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Top 5 Reasons to Stock Lavish Ceramics Tiles in Your Showroom

17 October 2022
Top 5 Reasons to Stock Lavish Ceramics Tiles in Your Showroom

Are you thinking up to stock some amazing ceramic tiles in your showroom? Well, Lavish Ceramics is always there to help customers with the latest flooring choices for their showrooms. When it comes to stocking tiles, our store helps you with a wide range of tiles made from go-to material which suits best to any indoor area. Whether you are thinking to invest in some in-trend designs or some classic hues, we help you with some smart investment designs that are sure to attract more customers to your showroom.

Are you still looking for some reasons to invest in ceramic tiles from our showroom? Here are the top 5 reasons to stock ceramic tiles from our company for your showroom.

#1 Versatility in Designs

The PGVT tiles from our company are available in various sizes, textures, and colors. Hence the possibility of the ceramic tiles getting disqualified while making choice is nearly zero. The tiles can easily get matched with other tiles with ease no matter what size, shape, finish, or color you are looking to complement the interiors as per the personal choice of the customers. The ceramic tiles can easily match the flooring or the walls of even small areas and leave a deep impact or impression on the viewers. The versatility in the designs of the ceramic tiles leaves a luxurious impact on the flooring which no other material tile can match. Again, we manufacture strong and sturdy ceramic tiles through various innovative ways giving out new designs and patterns that give you a wide range of choices.

#2 Maintenance

When it comes to stocking up the tiles, the main issue is the maintenance of the tiles until they are finally sold. And when it comes to ceramic tiles, they don’t need any kind of special maintenance facilities, which gives you another reason to stock them up. The ceramic tiles can easily be cleaned by regularly vacuuming them or sweeping them to remove the accumulated dirt and dust from them. Again, in case any stubborn spills or stains are observed on them, they can be quickly and easily cleaned by mopping them using water and mild tile cleaner if required. All these qualities make them the first choice of the customers too. The ceramic tiles fail to absorb any kind of bacteria or odors. They are stain-resistant and durable. And thus, they are widely selected for the floorings of the bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of the house or office.

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#3 Fire-Resistant

Another reason to stock up the ceramic floor tiles is that they are fire-resistant too. Hence, stocking them would be safe for your showroom. Compared to other tiles in the market, ceramic tiles are fire resistant as they are manufactured at extremely high temperatures. The tiles don’t burn very easily even if a lighted candle or any other burning substance falls on the floor or on the tile. Again, as the ceramic tiles are fire-resistant, the tiles would be ideally chosen by the children as it guarantees the safety of the entire family. Such tiles are very helpful to install in the areas like the kitchen or near the fire area in the living room where the risk of dropping skillets, hot pans, etc. is higher. Hence, stocking ceramic tiles would not only be safe and secure for your showroom but would also add a benefit in selling them to your clients.

lavish ceramics tiles in showroom

Lavish Ceramics Tiles in Showroom

#4 Allergen Resistant

The next benefit of stocking up the ceramic tiles from Lavish is that we manufacture tiles that are allergen resistant. Yes, we use the latest technology, machinery, and advanced concepts that help us in manufacturing ceramic tiles that don’t attract dirt, dust, mites, pollens, or even animal hair easily. Compared to other tiles available in the market, the ceramic tiles we manufacture reduce the allergens wandering in the air which also keeps your showroom free from various irritating particles that might lead to serious health issues like allergies and asthma. This can also be one of the advantages that can attract more and more customers to your showroom. Again, this benefit would also add new customers to your list increasing the demand for ceramic tiles from your showroom.

#5 Durable and Hard

How many tiles get damaged while you stock them in your showroom or stockroom? Yes, this is something every dealer would wish to work on as nearly 5 to 10 per cent of the tiles they stock get damaged every year. This happens when they are shifted to the stockroom or when piles are made of tiles. The ceramic tiles we manufacture are made of various materials that make them durable. If properly maintained, the ceramic tiles from our company can easily last up to 10 to 20 years. The ceramic tiles from our company can carry a lot of weight and hence, it doesn’t break or get cracked easily. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the damage or loss that occurs to other tiles every year. Again, the tiles are also scratch-resistant and hard. So, invest in ceramic tiles manufactured from Lavish which possess qualities like hardness and durability to reduce the chances of damage you might be facing every year.


Lavish ranks among the top companies manufacturing ceramic tiles in India. We believe in delivering ceramic tiles that are superior in terms of quality and rare when it comes to designs and patterns. Be it floor or wall tiles, we are among the largest exporters of ceramic tiles, PGVL tiles, digital tiles, and much more. Our high-tech manufacturing unit produces ceramic tiles through a process that includes automation, advanced research process, quality control process, and much more. Again, the tiles we manufacture are certified by ISO 9001 production method.

The ceramic tiles we manufacture contain qualities like eco-friendliness, water resistance, versatility, durability, allergen-resistant, and much more. Again, they are available at an affordable price which would attract more clients to your showroom. So, are you ready to attend more clients at your showroom and boost the sale of ceramic tiles?