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Vastu Position in a Kitchen: Guideline, Positive Energy, and Direction

28 June 2022
Vastu Position in a Kitchen: Guideline, Positive Energy, and Direction

Undoubtedly, Kitchen plays a very important role in lighting up the mood of the entire home as it acts as a source of health and happiness. Every people who are Indian by heart firmly believes in Vastu as it plays the role of guiding the designing the kitchens so that the right amount of balance and harmony is achieved. Likewise, Vastu has a vital role in summarizing the overall concept of where exactly the kitchen room of a certain home should be set up so that it can bring out overall harmony and prosperity throughout the home along with the people who are living in it.

Vastu Shastra: A short introduction

Vastu Shastra is a kind of science that highlights some of the vital steps that should be taken into consideration before building a kitchen. It is firmly believed that to have a harmony-worthy flow of energy that directly reflects on the food, it is believed that there must be a right and strategic placement of multiple appliances and specified cooking as well as storage ideas.

Kitchen Vastu: Origin

There was a time when cooking used to practice on wood-fired stoves in the courtyard of the people meanwhile the utensils were being washed in a separate area of homes. This is when the Vastu came into play, as through the guidelines of the Vastu only, setting up the kitchen comprising all the necessary sections in a single place was possible.

Not just that, even people of current times used to practice Vastu guidelines before they set up a final decision for their kitchen at their home. With the help of Kitchen Vastu, information such as the part of the house where the kitchen must be located, the direction that it should face, and the exact and right areas for doors and windows placements of the kitchen are obtained to avoid any kind of upcoming obstacles.

Choosing the Best location for Kitchen: Based on Vastu

The following locations can be taken into consideration based on Vastu Tips by Lavish Ceramics;-

  • Southwest or Northwest- Either Southwest or Northwest are considered some of the best locations for setting up the home kitchen. When it comes to cooking, in the initial days it was done on woodfired stoves these very corners were the most preferred as they impart heat.
  • Staying away from the Northeast location- Provided that in the early morning, the sun enters the home from the North and East direction, thereby entering the living room. Thus, setting up a kitchen in a home is considered an unproductive way of utilizing an area.

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Tips based on Vastu

The following are some of the best Vastu tips when it comes to choosing locations for Windows and Doors:-

  • The doors of the kitchen must be placed in the North-East, North, and East direction. In an L-shaped layout, the South-East area is termed as an ideal space area for the kitchen. But in case of the countertops are mountain along those of the two walls, it is suitable to make the entrance from either the North or West Direction.
  • The kitchen doors should open clockwise, This indirectly lends a helping hand to most of the people of the country provided that they are right-handed.
  • The main kitchen windows should be facing the East as when the windows are East, it enables an easy flow of light that gradually help in getting rid of all those kitchen odors, darkness as well as germs.
  • The smaller kitchen windows should be placed in the South because not only do they provide ventilation, but also they are a great helper in cross-ventilation so that all the odors from the kitchen are removed.

Factors for kitchen setup; Based on Vastu guidelines

Every minute factor ranging from kitchen tiles, Kitchen wall tiles as well as floor tiles must be taken into consideration when it comes to setting up a kitchen with the right Vastu Shastra. The following are some of the factors that can be taken into consideration based on the Vastu guidelines:-

  • As per the guidelines of Vastu Shashtra, Agni who is the God of Fire usually lies in the southeast direction of a home, thus in simple terms, the normal position of setting up the kitchen is in the southeast direction of the home. If this doesn’t work then you may go for setting up the kitchen in the northwest direction.
  • Since all the objects that are in the kitchen symbolize cylinders, and gas stoves among the rest of the appliances, it must be made sure that all the items must be placed in a position that will help the person facing the east region. The reason for doing this is that it will radiate positive energy.
  • All the washbasins and cooking ranges such as the gas, cylinder, oven, and such should be ensured that they are not on the same platform or even parallel to each other in the kitchen since both the fire and water are completely opposing elements of each other as this will cause a negative impact on the behavior of the person.
  • In the case of wash basins, water pipes, washing machines as well as the kitchen drain, all of it must be in the northeast direction or the north direction inside the kitchen.
  • In the case of the refrigerator, it should be made sure that it is positioned in the southwest direction so that all the potential obstacles in the future are overcome.
  • When it comes to the storage of grains as well as other stock, it is ideal to place them in the southwest direction of the kitchen. This is done with the motive of getting invested in both good luck as well as prosperity.


Although the science behind Vastu is based on ethical and old-aged concepts, implementing the same has benefited many people up to a certain number benefits. The whole idea behind following the Vastu protocols is that energy like people normally enters through the main door and if the entryway is established based on the principles of the Vastu, then it can greatly help in harnessing positive energy meanwhile bringing prosperity to the entire house.