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Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Tile

24 September 2021
Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Tile

For the past two years of the pandemic, the importance of the outdoor has never been so apparent. Having a functional and serene PATIO clearly encourages and provides the opportunity to unwind and relax outside. But, just like the rest of your house, before you go on with the furnishing, fireplace, and other water features, you must first begin with the OUTDOOR TILE selection. As you might already know, picking the right material for the right job can be very challenging unless you’ve thought everything through! But worry not, as this article will be your complete guide to choosing the Best OUTDOOR TILE to help turn your outside space into your private sanctuary!

Before we begin, let us first understand the key differences between INDOOR TILES & OUTDOOR TILES! The two key factors that differentiate INDOOR TILES & OUTDOOR TILES are DESIGN & DURABILITY. Considering the climate-specific challenges of open spaces, the OUTDOOR TILES need to be relatively more tough and durable. To form flawless design, outdoor tiles come in a variety of natural styles, such as stone-look and concrete-look, which are so evident of the outside world that we experience every day. Moreover, OUTDOOR TILES are much more textured than INDOOR TILES, providing the traction critical for wet seasons and firm furniture grip. Also, OUTDOOR TILES can withstand exposure to continual & intense sunlight without fading.

How to Choose Best Outdoor Tile?




Before you kick-start your journey of selecting quality OUTDOOR TILES, know your budget! The amount you can afford decides the material you can purchase. For example, the high-quality options of OUTDOOR TILES like the STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES are more realistic and often costlier than their counterparts. So, it is better to decide clearly about what you can afford and jot it down for later reference. Also, sometimes you may be self-deluded into thinking that the “per-square-foot” price is cheaper, only to realize later that it exceeds your budget as the material adds up. Hence, before executing your OUTDOOR TILE IDEAS, ask yourself the following questions and answer them as truly as you can: 

1. How Do I Plan To Use My Patio?

2. What Do I Want My Outdoors To Look Like?

3. Does Your Patio Allow Functionality To The Activities You Are Willing To Do there?       

Apart from these questions, you can also discuss with your family, if some of the added features would make them interested in doing certain activities outdoors!



While all outdoor tiles can endure the harsh weather of the outdoors, not all of them are produced in the same manner. There are tougher outdoor tiles and there are softer outdoor tiles. Because of this, some types of OUTDOOR TILES aren’t up to the mark and are susceptible to damage like scratches and cracks, making it necessary to choose a material that lasts long. But before all this, take time to reflect on how you intend to use your tiles. Are you going to use them as wall coverings? Are you laying them on the floor? The answers to these questions will help you decide the type of tile you need. Some outdoor tiles are better suited as WALL TILES, while others perform better when they are laid flat on the ground so, it is crucial to choose the right product for the right application!


As discussed earlier, prior to any selection, consider the type of weather in your area. Reflect on the following questions before selecting any materials:

1. Do you live in a mild climate zone?

2. Is it rainy, snowy, or too hot in your area?

You should always choose tiles that are conducive to your specific climatic conditions. If you live in an area where it rains too much, go for tiles that have a good grip. Similarly, if you dwell in a snowy area, you can’t use a tile that’s desirable for hot areas! Make the weather condition of your space, the center around which your tile search revolves.


The intensity of light that your space is exposed to also affects the overall look of your space. For instance, using dark hues in areas that are less exposed to light makes the ambiance dismal and boring. Similarly, if you employ a light-colored tile in a space that has more sunlight, the space may seem much brighter and irritate the eyes, while the material slowly fades over time. It’s important to use darker tones in light-exposed areas and vice-versa!


Apart from color, usage, weather, and light exposure, it is also imperative that you consider the color and style of your space. Using color or style that conflicts with the theme of your home may break your design. Always look for something that will add up to your overall design rather than spoil it! No matter what your style or color might be, choose something that flawlessly blends with your theme, making your OUTDOOR SPACE an extension of the interiors.

Options for Best Outdoor Tile

Now that you have some OUTDOOR TILE IDEAS, let’s look at some outdoor tile alternatives for your project. Given below are some of the most common tile materials for your outdoors: 


Porcelain tiles are a strong and dense form of ceramics. Owing to their strong nature, porcelain tiles are ideal for outdoor applications such as patios. However, we suggest you go for matt finish or textured designs for good traction in wet seasons or in case your patio holds water elements. The price of porcelain tiles varies from tile to tile, depending on the quality and manufacturing brand. 


