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How to Choose the Right Tile Size? – Lavish Ceramic Guide

13 September 2022
How to Choose the Right Tile Size? – Lavish Ceramic Guide

Selecting the right tile for your flooring is one of the essential parts of flooring while updating the house interiors. Selecting the right tile for the floor is not only limited to the size of the tile but the entire floor space. The tiles are available in different shapes, sizes, and hues to meet your requirements and taste. And when there are a bulk of options available, one is sure to baffle while selecting the right tile size. Again, it can be a tough decision to make a choice among the sizes, finishes, and styles of the floor tiles.

Are you also confused about which tile would be suitable for your floor size? Well, through this piece of information, let’s try to understand how to select the right tile size according to your needs and choice preference.

Different Size Tiles for Different Choices:

As mentioned above, be it the floor or wall tiles, there are various choices available in the market. And hence, we cannot recommend one design of porcelain tiles over another. All we can do is guide you on which tile would be suitable for your particular area. Basically, the tiles are available in two different sizes, that is, large tiles and small tiles. Let’s have a look at both the tile sizes for a better understanding.

Large Tiles

To be precise, the tiles which are 8×8 inches or bigger in size are termed as large size tiles. Such tiles give your house an extraordinary statement. There are various benefits of such tiles like:

  1. Adding large sizes to your flooring makes your small room look bigger. This is because the number of grouts reduces which gives an expanded visual. Such tiles are ideal for areas like powder rooms, bathrooms, foyers, or any other areas of the house that are small in terms of space.
  2. Larger tiles are easy to maintain. This is because the number of grout lines reduces and hence, it reduces the burden of scrubbing the floor. No doubt, the tile area increases for cleaning purposes, but it is comparatively easier to clean compared to grout lines.
  3. The large tiles give your ordinary house a modernized look due to their simplicity and clean lines.
  4. Large and dark color tiles give the area a minimalist appearance and smooth finishing.

Hence, the large tiles are best for you if you are looking for flooring that requires less maintenance and gives your area a spacious look.

Small Tiles

Small tiles can be installed for both small rooms and large rooms. The small tiles also add to the outlook of your entire house if you are looking for an upgraded look. The benefits of installing small tiles include:

  1. The small tiles mostly give a mosaic appearance to the floor. They are available in a size range of 0.5 inches to 2 inches which is an ideal look for houses with small areas or rooms. The mosaic design gives your small area a beautiful outlook with mesmerizing spacious aspects.
  2. Small tiles add some coziness and comfort to your areas. When a small bathroom is designed with small wall tiles, one is sure to enjoy a relaxing bathing time. And same goes for the meal areas. It makes the dining areas more inviting.
  3. Small tiles make the installation process in tricky areas easier. It reduces the hassle of cutting the tiles or trimming them into smaller shapes. They are completely flexible and give the house a seamless appearance once installed.

Hence, if you are looking for an ordinary yet budgeted and upgraded look for your house, the small tiles are the right choice to go with.

choose right tile size

How to select the right tile size?

Now that you know about the basic tile types, let’s work on how to select the right tile size for your areas. Here are the steps you need to work on for getting your final decision for the right tile.

Measure the area properly

The very first step toward selecting the right tile size is to measure the entire area where the tile needs to be installed. Using a measuring tape, measure the entire floor space. Again, while working on the measurements, consider all the obstacles like the kitchen island and many more where the tiles need to be adjusted by cutting them. Again, if the area needs the tile to be cut down too much, look for smaller tile sizes for proper installation.

Color, Texture, and Shape

Next on the list are the shape, color, and texture of the tiles. No doubt, the texture, and the color don’t have a major impact on the size of the tile you need, it can still have a huge impact on the appearance of the entire room. Where dark color tiles give your space a cozy look, it can make your room look smaller. Hence, if you are going with a dark shaded tile, make sure you select the large tile size which improves the entire outlook of the area. People are also considering cement tiles for their bathrooms, kitchens, and walls as they give you that perfect and natural look you might be looking for.

Shape of the tile

Next, you need to work on the shape of the tile you need to install in your house. Mostly, people select either square or rectangular shape tiles. However, it should be noted that the square and rectangular shape tiles don’t have more choices in terms of tile designs. Again, some of the designs come with a particular outlook which is used to cut the tiles as required. Lastly, if you are looking to give a decorative look to your floor, you need to contact Lavish Ceramics, the expert tile manufacturer in the market, for some professional help.

Selecting the right tile for your house can surely be a little tiring job. However, if you work on the area of the floor properly, it would become easier for you to select the right tile size.