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Dark Tiles Or Light Tiles? Which Is Better Bathroom Tiles?

19 February 2022
Dark Tiles Or Light Tiles? Which Is Better Bathroom Tiles?

The bathroom is the most important room in the house. It’s a peaceful retreat where we groom, brush our teeth, wash, and take care of other essentials. What is the ideal colour for bathroom tiles, dark or light? Your bathroom should be a spot in your house that makes you feel refreshed and invigorated, whether you’re getting ready for the day or calming down. As a result, its aesthetics should be considered while creating a bathroom. A stylish bathroom should be visually attractive as well as relaxing.

On the other hand, selecting among the enormous diversity of available colours and designs may appear to be a difficult task. The inside must be both valuable and attractive. Keep in mind that current trends do not favour one over the other when choosing between dark and light coloured tiles. The idea is to utilise suitable materials and keep the colours balanced. You should also consider the size of the room, but fewer and fewer people feel that dark tiles should not be utilised in tiny areas these days. On the other hand, dark tiles should be used sparingly, so that the bathroom does not seem claustrophobic or confined.

Dark Tiles Or Light Tiles

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Dark Tiles

A dramatic effect may be achieved using a darker grey floor or wall tile. You can easily accent this colour with vibrant furniture and accessories to create a splash of colour. Dark grey may have a calming effect in a room, making it ideal for creating a calm and attractive environment, such as a bedroom. Use dark grey tiles like the Puro Grey tiles on the floor for a sleek and luxurious look.

An excellent, modern colour scheme is created when a deep grey is coupled with appropriate lighting, metallic elements, and brightly coloured furniture. The grey terrazzo style adds interest and enjoyment to your home’s interior d├ęcor. Great ideas for kitchen and bathroom renovations.


Bold Appearance

The black coloured tiles give the entire room a powerful and dramatic appearance. Dark tiles’ masculinity may be employed in tiny pieces to draw attention to certain bathroom places, such as behind the bathtub, shower, or wall mirror.

Modern Look

Dark tiles are a great place to start when creating modern aesthetics and a fantastic ambience. Dark bathroom tiles are distinctive, modern, fashionable, and classy, and they are simple to incorporate into a variety of theme settings. To improve the overall appearance of your bathroom, tiles can be laid out in a herringbone, staggered, or pinwheel pattern.


Dark tiles and dark grout complement each other thus, having a dark tile theme is advantageous for those cautious about hiding the grout. Dark grout helps to hide some of the filth and grime that collects between dark tiles; however, it necessitates regular cleaning.


Darkens The Room

When opposed to bright-colored tiles, dark-coloured tiles absorb more light. As a result, black tiles might give the sense that the space is smaller and darker. On the other hand, if your mind is set on using dark tiles. However, your bathroom space is limited; you can easily overcome this problem by strategically placing mirrors to reflect more light and brighten the room or strategically placing ceiling lights at various points to lighten the bathroom.

Makes Bathroom Look Small

The black bathroom tiles ground the floor, making the space appear smaller. If you want to prevent this feeling, use light-coloured tiles on the floor and dark-coloured tiles on the walls. This contrast will create a horizon that will make the room appear bigger.

Light Tiles

The white and light wood mix is a timeless solution that never goes out of style. The minimalistic style has captured the hearts of many interior designers since such compositions suit every area, regardless of its size; also, it is the most popular approach to make a room appear larger visually. In reality, the light reflection effect created by tiles on the walls would make the space appear and feel more spacious.


Free & Positive Look

Light colour palettes will never go out of vogue, whether a white automobile or a white interior. Light-coloured tiles are a classic choice for any room since they draw attention to decorative items like a beautiful mirror or a snappy Jacuzzi. To generate a minimalistic appearance, you can pair the traditional light-coloured tiles from AGL Tiles. So, whether you need light grey tiles, light blue tiles, light pink tiles, or any other light tile, we’ve got you covered.

Makes Bathroom Look Big

The bulk of the light that falls on them is reflected by the light tiles, illuminating the entire space. Because the simple beauty already shines throughout the area, making it feel bright and airy, light-coloured rooms require fewer ceiling lights. Light flooring in a space can help you make the most of both natural and artificial illumination.

Goes Hand In Hand With Dark Colours

The light backdrop will emphasise all of the dark-coloured decor components in the bathroom due to the contrast between the light background and the dark decor pieces. This chessboard theme works nicely as a blank canvas to put your personal touches on. Light flooring works well with many home design types, from traditional to contemporary and stylish.


High Maintenance

You must clean light flooring regularly since they display every grain of dust. Although we like the idea of a light colour palette in our bathroom, it demands regular cleaning because the dirt and filth that accumulates on the tiles are visible.


Choosing between light and dark-coloured floor tiles for your bathroom can be a difficult decision, especially with so many options. But according to our experts, light tiles are the best tiles for the bathroom. The reason is the positive & optimistic look. You might find dark tiles more attractive, but in the end, when you come home for that relaxing shower, Light tiles will just up-lift the relaxation feel.

To get the right design for your bathroom, it is necessary to conduct research. The thrill of it might sometimes lead to a stumbling block. The bathroom is a place to unwind; therefore, it should be as relaxing as possible. This is why you should consider white tiles aesthetics. We hope you must have acknowledged which tiles are best for your bathroom.