If you are planning a light-use patio, then traditional ceramic floor tiles might be a good option for you. But, before choosing your material understand the difference between ceramic wall tile and floor tile, as ceramic wall tiles might not withstand the heavy elements of the patio floors. Just like Porcelain tiles, the price of ceramic material also varies from brand to brand. They are cheaper compared to porcelain tiles.  


Extremely strong, quarry tiles are an ideal outdoor paving material for heavy-patio usage. Quarry tiles, unlike ceramic and porcelain tiles, come in a limited selection of colors, such as red, brown, grey, and other subtle hues. Quarry tiles are normally unglazed but are still water-resistant. Their natural roughness prevents them from becoming slippery in wet seasons. Quarry tile is not a good choice for locations where winters are bitterly cold, and it is also prone to easy stains. However, in mild climate zones, Quarry tiles are one of the best patio options.   


Slate is a natural stone that comes in a tile shape that is both strong and sturdy. They are slip-resistant because of their inherent surface texture. Slate comes in a variety of colors, including dark hues like black and grey, as well as lighter hues like green and orange. 


Granite tile is another natural material that clubs together lovely indoor surfaces but isn’t as effective outdoors. Granite is a porous material besides being slippery. So, if you don’t seal it every few years, it will absorb moisture, and produce stains and other damages. 


Concrete tiles are produced from poured concrete and given textures and colors to resemble natural stone or high-end ceramic tiles. They provide the look of natural stone at a fraction of the cost, but they have to be sealed from time to time. Concrete tile is long-lasting and resistant to harsh weather and high foot traffic, a good Outdoor tile idea for patios!


Travertine tiles are available in a variety of lovely textures and colors. This tile is a type of limestone that’s mined near natural mineral spring deposits. Due to their little pitted surface, they may accumulate dirt and require cleaning regularly to keep their beauty intact. While being quite appealing and strong, their highly polished versions can become too slippery in wet seasons. Travertine’s quality and prices vary greatly depending upon its excavation countries.  


Soapstone is a non-porous natural stone with a smooth, silky texture that’s water-resistant and stain-resistant. Also, it is resistant to heat, making it suitable for application in extremely hot climates. It’s a great option to use around swimming pools, and it holds up well in damp, cold weather. 


Limestone is a sedimentary stone that has long been a popular building material due to its relative abundance and ease of production. However, it is much softer than slate or granite and gets scratched or chipped rather easily. To avoid stains, it must be sealed regularly. It’s best for patios in dry climates and doesn’t work well in harsh winters.


It is also a sedimentary rock, but even more soft than limestone and subject to the same limitations like scratches, cracks, and chips. This stone comprises layers of sand that have been naturally fused together over hundreds of years. Sandstone is also susceptible to water damage. However, if you live in a dry area and seal it frequently, this tile can be a lovely addition to your yard.


By now we hope that the topic of outdoor tile ideas must be clear to some extent! Remember, there can be a wide variation in what products are appropriate for outdoor use, from region to region! 


In India, we experience many seasons & climates in different geographical areas, from extremely hot Rajasthan to the cold Kashmir to the frequently rainy north-east and humid south India! So, before you start, refer to the list of best tile manufacturers and exporters in India and search for their nearby retailers/distributors. Consult with a sales representative at the retail shop and describe your requirements. Don’t forget to mention that you will use the product outside. In this way, it will narrow your decision for material selection down, minimizing any scope for error!


If you want the best outdoor tile ideas near you, reach us out telephonically and we will guide you throughout the process to help you build the outdoors of your dreams. With over two decades of experience, LAVISH has emerged as a prominent tile company throughout India and abroad. We are one of the largest tiles manufacturers and exporters of outdoor tiles in India. Apart from Outdoor tiles, we also manufacture indoor tiles, digital wall tiles, ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles, double charge tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, soluble salt tiles, double loading tiles, and polished porcelain tiles. We guarantee you that your search for the best outdoor tiles in India will surely end at LAVISH!