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Kitchen Coverings

26 May 2021
Kitchen Coverings

Kitchen: Heart Of The Home

Kitchen Coverings, The kitchen is the most important part of any home as it is the center of your family’s day-to-day living. A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset and that most likely begins in your kitchen. From that energizing cup of early morning coffee to the satisfying breakfast right, before you leave for work to the soothing glass of fine wine when you return, the kitchen is your common-happy spot around which your life revolves! Moreover, your loved ones often gather here to socialize, feast, and cook together. All this gives your kitchen its true meaning; a place that bonds everyone together. A place that’s the heart of the home!

From sleek modernism to classic industrialism, PORCELAIN TILES have turned up the kitchen heat! Thanks to their inherent quality of strength, non-porosity, resistance to bacteria, low maintenance, versatility, and customization, new generation PORCELAIN TILES can truly transform your kitchen from ordinary to exceptional. Multiple sizes, endless color combinations, and extensive styles have paved new ways to let you express your creativity freely, without any constraints. And when it comes to the versatility of PORCELAIN TILES; your imagination is the only limitation: you can create countertops, floorings, wall coverings, and more!


Tips For Installing Kitchen Coverings Tiles

Although there are many things to pay attention to while installing PORCELAIN TILES, yet the primary care is to follow proper planning and then install the tiles methodically on your walls or floors. To achieve a jaw-dropping final look, we suggest you consult interior designers or architects, for they can take you very close to achieving a kitchen that suits your personality and imagination! Thorough discussions and active input throughout the project can minimize errors and misunderstandings, thereby yielding the kitchen of your desires.

Installing PORCELAIN TILES for your kitchen walls can be a daunting task, but if you follow our tile installation methods, you too can achieve a uniform, clean, and precise tile installation which will be easy to maintain for times to come!

A pre-installation question that always arises in customers’ minds is: – What should be the height of tiles for kitchen walls with no wall-mounted furniture? The answer to this question is abstract and highly depends upon the type of space and the desired aesthetics. However, it is pretty much obvious that lesser wall furnishings allow more freedom to design and selection of sizes.

Tiles for modern  Kitchen Coverings

Whether you love a simple & sophisticated all-white design or long for a bold & popping theme, today’s sleek and modern kitchen designs are winning hearts across continents. Taking our cue from the voguish trend of today, we suggest GLOSSY-PORCELAIN TILES for a totally modern kitchen wall covering. A very light palette with vibrant colors and distinctive shapes, sizes and patterns, makes GLOSSY-PORCELAIN TILES perfect for a modern design scheme. In kitchens, however, the wall-mounted furniture holds its exclusive primacy and so a sense of balance is very necessary. The current trend screams the “less is more” designing philosophy, advocating the unique visual impact of a minimalistic approach.  Dark-light color contrasts define this kind of scheme elaborately; for instance: – if you use dark shaded furnishings, it is suggested to use light-colored Glossy tiles for both walls /floors, and vice versa. Simply put, you should choose one color to dominate and a second shade to support. This distinction of colors from each other in close proximity adds depth and visual weight to your kitchen, and summon wonderful results!

Designer Materials For Your Wall Kitchen Covering 

Before you decide on the type of cladding material for your kitchen walls, it’s crucial to ensure that it meets your criteria. For, example, if you are an Indian, obviously your nature cooking involves a daily splatter of oils/spices on the walls, especially in the immediate proximity of the stove, which can spoil the look of your kitchen. To sustain the modern look in this type of condition, wall cladding is very important. There are many wall cladding materials today that are gaining prevalence today; to discuss a few, let us begin with-

1)CERAMIC TILES which are cost-effective, come in endless colors, patterns, and finishes, including smooth, textured, glossy or matte, making them easy to coordinate with the other décor elements; however, water infiltration is the drawback associated with this type of tiles.

2)LAMINATES that give an easy-to-wipe minimalistic look but lacks elegance in some sense. Next comes the Self-Adhesive Tiles for Kitchens A.K.A Peel & Stick Tiles, which are easy to install, and are an innovative product on their own; however, they lack durability, which can’t be overlooked in a kitchen.

3)EPOXY RESINS have also gained much interest recently but they too come with the drawback of cracking if the wall surface isn’t leveled.

4)Finally, it is PORCELAIN TILES that come to the rescue when elements like patterns, colors, durability, and maintenance need to be won over! One of the favorite materials of choice for kitchen walls and floors: in particular, the use of slabs of large size that open up a totally new horizon of versatility-in both form & function! Thanks to their inherent qualities of being hard-wearing, anti-bacterial, and non-absorbent, PORCELAIN TILES are best for areas like kitchens.

Majolica Tiles: A Novelty Of The Past

The Majolica tiles underline the decorative nature of wallcoverings with combinations of modular sizes, colors, and various chromatic geometries. Thanks to the latest technology, it is easy to reinterpret this past novelty in a new avatar; clearly a step towards the future that hasn’t drifted much from its roots, reminding us of the unbreakable bonds between culture, innovation, and creativity that has always fueled our crafts.

