor spaces, for covering floors, walls, fireplaces, pools, patios, shower stalls, worktops, backsplashes, and building foundations.

Everything that affects other concrete goods can harm concrete roof tiles. Some potential causes of concrete roofing failure include aging, spalling, exposure to acid rain, poor weight distribution, and temperature extremes. Therefore, they are not as durable as porcelain or ceramic tiles. 

Yes. Cement-patterned tiles are suitable for your outdoor space because they are strong and resilient to the elements. However, outdoor cement tile performs best in warmer areas because the freeze-thaw cycle of four-season yards can lead to deterioration.

In India, concrete tiles are sold at different prices in different countries. Though, the rates may be slightly higher for concrete-effect porcelain for ceramic tiles. 

Both materials are low-maintenance. Although, considering the scratch, stain, and fade-resistant properties of porcelain tiles, they are much easier to upkeep. Whereas, aging, spalling, exposure to acid rain, poor weight distribution, and temperature extremes, all can affect the durability of concrete and thus, increasing the chances of being damaged. 

Particularly when used as a surface for driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other flatwork applications, concrete is environmentally beneficial.

Maintaining Concrete Tiles is simple. After they have been properly sealed, the surface can be cleaned with natural stone-safe cleaners. A quality floor sealer should always be applied to stained concrete floors to help them withstand stains, water, and grime.

Due to its non-combustibility and classification as a class A fireproofing material, concrete is not flammable and is unaffected by heat.

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