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Top 5+ Reasons for The Popularity of Vitrified Tiles in Market

10 October 2022
Top 5+ Reasons for The Popularity of Vitrified Tiles in Market

Looking for the best tiles to design your house floors or walls? Well, the market is full of tile varieties, and each design or type of tile comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is domineering to select any tile by identifying your requirements and particular factors which help in selecting the right tile for your house.

However, these days, vitrified tiles have been ruling the market. There are many reasons why customers or distributors are looking for these tiles. Thanks to the bundles of varieties this design carry which has made the vitrified flooring tiles rule over other tile designs in the market. Are you still thinking about whether you should invest in the best design of vitrified tile?

Simply scroll down and you shall learn all the possible reasons why vitrified floor and wall tiles are popular in the market.

#1 Amazing quality

When it comes to quality tiles, vitrified flooring tiles wins are sure to rank at the top. They are designed with the best raw materials and generally have a water absorption capacity of up to 0.5%. Natural stones like granite and marble are inconsistent, while wooden floorings need too much maintenance. On the other hand, vitrified flooring tiles are made with high-tech machinery which designs tiles that are consistent in performance, shade, and even size. The best example of quality tiles for vitrified flooring tiles is the double-charged vitrified floor tiles which are extremely durable and strong. And this makes the vitrified floor and wall tiles ideal for offices, malls, and even houses.

#2 Durability

Compared to the other tiles available in the market like granite or ceramic tiles, vitrified flooring tiles are additionally durable. The vitrified flooring tiles might be thin compared to other tiles, yet they are quite strong and durable. They are quite strong in terms of mechanical strength. Again, they always give you a new and kempt after decades of usage even if they are less maintained. The vitrified flooring tiles are stain-resistant, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. They can deal with heavy loads on a regular basis which makes them an ideal choice for every space. Their gloss, texture, and color are long lasting which adds to the durability of the tiles as well as improves their quality.

vitrified tiles verona gold

#3 Expanded floor covering

The main purpose of installing tiles in the house or office is protected. And vitrified flooring tiles are designed with technical advancements that add to the number of design options like matt finishing, satin finishing, metallic, rustic, stone, digital printing, and much more. The tiles possess the ability to absorb heat which keeps the temperature of the house cool. Again the vitrified flooring tiles are available in big sizes too which are given contemporary designs that add to the consistency of the tiles. The thickness of the tiles as well as the huge size of the tiles are capable of changing the entire look of the house or flooring. Again, as they are hard and polished into various sizes and shapes, they come with an expanded version that covers the entire flooring.

#4 Easy and quick to maintain

Vitrified flooring tiles are quite popular in the list of easy-to-maintain tiles in the market. They possess qualities like water resistance and stain resistant. This reduces the burden of cleaning the tiles, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. The vitrified floor tiles are best for areas that need to be highly hygienic. They also come with allergen-resistant and anti-bacterial properties which prevent fungi and bacteria from growing on them. This makes the entire environment safe and clean. They can easily be cleaned with a mop and water along with some minor floor-cleaning liquid as there is no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning the tiles. They are anti-skid too which reduces the chances of any accidents.

#5 Versatile in shape, texture, and design

Just step into the market and you shall come across a huge variety of vitrified flooring tiles. There are various designs, textures, shapes, and hues available in this category which makes it ideal for any area. Again, the digital print vitrified floor tiles have taken this category to a new level. All the different types of vitrified flooring tiles are available in various finishes, and shapes, like matt, high-gloss, sugar, wood-punch, carving, etc. which give the latest designs for your house and even commercial areas. On the other hand, suppliers, distributors, or even interior designers can demand customized vitrified flooring tiles to give the interiors a personal touch. The vitrified floor tiles can be customized in any texture like natural stone texture, brick texture, glassy texture, wooden texture, etc. which adds to the versatility of the tiles.

#6 Easy to install and cost-effective

Vitrified flooring tiles are the first choice for various customers as they are very easy to install. Compared to other designs or types of tiles in the market, the vitrified flooring tiles are thinner and come in a texture that is ready to use and pre-polished. Hence, this eliminates the time period other tiles take to set after installation. The vitrified flooring tiles can start bearing the foot traffic merely after a few hours of installation. Again, the vitrified flooring tiles are cost-effective compared to traditional tile options like wood, granite, or even marble. They are also easy to install and maintain which reduces maintenance and other costs.

According to Lavish Ceramics, one of the best manufacturers of vitrified flooring tiles in India, the vitrified flooring tiles give an artistic impression to the floorings. They are very durable and affordable in terms of maintenance and installation. And this attracts interior designers or even architects towards selecting vitrified flooring tiles for any given project. The professionals would always look for the safest option when they are given room to reveal their creativity and this is possible with the vitrified flooring tiles only.

So, now are you ready to install the best-vitrified tile design in your house or commercial? Simply Check out our Lavish Ceramics Website and check on the latest vitrified tile collection.