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Ceramic Trend After COVID-19

21 August 2021
Ceramic Trend After COVID-19


The CERAMIC INDUSTRY has always been dynamic and the pandemic has done nothing but intensifies its already dynamic nature. As we’re all influenced by the pandemic, in which we’ve been closer to our space than ever before due to the prolonged lockdowns, we have reevaluated every aspect of the space where we live, work and gather.

But, this isn’t the first time disease has transformed our built environments. Living styles have always been influenced by times in the past! So, changes do happen, and are not limited to only aesthetics but understanding the purpose of creating compliant living in the present and for the times to come.

We’re forever influenced by the beauty of nature, memories of the past, and the sanctuary of our dwelling which transmutes into our space as the expansion of our self, reflecting the aesthetics and functionality we truly love.


The PANDEMIC has totally changed the trajectory of the home design trends. Spending more time at home has compelled us to understand the role it plays in our lives and the sense of security and comfort—both physically and mentally— that it provides. To put it shortly, our homes have become more meaningful than ever before.

As we were forced indoors for a year and a half (or even more in some parts of the world), we quickly adapted to our surroundings and our not-so-interesting homes that once were only a place of eating, relaxing, and sleeping, transformed into a multipurpose space of utmost significance. What didn’t we do at our homes? Well, we did everything! Didn’t we?

For many of us, it became the office, the library, gym, restaurant, and party area for a few! Basically, it became the center of our life, and our days revolved around it all the more. It is where we learned to distance ourselves from the overuse of technology(only use them as a tool of development) and to cherish the little moments with friends, families, and ourselves.

Mental peace, physical health, and improved social relationships quickly jumped to the top of the priority list. Self-improvement became a common goal across homes, and activities such as YOGA, MEDITATION, and OTHER PHYSICAL EXERCISES became an essential part of daily routine.

Our constant hunger for positive experiences touched every aspect of our life, including the selection of products that provide an emotionally healthy environment, eradicating our fears and anxiety of the outer world by inducing comfort, durability, and positivity of mind.


Various types of surfaces ranging from textured tiles, soothing surfaces, and natural materials will be crucial to this new trend, and also a link between indoors and outdoors.


Cozy interiors built with materials that exude warmth will be highly preferred. Earth-toned colors will help create the mood. Minimalism approach will be prevalent in which the natural surfaces will be the backbone of the whole ambiance. The aim will be to create more timeless effects that have the potential to provide a greater emotional depth to space. This is largely facilitated by the raw material’s modeling and coloring. The most sought-after choices will be textured materials— subtly worn woods representing the passage of time, and beige & off-white tones.


The sophisticated elegance of minimalism will eradicate non-functional elements. Carefully used minimalist principles will assist you in creating attractive and functional spaces with elegant features, and increased aesthetics. The trend screams, both neutral and monochromatic colors that will bring luminosity to your space. Regarding the type of material—  NATURAL SURFACES will be the best, as they have a distinct character of their own, and are capable of unearthing the hidden personality of your space.

These surfaces will impel MARBLES to raise their game while redefining OPULENCE. Say, for example, LAVISH STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE COLLECTION which houses stunning options like ONIDA, ROCK, MARINA, AND BELGIO, capable of delivering texture and depth. Ranging from neutral hues to vivid colors these Porcelain Tiles won’t fail to create a minimalistic ambiance and bring a sense of sanctuary too.


The physical restraints that we faced during the PANDEMIC have changed us totally. We came to know the benefits of exercise and the negative consequences of physical inactivity on the body and mind. Moreover, cleanliness became an important part of our daily life, not because it was highly critical but due to the sense of mental liberation and control it provided. The integration of both these aspects in our lifestyle elevated our confidence.

Color-wise, off-white will be the backdrop in the chromatic series for such settings. THE TOUCH OF NATURE: RURAL & MODERN

The pandemic reminded us how intertwined we are with nature and it has reflected this in almost every home. Following the reopening of cities, a large surge in tourists was seen in many tourist hot spots. In addition, indoor plant sales also rose much higher than before. The confinement of pandemics pretty much revealed our need for nature. Moreover, Parks got selected over movie theaters, rural trips have become more frequent, and everything that has an element of nature has become more interesting among the masses.

