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How to Beautify Your Living Room with the Right Floor and Wall Tiles?

28 January 2023
How to Beautify Your Living Room with the Right Floor and Wall Tiles?

The living room is the lounge of the entire house. The family spends maximum time in this area. Again, when anyone visits your house, the living room is the first area they would explore and experience. Hence, it becomes essential to design the living room with the right interiors.

And when it comes to designing the interiors of the living room, the floor tiles and wall tiles hold a vital role in the overall outlook. Be it the tiles of the floor or the walls, they describe you to some extent. If a perfect tile is selected for the floors and walls, it would enhance the overall look of the living room and make it look spacious too. Again, flooring isn’t something that would be replaced or renovated at regular intervals. So, it is important to think over the entire flooring before investing in any design.

Are you also looking to upgrade the look of your living area? From ceramic and porcelain to mosaic and natural stone, here is a complete guide on how to beautify your living room with the right floorings.

#1 Go Bold for the Living Area

Are you looking to add some sophistication to your living room? A contemporary look with bold colors is what you should go with. It is not necessary that every piece of furniture you have in the room along with the accessories match your bold theme. You can go with bold colors and pick up a drawl fixture or piece to match the entire living room. In this kind of interior design, large stone tiles or sleek tiles are used for designing the room. Apart from the bold colored tiles, other things that can help in completing the living room look include a designed chandelier, tangerine couches, and much more that brighten up the overall look of the entire living room in a balanced way. When using bold or dark colors for the living room, try to look for different patterns and textures along with shades that enrich the look of the living room.

#2 Try Following a Color Palette

Are you thinking to use a single color for designing your entire room? Wait a minute, this can lead to an entire blunder. Instead, creating a cohesive palette or themed design can give the living room a different look. Going with similar colors for the walls, floor, and even furniture can give a stylish look to the living area, but you need to play with the hues or shades of the color. Add different shades to different areas and even furniture for a complete look. If you have selected large and dark-colored tiles for the walls, go for a slightly lighter shade for the tiles of the floor. Unique basket-weave floor tiles and ruddy walls are sure to give the living area a contemporary and tasteful look similar to the traditional houses of India. Again, adding some spotlight on the top of the walls can enhance the shade of the wall tiles and make them look different from the floor tiles.

#3 Be Neutral with the Shades

Are you sure about using some bright colors for the living room tiles? If yes, you need to go with a clean or neutral canvas against the bright colors that would give a complete outlook. No doubt, adding different colors to the living area would make the area look a little more eccentric, and choosing the perfect shades would make the room look organized. For this, you can use two colors from the same family or different or opposing colors. However, this doesn’t mean you add different colors to the entire room and give it a circus-like look. This would make the room appear crowded. Instead, add some pictures or paintings to the room walls that would complement the living area tiles. A smart way of adding multiple colors to the room is using similar designs of furnishings like matching carpets and pillows, etc.

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#4 Add a Unique Element Using Your Tiles

Using carpets or rugs for designing the floors of the living room is getting quite trendy these days. But the cities are mostly covered with humidity and dust throughout the year. And hence, cleaning up the mess on the carpet or rugs every day can be a huge burden. A good solution to this can be using styling tiles that can give the living area eye-catching features. Use styled or designed tiles for making the center part of the living room contrast to the other areas. Shift the rug and use printed tiles to make the portion look attractive as well as easy to clean. Similarly, highlighting tiles, striped tiles, etc. can be used for highlighting other areas of the living room like the stair areas, main door area, window area, fireplace area, etc. This would also create sections in your living area.

#6 Don’t Forget the Outdoors Connected with the Living

Most of the living rooms are now connected with a balcony that adjoins the room with nature. This is a fine space for hosting guests outdoors, enjoying a morning routine or sunsets, or even arranging fine dining. As the area is connected with the living area, and extends it too, using similar tiles in the balcony area would improve the entire area’s look. As the balcony is kept neutral and clean, it is better to work on the uniformity between the areas with the help of a simple tile. You can also add some printed tiles or even marble tiles to differentiate the tiles of both areas for a replicate effect rather than using a rug.

Apart from all these, going for monochrome palette designs, selecting versatile color combinations, printed wall tiles, etc. can help in giving the living area a unique and conspicuous look. While designing the living area, it is also important to invest in the best wall tiles along with the tile material for giving the living room an effective and similar finish.