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6 Ways Wood Look Tiles Help to Protect the Environment

15 January 2023
6 Ways Wood Look Tiles Help to Protect the Environment

Tiles delineate the interiors of any house. This means investing in a striking set of tiles would surely elevate the entire appearance of the space be it the offices, bathroom, or even the living room. On entering any room, the first thing anyone would notice is the design of the tiles and other aesthetics. But what if your tiles give a dull or murky appearance? What if the tiles are completely broken or scratched? This surely damages the look of the entire house or interiors.

So, what is the solution to this? The best solution to all the queries is wooden tiles. The wooden-looking tiles give your flooring a natural look as well as help in the protection of the environment too. Hardwood is an amazing choice for your flooring if you are looking for environment-friendly, stylish, and sustainable flooring for your home and even office. No doubt, the natural wood tiles come with their own set of demerits, the only option you can opt for here is the wood effect tiles.

Now let’s discuss briefly how the wood effect tiles would give you the best outlook in an environment-friendly way.

#1 Durable

Do you know that carpeting flooring has a lifespan of around 8 to 10 years only? Similarly, linoleum and laminate floorings have a lifespan of nearly 15 to 25 years. Again, if the flooring is not looked after properly, all these flooring types can damage earlier too. But when it comes to the wood look tiles, this hardwood flooring is sure to last more than 100 years. Hence, whether you are worried about nature or eco-friendliness or simply looking after your bank account and interior looks, the hardwood tiles are sure to be durable and long-lasting. If the hardwood tiles are maintained and installed properly, they are sure to last for many years. Hardwood is impermeable to moisture and virtually waterproof. Hence it can be used in every corner of your house or office perfectly.

#2 Harmless manufacturing process

According to the best tile manufacturers of hardwood tiles, this kind of tile is made from wood. When the trees are clear-felled for harvesting wood, the same number of trees or even more are replanted for maintaining the forest cover. Again, the process of transformation of the wood or tree log into wooden tile doesn’t create any kind of harmful toxins or byproducts. Compared to the formation of carpeting or linoleum tiles, this process consumes less energy as well. The remaining dust withdrawal during the process is also minimum as the chips and sawdust obtained is used in the formation of pencils, paper, or any other product. Hence, wood-like flooring would help in sustaining the environment and decrease pollution too.

#3 Clean environment at home

The tiles are responsible for getting several diseases, dust, and other microorganisms at home. Again, if they aren’t cleaned properly at regular intervals they not only get damaged earlier but also invite health issues for the people living in them. But when it comes to wood-like flooring designs, they are easy to clean. Again, they don’t even allow dust and dander to sustain on the flooring. The hardwood tiles are hypoallergenic and hence, they eliminate the chances of allergic reactions for the family. Linoleum and tiles use adhesives and glue for their formation as well as proper installation. This makes the flooring ready for harmful emissions. The wooden tiles don’t use such material during formation and installation. So, the entire environment inside the house and outside remains clean.


#4 Recyclable

Does your flooring need a new look? But what about your old flooring? Generally, when the tiles or carpeting are used for the flooring, at the time of replacement, they are of no use except for any craft projects. But if the hardwood tiles need to be replaced, they can easily be recycled and used for any other items. Some of the hardwood tiles are recycled and used for the formation of floorings with a different look. Apart from this, hardwood tiles can also be recycled for making natural wood accent walls, cladding, furniture items, or even other decorative items. Some of the companies also use such hardwood in making pellets or bits for stoves. They can also be used in houses for outside fire pits. Hence wooden flooring can also be reused in many different ways.

#5 Carbon-Neutral Product

Hardwood flooring is made out of wood obtained from trees. The trees during the photosynthesis process inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Thus, the trees are also called carbon-neutral. In this way, the wood obtained from the trees for the formation of flooring is also carbon-neutral. Thus the floorings made out of hardwood comes with a very minimal impact on the environment compared to other flooring options like linoleum, carpeting, tiles, etc. Other tiling options come with a huge impact on nature and the entire environment like an increase in pollution, releasing toxic gases, etc.

#6 Pocket friendly

Last but not least, hardwood flooring is one of the cheapest flooring options. If you are thinking to invest in tiles that give a luxurious look, you are sure to end up paying high flooring bills. On the other hand, cheap floor tiles are sure to damage soon and come with a minimum life span. Hardwood flooring is the best in such a situation. Hardwood tiles are beautiful and also give a luxurious appearance to the floors. Again, they are durable too. Hence, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly option for your floors, hardwood is the right choice to invest your hard-earned money.

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