Use it as floor coverings, wall coverings, or kitchen worktop covering; Majolica tiles are great with other combinations or exude the same charm in solo. With designs that can’t go unnoticed, these tiles elevate your kitchen from a functional to focal space. A combination of the unique luster, tactile quality, and meticulous designs, these tiles can unleash their creative spirit in every corner of your kitchen.

Jaw-Dropping Porcelain Tiles From Lavish

When it comes to choosing tiles for a simple yet jaw-dropping kitchen, your choice should be as exquisite as your recipes. And, ALVISH’S PORCELAIN TILE COLLECTION for that matter has got everything from classic to contemporary, to Scandinavian and minimalistic designs. By using state-of-the-art technology and quality craftsmanship, we have produced many effects: wood, stone, concrete, metal, terrazzo, and many others. Thus, promising a complete set of kitchen tile inspiration through knowledge of the evolving requirements and dynamic trends of today’s market.

Lavishes MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE collection: MARMOREAL, which is inspired by natural rocks, marbles, and sandstones, offers a timeless floor and wall design in your kitchen. Offering the same luxurious look of marble with the technically sound nature of PORCELAIN TILES, our marble-look porcelain tiles virtually need no care and maintenance. Technical features like Superior resistance to heat, stains, and chemicals in general with added durability, non-porous surface, lightweight, multiple sizes, and endless colors, make it a versatile selection for complex applications of your kitchens!

Our TERRAZZO-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE collection is also an excellent choice for both kitchen wall and floor covering. Their artistic designs catch the eye, and also feel soft and warm.

Then we have Morella, Flakes, Ashford, and Dosimo, which are some statement finishes that fall under LAVISH’S CONCRETE-LOOK ROCKER FINISH of superior elegance and sophistication. Our unmatched collections give you free rein to practice your creativity by creating a unique combination of matt and gloss, structured tiles, and finely polished variants. What more does one need?

Lavish HIGH-GLOSS PORCELAIN TILE collection allows the creation of a very luminous, uniform environment, matching the floors/walls with the other elements present in the Kitchen Coverings, bringing effortless fluidity to the whole kitchen design. High-gloss is also one of the highly sought-after finishes for contemporary kitchen projects, and Lavish Collection has more than you could imagine in this collection. If all this still doesn’t suffice your creative desire, we have structured tiles and 3d tiles that will surely amaze you!


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Cleaning Tips For Kitchen Covering Tiles

Cooking splatters, food mess, general dirt, dust, and grease are some of the worst offenders in kitchens. Since Kitchen Coverings are the heart of the home and a spot where we spend most of our time, keeping the tiles in good condition will make a big difference in making it brighter and more inviting.

Kitchen Coverings floor tiles may get a little messed up and have some tougher stains on them due to the heavy traffic and unintentional spills that could go unnoticed. To ensure they are sparkling, follow the following instructions:

Before washing the kitchen floor, vacuum it to remove any extra dirt and debris. Scrub the floor with a microfiber soft cloth or a mop, depending on your preference, by using a high-quality floor cleaner mixed with hot water. Allow the floor to dry and avoid walking on it until it is fully dry! If you find any areas that need additional attention, repeat the procedure until you are satisfied.

Grout is by far the most difficult part of a tile to clean and can quickly fade over time as a result of consistent exposure to dirt/grease in the Kitchen Coverings. Even if your tiles are sparkling, discolored grout will cause your kitchen to look dull.

To clean grouts; make a paste by mixing baking soda and warm water. If you want, you can substitute warm water for the white vinegar! Then, scrub the grout between the tiles thoroughly with your toothbrush. Allow the paste to sit for 30 minutes before removing it with warm water and a clean cloth. Repeat in areas that need additional attention.

Remember, if you adhere to these simple steps regularly, cleaning your kitchen tiles can become much simpler and less of a chore. This will prevent dirt buildup and keep your kitchen looking new and clean daily.

Seamless Installation Of Tiles

To prevent the last tedious chore of cleaning the grout, a final tip to keep in mind while choosing kitchen wall tiles or floor tiles is to select tiles that do not have joints. Let’s take a look at why this decision is a smart one.

Firstly, no joints between tiles mean good hygiene as cleaning the joints is a difficult task that’s never completely effective as dirt and dust get accumulated. Besides, if the space is humid, salts will accumulate in joints.

Secondly, laying kitchen tiles without joints creates a smooth, seamless, and continuous look to the kitchen, elevating the kitchen’s visual appeal.

Now that your confusions are cleared and you might have received a clear understanding of how to choose the furnishings, coverings, claddings, and tiles for your kitchen, you’re well on your way to enriching your home with convenience, modernity, and impeccable ideas!