The fear in the back of our minds, of such pandemics taking place in the future, has brought us closer to nature and improved our connectedness with it. Following this, our relationship with nature is slowly re-balancing. The temporary separation that we faced during the lock-downs has increased our respect(also our need) towards it, and we are surrounding ourselves with natural elements more than ever. As a result, traditional crafts are positioned as a highly intriguing aspect of this movement.

According to the RURAL & MODERN movement, every space is thought out based on the element of naturalness that can be added to elevate the psychological well-being of dwellers as well as the aesthetics of the space. The integration of natural elements like vegetation can’t be more overstated. Their positive impacts are endless; in workplaces they can improve productivity, decrease stress, and energize the air, therefore uplifting the overall spirit of the space.


Nature is interwoven into your setting in a methodical and regulated manner, which contrasts with wildlife’s idealistic and wild vision. The fusion of exotic stones with a cement look will be the foundation of this trend. In this trend, the transformational attribute of nature will be the most highlighted part, which will portray the wear and tear of various seasons upon the surface. To give you a rough idea, we suggest you explore the ROCKER TILES or the ROCKER MATT FINISH TILES also known as CARVING FINISH, which are manufactured with a new technology that creates structure digitally in the way we want.


The new minimal aesthetics of the Mediterranean interior design style is a modernist interpretation of Mediterranean aesthetics. Mediterranean home is a simple refuge for everyone who thrives in nature-drenched settings that bridge the gap between the outside and indoor environments. Mediterranean homes are simple yet sumptuous, and they value open-concept living and rustic finishes. Lavish’s ATLANTA will be a great option for this design, which is available in four color variants.


A rich earthy appearance, an undeniable natural flair, and ever-inviting warmth that are synonymous with natural stones will give them preference where you want a sense of protection and warmth. STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES are perfect for this trend. They have earned a spot on designers’ “top-10 list of favorites” due to their ability to reproduce an almost indistinguishable and undeniably intricate similarity to natural stones. Not to mention the technical prowess of the Porcelain tiles used to glaze the renditions.

LAVISH has some of the best STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES in wide varieties of shades, tones, and designs that capture the perfect look of the most coveted natural stones. These designs will stir-up a unique look in any context: homes or commercial spaces, indoors or outdoors. Our collection has elegant finishes like ONIDA, ROCK, MARINA, AND BELGIO that delivers texture and depth.

LAVISH offers some of the greatest STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES in a wide assortments of hues, tones, and designs that perfectly emulate luxurious natural stones. Also, they will help summon a distinct personality and character in any setting: household or commercial, indoors or out.


It is Art Deco with a modern twist, as the name suggests. Consider it a refreshed and modernized Art Deco look. Many future interior design trends will be inspired by Art Deco, which was the most popular design trend in the 1920s and 1930s—the rounded and smooth edges, geometric shapes, glass, chrome, and velvety materials, to name a few—but with a revamped contemporary twist that is fresh, vibrant, and jovial, with a minimalist touch.


This look’s general background impact should be soft, which means using a basis of neutral colors. A splash of color can make you notice everything a little more; the secret is to use it sparingly. The geometric designs merge with the furnishings to create a sense of uniformity in the space. The rounded and ribbed domed features in furniture, as well as the geometrical and reliefs in coverings, are critical aspects in transforming a project into a neo-déco style.


The craftsmanship in this trend is not limited to furnishings, it extends to the CERAMICS as well. Just like the hand-made effect in wooden furnishings, the ceramic pieces processed with modern techniques portraying an artisan effect are vital in this trend.

Intricately designed Mosaic Tiles will play with light and shadow to exude charm and beauty in every space. In this trend, bright and fresh colors like “yellow “, which brings joy and energy into spaces will be selected.