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Top 7 Reasons to Source Indian Ceramic Tiles

22 August 2022
Top 7 Reasons to Source Indian Ceramic Tiles

When it comes to the ceramic tile industry, India has been one of the leading companies globally. Ever since it emerged in the year 1950, it has rapidly shown growth and improvement to reach the position it is enjoying today. India today not only has the largest number of customers but also manufacturers when it comes to ceramic tiles. Again, the best tile manufacturer in India has also proved to be the key exporter of ceramic tiles in the international market for more than 10 years due to various reasons.

India has been manufacturing the latest or in-trend ceramic tiles for both house and office floors and walls. But still, what makes the Indian ceramic tiles the first choice for homemakers, architects, and interior designers not only in India but all over the world? What makes them different and the best compared to other tiles? Let’s try to find out.

Yes, through this piece of information, we shall learn about the different reasons why ceramic tiles from India are highly in demand.

#1 Water Resilient

The GVT tiles come with a protective layer that protects the tiles from various damages that are caused due to water or any kind of liquid stains. The glazed ceramic tiles are non-porous which makes them the best for areas that are high in humidity. Hence, people largely select ceramic tiles for areas like bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, etc. which are prone to water or liquid spills along with humidity.

#2 Durability

Be it the wall tiles or floor tiles, ceramic tiles are surely rough and tough. The ceramic tiles don’t chip or even crack easily. Again, if the installation process is carried out properly and carefully, they are sure to last for various years or even decades with minimum maintenance requirements. Another point to remember here is that if in case one ceramic tile gets cracked or damaged, it doesn’t impact the entire flooring, and hence, you will have to only replace a single broken tile and not the complete flooring.

#3 Easy to maintain

When it comes to the maintenance of the PGVT tiles, they are totally easy, simple, and quick to maintain. As the ceramic tiles are non-porous, they prevent the surface from dust, dirt, and liquid spills. They block all such things from entering the surface and block them on the top of the tiles. This makes it easy to wipe out such things with the help of a cloth or mop. This means, that if the ceramic tiles are vacuumed or swept on regular basis, they are sure to give you a clean and clear floor daily. But what if the tiles are damaged with heavy stains? In such a case, you simply need a heavy cleaner and the surface would be clean again.

Indian Ceramic Tiles

#4 Wide range of options

One of the benefits of ceramic tiles is that they are available in various designs and hues that are sure to baffle you when selecting. Whether you are selecting for indoors or outdoors, walls or floors, house or office, there are many options like wood finish, patterns, solid colors, stone finish, and much more. The different styles the ceramic tiles are designed with also allow you to mix and match for creating a unique pattern or design for your interiors. Apart from the designs, they are also available in various sizes and shapes which makes them an amazing choice when designing your house.

#5 Budget-friendly

When one has a glance at the ceramic tiles, the highly professional designs are sure to confuse you with the price range. But to your surprise, ceramic tiles are considered to be the best affordable option when it comes to budgeted flooring. Compared to other flooring options like carpet, natural stone, hardwood, etc., ceramic tiles are less expensive and long-lasting with minimum maintenance. Hence, it proves to be the foremost choice for middle-class families looking for a budget-friendly tiling option.

#6 Free from allergens, robust and hard

Some of the popular features of ceramic tiles are that they are hard and robust. They come with a smooth surface, yet are quite strong and hard which makes them long-lasting. Investing in ceramic tiles with smooth and soft finishing would give you strong flooring. On the other hand, as these tiles don’t allow dust, dirt particles, pollen, or other allergens to remain on their surface, they keep the floor clean and free from any kind of allergens. All you need to do is clean the surface regularly with a sponge or mop or even a broom to keep it clean.

#7 Scratch free

Last but not least, the ceramic tiles are scratch free. Hence, if you are having children at home, pets, or even heavy furniture, you don’t need to worry about your flooring getting damaged or scratched. The ceramic tiles are designed to carry heavy weight. Again they are best for areas that remain crowded the entire day. So, if you are worried about the maintenance charges due to scratches or damages caused due to heavy weight, pets, or children, it is best to invest in ceramic tiles as they give complete protection.

Apart from all these, another benefit to selecting ceramic tiles is technological advancements. In the past few years, ceramic tiles are highly in demand due to the digital prints it carries. Again, the 3D printed ceramic tiles have taken the ceramic tiles market to the next level. According to Lavish Ceramics, one of the best manufacturers of ceramic tiles in India, consumers are looking for tiles that come with perfect cutting, shapes, designs, prints, and smoothness. And all these can easily be delivered through ceramic tiles.

The above-mentioned features are merely some of the many features the ceramic tiles carry. The ceramic tiles are also bacteria-resistant and hygienic compared to other tile options available on the market. So, now are you ready to invest in some ceramic tiles to give your house or office the best design outlook? Get in touch with our expert team for more details on ceramic tiles for accurate selection.