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5 Ways to Choose a Best Shower Tiles

29 March 2022
5 Ways to Choose a Best Shower Tiles

When it comes to redesigning or renovating your house, showers stand second as the most important area. After a long and hectic day, the shower is what one seeks for utmost solace. Taking a shower takes you to a peaceful environment where you not only freshen up yourself but also keep yourself apart from the unwanted chaos disturbing the environment out there. And hence, the shower tiles you select reveal your individuality and your favorite escape place too.

So, are you also looking to design your bathroom? Be it a master bathroom or a guest room shower tile issue, today through this writing piece, let’s check on the different things that you need to keep in mind for choosing the right tile for your shower walls and floors as well.

#1 Know the design of your bathroom

The first thing to focus on while thinking about bathroom tile ideas is the design of the bathroom. What kind of a bathroom do you have? It is a modern bathroom, coastal, contemporary, traditional, or minimalist bathroom? Keeping the entire bathroom design in mind while selecting shower tiles is much important.

For having a proper idea, get the bathroom design fleshed out or drawn on paper. Start exploring the bathroom from every corner. Now check the tile sample by placing it on every corner of the bathroom. Check out other fixtures space also like the vanities, towel robes, lighting, etc. The overall style would help you determine the right tile for your shower depending on your personal choice. People are also considering sandy tones, ocean blues, sleek showers, geometric showers, etc. for their bathrooms as per the design of the bathroom. So, what is the style of your bathroom?

#2 Don’t forget Safety comes first!

How many times have you had a sudden fall in the bathroom? Do you know, every year around 235000 people run into emergency rooms due to injuries from bathroom falls. A bathroom is a place that is filled with moisture and water. And hence, the chances of falling in the bathroom are quite high. And this shouldn’t be omitted while designing the bathroom.

Most of the time, people of every age fall while showering or after showering. Hence, make sure you are going for a tile with a non-slipping feature. Go for a non-slipping tile that is safe in bathrooms as well as gives it an attractive look too. For this, consider the size and the material of the tile. Large tiles are generally more slippery compared to medium and small tiles. Look for a tile that provides proper grip while walking in the bathroom. Similarly, the material of the tile is also important. Go for ceramic, porcelain, honed finish, or natural stone tiles that are slip-resistant.

#3 Tile cleaning and hygiene

While working on the shower tile ideas, the next thing to look after is the cleaning and the hygiene of the bathroom. How often do you clean the bathroom? Do you like cleaning the bathroom? Well, considering the facts, cleaning the bathroom to make it shiny and clean requires a lot of effort and deep cleaning.

Are you ready to spend a good portion of time scrubbing the bathroom? If you are not ready for all the bathroom and grout cleaning, here are some tips for choosing the right tile for your bathroom. Look for subway shower tile for the walls with amazing patterns and styles. Again, the larger the tiles would be, the less grout you will have to clean. To reduce the dirt from the soap and mold, look for dark-colored tiles or grout. Hence, cleaning also needs to be kept in mind while selecting the bathroom tiles.

#4 Give the walls an artistic touch

Why use a simple single-colored tile for the walls when you can select an artistic or creative tile for the walls? Look for some pictorial or graphic interest in the wall tiles, shower bench, niches, or accents. Selecting a mosaic tile for the walls would be a good choice with a stunning look highlighting your bathroom.

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Niches are used for organizing the bathroom essentials which are very clean compared to the wired racks. Even if you are having a small bathroom, using creative tiles for the walls would add to the beauty of the bathroom. Be it any vertical or horizontal showerhead design, giving the bathroom a decorative border in dark or light accent tiles would prove to be a big statement for your bathroom. If the entire bathroom is given a neutral color, giving it a pop color would add give a designer look to the boring bathroom.

#5 Work on the glasses in the bathroom too

Many times, people use big and clean glasses for their bathrooms. This might look good but fails to give your bathroom a modernized or customized look. Selecting a glass and working on it can really be tough. Sometimes adding a clear glass tile might look beautiful in the bathroom, but it ends up with moisturized trap.

This gives the shower an awful look after every use. So, rather than running after long or big clear glasses, go for small colorful glass tile for enhancing the look of the bathroom without any kind of moisture on it. Again, some of the color glasses also come with arrows on it that are helpful during the installation of the tiles in the same orientation.


Selecting a shower floor tile might look like an inconsequential job, but it is truly essential when it comes to ornamenting the bathroom appearance logically. Cleanliness, slip-resistant, certified tile installer, etc. are the things one needs to focus on while selecting the right tile for the bathroom. Again, if due to lack of budget, you are looking forward to using a second tile for featuring the wall, one needs to be additionally careful. Again, if you are looking to design a bathroom for your kids, make sure you work well on anti-slippery tiles which are decorative as per the choice of your kids.