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5 Ways to Compare Carpet and Hardwood Flooring

28 October 2022
5 Ways to Compare Carpet and Hardwood Flooring

Have you just bought a new house? Or are you thinking of sprucing the existing one for a new look? Well, no matter what the case is, the flooring type you select comes with a huge impact on the entire outlook of your interiors. And the decision of going with carpet flooring or hardwood flooring is again one of the trickiest ones too.

When it comes to flooring, hardwood and carpet flooring are among the hottest debates. No matter whether you are looking to upgrade your bedroom, dining room, or even living room, the flooring type you decide on comes up with a particular set of pros and cons. But to end up with the right decision, you need to consider all the essential points like the maintenance requirement, feel, appearance, cost, etc.

Choosing the right choice from hardwood and carpet isn’t an easy task as it basically depends on your personal preference. However, if you are having time and you consider the pros and cons of both flooring types, you might end up with the right flooring option according to your space.

Are you also stuck up with the same confusion regarding your new flooring type? Review this comparison between hardwood and carpet flooring to have the right choice installed at your place for a completely amazing outlook.

Comparing the cost

The first step towards the comparison is the installation cost of the hardwood and carpet flooring. Installing quality hardwood flooring would always be expensive compared to carpet flooring. No doubt, installing the engineered hardwood flooring might be a little cheaper than the hardwood flooring, but it would still be costlier than the carpet flooring. Again, the price range of the hardwood flooring would be high depending on the type and style of the hardwood flooring you select.

On the other hand, carpet might be cheaper but it is prone to wear and tear easily. Hence, you might have to rip off the old carpet and replace it with a new one which means paying the installation charges again. Again, some people prefer installing a combination of both hardwood and carpet flooring in different areas of the house. No matter whether the installation of either of the flooring depends widely on the size of the house, the project, and the choice of the owner, it can still be concluded that hardwood flooring might be costly, but it lasts long if maintained properly.

Comparing Resale Value

When counting on the resale value of the hardwood and carpet flooring, the hardwood is sure to win the match. According to research made in the USA, people are preferring to pay more for houses with hardwood flooring compared to carpet flooring. Again, the people looking for houses on rent or new houses are preferring to hire or purchase a house with hardwood flooring. The reason behind this is that hardwood flooring comes with a long lifespan compared to carpet flooring. Hence, when the resale value is considered, the hardwood floor would have a direct impact on the price and value of the house. Hence, when it comes to resale value, hardwood flooring is the right choice to end up with.

Comparing the maintenance

Yes, it’s true. The PGVT tiles or say the hardwood tiles are easy to clean and maintain. The hardwood floors can be cleaned quickly without any hassle by simply sweeping them or using a damped cloth or mop to remove the spills, dust, stains, or any other debris. According to the experts from Lavish Ceramics, the hardwood flooring can easily be maintained and cleaned by using hot water and some mild tile cleaner to remove dust particles and other bacteria from it. But when it comes to the carpet, cleaning and maintaining the carpet is a hectic task. The dust particles, allergens, and dirt gets trapped in the fibers of the carpet with ease. And hence, the carpet flooring needs to be vacuumed on regular basis. Again, there are certain stubborn stains that are difficult to remove even if you use strong cleaners, shampoos, or chemical treatments. Hence, in terms of maintenance, hardwood is the best floor tiles.

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Comparing the durability

One of the essential factors to consider while renovating or purchasing the house is the durability of the flooring. Hardwood flooring is much more durable compared to carpet flooring. It is made out of materials that have a long life. And this is again one of the reasons which make it costly. On the other hand, carpet flooring might be cheaper but is not durable. It can easily get torn out, stained, etc. The fibers of the carpet collect too much dirt and some stains increase the necessity to change the carpet urgently or every 10 years. If the hardwood flooring is properly installed and maintained, you will not have to change it regularly. All you will have to do is clean the flooring if any stains are observed which is also easy. Doing so would increase the life of the hardwood flooring and hence, it would last for a minimum of 50 years.

Comparing the allergens

Are you or any of your family members suffering from any kind of allergies? If yes, then carpet flooring isn’t the right choice you should end up with. As mentioned above, the fibers of the carpet easily hold stains, dirt, dust, and other allergens. This increases the chances of bacterial and fungal infections ending up in trapped allergens. If the carpet isn’t vacuumed on regular basis, the trapped allergens go deep into the fibers which worsens the situation. Hardwood flooring is the right choice for such families. For people who are sensitive to allergens, hardwood is an ideal option as it can be cleaned easily using a mop and water. Hence, in terms of allergens, hardwood wins the battle.


No doubt, the entire decision surely depends on the preference or choice of the owners, the hardwood flooring still wins the debate considering all the factors like durability, the health of the people, maintenance, cost, etc.