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Top 5 Reasons to Pick Anti-Slip Tiles for Your Bathroom

26 January 2023
Top 5 Reasons to Pick Anti-Slip Tiles for Your Bathroom

What is the first thing you would do after returning home from a wearisome day? Surely look to have a shower right? But do you know that just as a bathroom is a place to look for some relaxation, it is also a place that can be dangerous too? Yes, a bathroom is a place where sudden accidents can take place leading to minor or serious injuries for people of any age.

Bathrooms are the areas that are prone to any risk or injury as they are constantly exposed to moisture and water. Again, if the walls and floorings aren’t maintained in a proper way, the chances of accidents like slipping can occur, particularly when there are senior citizens and kids at home. And to avoid any such accidents, you need to look for an exact solution that would sustain the moisture and water properly. And the right solution to this problem is anti-slip bathroom tiles.

Anti-slip tiles, is this something new to you? Why are they better than the normal tiles? Are you looking for the right answers? Let’s today learn the benefits of using anti-skid tiles for the bathroom from Lavish Ceramics, the best tile exporter and manufacturer in India.

Top 5 Benefits of using Anti-Slip tiles for your bathroom

#1 Improved safety measure

Bathrooms are sure to remain one of the busiest areas of the house. And this makes it the most problematic area too. There are high chances of anyone slipping in the bathroom as they remain wet. And this can be dangerous, particularly when you are having super active kids or senior citizens at home. If they lose their grip in the bathroom, they are sure to fail in making a balance or any kind of judgment while moving. Hence, it is important to choose a set of tiles that would protect bathroom users from falling. The anti-slip tiles are high in terms of coefficient of friction property and hence, wouldn’t allow anyone to slip easily.

#2 Needs low maintenance

It is very important to maintain the bathroom tiles. As the bathroom tiles are continuously exposed to moisture and water, they need to be cleaned regularly so that no one slips and it doesn’t even get mossy. The anti-slip tiles can reduce this hassle to a great extent. This doesn’t mean that after installing the anti-slip tiles you will not have to clean the bathroom at all. The hassle would be reduced. You might need to put less effort into cleaning the tiles of the bathroom compared to the normal tile bathroom. You would need a mild cleaning solution along with a quality mop that would absorb all the water left over after washing the bathroom. Hence, the grip of the bathroom flooring would remain intact.

#3 Variety in designs

Bored of those outdated single-coloured tiles for the bathroom? What if you are allowed to choose from a wide range of tile designs? Yes, the lavish ceramic tiles come with a variety of designs, colours, and patterns that would help you meet the latest bathroom tiles trend for every kind of bathroom. Again, as time changes, different trends enter the market for giving the bathroom a spacious look in various categories. Bathroom tiles like cement tiles, geometric tiles, 3D tiles, slate tiles, and much more not only design the bathroom floors in a unique way but also design the bathroom walls with something new. The walls of the bathroom are available in different shades, patterns, ideas, etc. Hence, be it the adults or the kids, they can easily design their bathroom with their favorite colors, shades, designs, or even cartoon characters. Isn’t that amazing?


#4 Long-lasting tiles

One of the best features of the anti-slip tiles is that they are very durable compared to other tiles. They are also scratch-resistance. The bathroom is an area that is used every now and then. It suffers from heavy traffic throughout the day and even at night. Hence, the tiles used here for the flooring as well as the walls need to be strong enough to handle all of these. Again, they also need to be capable of easily managing the wear and tear or scratches that might arrive at the time of washing. And the anti-slip tiles are sure to suffer from all these very well and last for a long time period. Compared to normal tiles, they can conceal stains, dried water droplets, and smudges in an effective way. Again, the anti-skid tiles also help in making the bathroom germ free.

#5 Competitive cost

Want to another benefit of investing in anti-skid tiles? The anti-skid tiles are available at a low cost in the market compared to other tiles. The anti-skid tiles are the best source to enhance the beauty of your bathroom along with utmost protection at a competitive price. Hence, if you are looking for a set of tiles that are stylish, easy to install, and protective, yet it doesn’t disturb your budget, the anti-skid tiles are the right choice to go with. Again, they are very easy to install and hence, remove the additional cost that might get added to your bill in the form of installation charges. The anti-skid tiles come with a low price value compared to the porcelain and ceramic tiles which can also be notoriously dicey.

Henceforth, to conclude this informative writing, it can be said that the anti-slip tiles are the best bathroom tiles to be installed. Apart from the bathroom areas, this kind of tiles can also be used in other areas that remain wet at times like the outdoor areas, kitchens, backsplashes, swimming pools, etc. These tiles are made with an additional layer of stain-resistant and scratch-resistant material which is capable of handling the moisture in the bathrooms and other moist areas. So, next time you visit any store for selecting tiles, make sure you keep this feature in mind for protecting your family members from any potential dangers.