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How to Choose Parking Area Tiles? – A Guide By Lavish Ceramics

10 January 2023
How to Choose Parking Area Tiles? – A Guide By Lavish Ceramics

As seen, irrespective of whether the property is for commercial or residential purposes, almost neither of them can function without a parking space. The fact that almost every other person has a vehicle is strong enough a reason as to why parking space is necessary and how it is al Therefore, ensuring a strong and protected parking space in the property is very important. This is when the parking tiles come into play because they play a very crucial role in making a safe area for vehicles.

To conclude exactly which type of tile will be the right choice for the parking space, it is to be ensured that the right choice has been made and this can be ensured by following up through certain factors that are mentioned below.

Choosing The Parking Tiles Color

The color of the parking tiles plays an important role in their type. This is when the location of the parking space comes into effect. For instance, the color of the parking tile depends a lot on its location. For example, if the parking space is in an enclosed area such as the basement, then in such cases parking tiles with lighter tones can be used since they will give out the illusion of openness and will add some light to the area. On the other hand, if the parking is in an open space, then the tiles that have a certain dark shade in them will go well in the space.

Another key factor while choosing the tile color is the aesthetic of the parking space. Every individual tries hard to select tiles that will result in giving an overall appealing look thereby collaborating with the rest of the other elements that are present in the space. Another factor for parking tile is the concept of mix and match to bring out the uniqueness of the overall parking space. For this, contrasting colors can help in adding a different style to the space.

Key factors to choose Tiles for Parking Space

The following are a few of the key factors that individuals must take into consideration before heading ahead with finalizing a parking tile:-

Tile quality

The tiles that are to be placed outdoors need to withstand many harsh calamities and weather conditions, the individual must choose a tile with exceptional withstanding quality. The tile that will pass the quality check should be anti-slippery to avoid any kind of unwanted accident.


When it comes to design, some of the factors that must be taken into consideration are the overall design and color of the house so that the tile design can align perfectly with the house. This is why the appearance of the house should be a major factor while finalizing the design of the parking tile.

Demanded space

Before heading to selecting the parking tile, a thorough knowledge of the parking space will come in handy. Therefore, one must always measure the parking size to analyze the size of the parking tiles as this will later save a lot of time and money as well.

parking tiles

Long term approach

The fact that the parking tiles are a costly investment cannot be avoided which is why before making any decision, one must think of the long-term approach instead of settling on an instant and temporary approach.

Tile brand

No matter what the product is, every brand every product speaks for itself. This is the reason why a sensible approach would be avoiding the tiles of cheap brands and buying a good brand parking tile.

A thorough research

One of the most sensible decisions in finalizing parking tiles is doing a well thorough research such as looking up to numerous brands, taking a dig at the customer reviews, following up with the reputation of the brand, and then finalizing a trustable manufacturer.

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Types of Tiles for Parking Space

The following are a few of the tiles that are the ideal choice for parking space: –

Vitrified tiles

The main feature of vitrified tiles is that they are durable, and they offer the immense strength and resistance that a parking space needs. The fact that these tiles are already polished and there is no need to get them polished after installation is strong enough a reason as to how easy and smooth the whole process of installation is. The one significant catch while choosing vitrified tiles is that when it comes to variation, these tiles are very limited. However, if this factor is overlooked, the reasons that form a base foundation for selecting these tiles are their anti-resistance, skid-free nature, and seamless installation.

Glazed Porcelain tiles

Although the porcelain tiles are said to be of the ceramic type, they are produced after a thorough manufacturing process so that they can cater to the needs of people whose aim is to get greater strength and longevity. These tiles are better than lavish ceramic tiles. One of the features of the tiles is that they are anti-skid which makes them ideal for the parking area of the home. In terms of varieties, unglazed and glazed porcelain tiles usually come in various ranges, types, textures, designs, and patterns. Apart from that, they are petty much more affordable as well which is why they are easily available in the market. Some of the other features are its cost-effectiveness, less maintenance, and smooth installation.


Thus, the following is all the information that an individual must investigate to buy the best parking tiles. With parking tiles, it will be easy for preventing pedestrians to walk over the parking lot or getting hit by a car. Other than that, these tiles are also known to be the low-cost method to ensure safety in the parking area. In a nutshell, it can be said that parking tiles are a cost-effective method for ensuring the overall safety of vehicles on a commercial property or residential properties. Now that you have all the information you need, you are all set to give your parking space the right look.