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Top 5 Flooring Options for Wet Areas

15 October 2022
Top 5 Flooring Options for Wet Areas

While selecting the best flooring options, what features come to your mind? Price, style, design, and durability. Right? But what about flooring the wet areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and even the basement? Do you still consider only limited features for these areas?

All these areas are continuously exposed to water and hence, splashes, spills, floods, and leaks are something that is impossible to avoid here. That’s why it is important to look for tiles that are made out of water-resistant or waterproof material for such areas that are prone to water or moisture. It’s not only the kitchen, bathroom, and basement that need tiles with water-resistant features. Sometimes, people look for water-resistant flooring options for the entire house, especially when there are children and senior citizens in the house. This is because wet areas not only damage the tiles and flooring but can also lead to sudden accidents in the house. Hence, no matter what the reason may be, waterproof flooring is very essential.

So, are you also looking for some smart waterproofing flooring options? Here are the top 5 flooring options according to Lavish Ceramics that are best for installing waterproof flooring at your place.

#1 Glazed Porcelain Tile

Glazed Porcelain tiles are considered to be one of the best floor tiles when it comes to waterproof tiles. The tiles are not only durable and stylish but also provide you with waterproofing features for your flooring. The tiles are available in various colours, sizes, and shapes. Hence, you will not have to sacrifice your dream design or style for waterproofing the floor. The designs also include wood or stone which gives a unique appearance to the floor with water-resistant features. The wet tiles can be slippery leading to any kind of accidents in the house or even the office. But the porcelain tiles come with anti-slippery properties which is helpful even if the floor isn’t wet. The texture of the porcelain tiles makes them resistant to slides and slips. Thus, porcelain tiles are the best option for your flooring when looking for waterproof flooring. However, make sure the grout lines are fixed tightly so that the moisture doesn’t pass through.

#2 Vinyl Tiles

Are you looking for an affordable option for your flooring which is completely waterproof? Your search ends with Vinyl tiles. They are 100% waterproof and also come with low-maintenance properties. Made out of synthetic materials, they are very soft for your foot. If you are thinking that Vinyl is that old tile that you had seen in your grandmother’s kitchen, you need to know that Vinyl tiles are now available in various stylish options to select from. It should also be known that the material of the tiles is so long-lasting that the tiles can last for up to 10 to 20 years. The luxurious Vinyl tiles also possess mildew and mold inhibitors that make them look similar to stone and wood flooring. The Vinyl tiles provide durable and waterproof flooring which eliminates the chances of warping or buckling when exposed to water. The tiles are also scratch-proof and can be used in areas with high traffic.

#3 Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles is the next on the list of waterproof tiles for wet areas. These popular tiles are stylish and available in various colours, shades, sizes, and patterns. Textured ceramic tiles are claimed to be the best for wet areas as they provide secure footing. It doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate the grout lines and gives a natural look to the flooring. Ceramic tiles have a low water absorption rate which makes them the best tile for wet areas or moisture-prone areas. Similar to porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles are also made with superior material that makes them thicker and evener which makes them slip-resistant. Hence ceramic tiles are popularly used in the bathrooms and kitchen areas. Again, you don’t have to compromise over the designs as they are available in various sizes, shapes, and colours to select from.

Glazed Porcelain Tile

VENATINO Glazed Porcelain Tile

#4 Natural Stone

Natural stone tile is yet another classic flooring idea for wet areas. The natural stone tile includes marble, slate, travertine, granite, limestone, and sandstone. The tiles made from these natural stones are durable, eco-friendly, and attractive. For having the most irrepressible stone as your flooring, select the stone with the lowest water or moisture absorption level vitreous, semi-vitreous, or impervious. Coming to finishing the entire flooring with natural stone, it should be known that natural stone gives scuff-resistant and scratch-resistant flooring when polished natural stone is used. Again, one should make a note to seal the lines while installing the natural stone tiles if required to make the flooring completely waterproof. The texture of the natural stone tiles hence gives you a waterproof and luxurious outlook.

#5 Concrete Tiles

Necessary for the areas like garages and basements, concrete also ranks among other flooring options for wet areas. If you have installed concrete slabs, the concrete tiles best fit for areas like kitchens and even bathrooms. These tiles are filled with properties like low-maintenance, durability, and stain-resistant which makes them the best for kitchens. Again, the polished concrete tiles are inexpensive, long-lasting, and water-resistant too. Another feature of concrete tiles that makes them popular is that if you wish, you can place ceramic tiles over them in the future. Concrete tiles are counted as the best option for bathrooms as it is non-slippery and water-resistant too. All you need to be careful about is locking or sealing the surface properly at the time of installation so that the material doesn’t absorb water as it is porous.


Henceforth, these were the best floor tiles for wet areas options you can ideally think over when looking to renovate your house. Apart from all these, marble slabs, engineered hardwood, plank vinyl, sheet vinyl, etc. are other options you can consider according to your preference. One should make a note of avoiding solid hardwood flooring as well as a carpet for wet areas as this may worsen your flooring experience.