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Top 10 Dreamy Bathroom Design Ideas for Modern House

27 December 2021
Top 10 Dreamy Bathroom Design Ideas for Modern House

We invest a great deal of energy in choosing our bathrooms, so it’s just normal that they ought to be exceptionally wonderful. Novel baths, smooth vanity units, and present-day sanitary ware are available in a wide assortment of styles and sizes to embellish both large and small bathrooms. Besides the functionality, bathrooms can be embellished with sleek designs and new ideas. Adding significant elements to your bathrooms can really lend a spa-like feel, while totally shifting the vibe of your bathroom. Below, we’ve incorporated 10 dreamy bathroom designs that contain excellent floor tiles, furniture, fixtures, bathroom props, and beautiful lighting themes to assist you in your next revamp!

Bathroom Floor Tile Design

The most fascinating part of creating a wonderful bathroom design is picking which wonderful material and colors to highlight. And, this is why tiles have become an integral aspect of bathroom design. Truth be told, tiles are the strongest material in the bathroom. They do not just represent the decor aspect of the design, but they likewise decide the end look of your bathroom! You might be thinking of using a marble or another kind of natural material, however, you should consider tiles as a flooring material for your design. Floor Tiles are exceptionally durable, water-resistant, modest, and come in plenty of designs. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional for your bathroom design!

Bathroom Design Ideas

“LAVISH offers a diverse range of floor tile solutions, from various sizes and shapes to various colors and finishes. Our selection of floor tile designs includes wood-look, glossy, satin matt, and much more, making it simple for any homeowner or designer to discover the perfect floor tiles that match their existing color scheme and design concept. Whether you want a unique color variation, a vintage warm look, or a gorgeous stone effect, our BATHROOM FLOOR TILE DESIGNS will suffice!


Who doesn’t adore the simplicity of a streamlined modern vanity! If you’re a mod-look lover we suggest you employ such designs in your bathroom project. A furniture-style vanity can be transformative, especially if it has curvy legs made of beautiful wood. This will add a lot of personality and adds an incredible twist to a bathroom design – forgoing a conventional vanity in favor of a vintage furniture piece can be a total design win-win. Moreover, choosing a vanity in conjunction with your floor tile design or wall tile design can totally elevate the visual impact. Whatever route you go, vanity is a critical part of creating a modern bathroom design, so do consider it!

Use A Luxurious Bathtub

Having a solo shower in your modern bathroom does not mean that you can’t get a tub as well. Few things speak ‘luxury’ in a bathroom like a freestanding tub. Whether you have the floor space for a separate tub and shower or not, you can add a tiny stool to your bath to serve as a resting spot for a book, candle, or glass of wine. A nicely fitted tub tray will keep your belongings even closer at hand.

Attractive Storage

No matter how large your ideal bathroom is, you’ll most likely want to include as much storage as possible. Bathroom walls can frequently be partially opened to accommodate handy storage slots and medicine cabinets. You can use beautiful wall tiles for this purpose or clad the floor tile on the walls for a more cohesive look!

Open shelves can be used to expand storage without blocking off an area. Where a closed storage closet is required, consider a mirrored door front to provide the illusion of a larger room while also giving a helpful full-length mirror.

Add A Touch Of Nature

“Using excessive hard coverings and shiny surface finishes in you bathrooms— whether it’s your floor tile or wall tile or other natural surfaces— can give off a clinical vibe — but not if you follow this step! To add a sense of warmth and welcome, add an element of nature to your bathroom design. Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers, a tough plant pot, or a floral pattern, adding a touch of nature to the design helps it feel like a truly pleasant area of the home.

Use Luxurious Lighting

Did you ever have a relaxing spa experience? You might be shocked to learn that the lighting has a significant impact on how you feel at such moments. Fortunately, accent lighting can be used to recreate this ambiance in your bathroom.

You may transform your bathroom into a tranquil, calming, and therapeutic place for unwinding after a long day by employing low-level lights at the skirting level or colored LEDs to highlight the floor tile design.

Let The Details Do The Magic

When it comes to bathrooms, it’s the finishing touches that transform an average space into a place of flair and beauty. Beautify your bathroom with lovely accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, and toilet paper holders.

Mirrors Are Miracles

Add a large mirror over your bathroom sink to reflect natural light and make the space feel larger. You’d be astonished to see how much a mirror can open up a room, and it’s the number one trick interior designers use to make a room feel bigger. So, go big, bold, and bright in your bathroom to make a statement. If you have a small bathroom, mirrors can do miracles by increase the style factor and give the impression of more space. As mentioned earlier, most interior designers use this time-honored technique. Moreover, mirrors also reflect light and help to brighten up a modest bathroom.

Be Simple!

Keep it simple with soft, natural colors if you’re stuck on how to design your little bathroom. To create a sense of space, use furniture and accessories with clean lines and make the room as clutter-free as possible.

Do It Expertly!

It is best to have a open and spacious look from a visual standpoint; so avoid cramming too many objects into your bathroom design. Swap your amenities on a regular basis, put your towels on bars or hooks, keep patterns to a minimum, and keep things basic. If you use a standard sink instead of a cumbersome vanity, a transparent or frosted glass door instead of a curtain, and large reflective surfaces like glossy tiles, the room will feel much larger. The goal is to do everything expertly!

By now you should have some clarity on “what to consider” and “what not to” for your bathroom design. We all know that each part of our lovely home is dedicated to a specific purpose. But do we follow that? Isn’t it true that we never use our kitchens for only cooking or the bathroom to take a shower? We do more than that! This is the reason why your “bathroom singing times” and stress-relieving bubble baths necessitate a cosy modern bathroom design that goes beyond just the purpose.