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Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

11 March 2021
Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

Realistic Marble-Effect By Marble look Porcelain Tiles

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for homeowners, architects, and designers. Other than the originality and warmth of wood, natural stones have also been at the tip of the tongue around the majority. Marble being synonymous with luxury has won many hearts with its opulent look, unique veins, and subtle colors that swirl throughout this metamorphic rock. However, with the attributes of luxury comes to the drawbacks associated with natural stones. To fill this void in the architecture/design industry and broaden the potential of designing, Lavish has integrated modern technology and innovation in its manufacturing methods to create an exhaustive collection of Marble look Porcelain Tiles that faithfully reproduce the look of natural marble and offer a wide range of graphics, sizes, and surface finishes.

Thanks to today’s technology, and our passion to craft new ideas; we have now perfected the art of mimicking natural stone. By combining the excellent interpretation of natural marble and the technical features and functional advantages of porcelain tiles, we have designed some of the best marble look porcelain tile collections to help you get the same marble-like authentic look for less and half the hassle.

But, before we dive into the specifics, let’s first have a quick overview of “what marble and porcelain tiles are?”

What is marble?

A marble is a metamorphic rock, formed when limestone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure caused by the tectonic movement of the earth’s crust. More than merely a natural stone, marble has been a pinnacle of luxury for ages, a timeless investment of opulence that stands the test of time with its durability and classic attributes. The authenticity of marble has-and still does- adorned many architectural attractions. Since antiquity, its popularity amongst the natural stone lovers never seems to cease, if not grow more!

What is porcelain tile?

Made from porcelain clay and fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tile, porcelain tiles are dense and tough with a high degree of bending strength, in other words, the stress the material can withstand without breaking. Another attribute of Porcelain tiles is their impermeability and high resistance to abrasion, stains, and chemicals which makes them most suited for today’s demanding applications both indoors and outdoors. Available in glazed or unglazed, high-gloss or matt, and refined or textured to emulate various natural surfaces.

Marble Look Porcelain Tiles

As mentioned earlier, technology has enabled us to access even the most complex and nuanced aspects of tile designing. The sturdiness of porcelain tiles merged with the stunning beauty of precious stones has paved new paths in the faculty of architecture and design. While the prestige associated with marbles still seduces designers with its affluent spirit, the Marble-look porcelain tiles do not fail to evoke the same feeling with their added features of more durability, less fading, resistance to breaking, chipping, warping, and more. And, forget not-porcelain tiles are more affordable than marbles, comes in wide assortments of colors and veinings that are hard to find in marbles. Ultimately, the decision is yours, yet before making one, you ought to take a glance to see if you can noticeably tell any difference between marbles and marble-look porcelain tiles. We bet you can’t!

Marble look Porcelain Tiles To Create Elegant Bathrooms, Kitchens, and High Traffic Points
Classic and elegant, marble has always been a coveted choice when it comes to bathroom or kitchen decor. It’s pretty, timeless, and adds value to the whole property. The fact that it is affordable to a limited few has given it even more popularity within the market. However, there are classic myths attached to it, that of being virtually indestructible. The truth is that marble is susceptible to scratches/stains; concentrated liquids/detergents may seep into its porous surface run the risk of dulling its sheen, compromising the overall aesthetic appearance.

Characteristic of Marble look tiles

On the contrary, marble look porcelain tiles virtually need no care and maintenance. Technical features like Superior resistance to heat, stains, and chemicals in general with added durability, non-porous surface, lightweight, multiple sizes, and endless colors, make it a versatile selection for complex applications like those in bathrooms and kitchens. Perfect for high traffic areas in both commercial and domestic areas where there is heavy footfall, exposure to wear and tear(kitchen).

Lavish’s collection stems out from a particular quest for aesthetics inspired by cutting-edge marble surfaces: our marble-look porcelain tile collections flawlessly replicate the natural details and the intricate graphic variety of real marbles. Our marble-inspired tiles can go along well with real marbles and natural stones, giving rise to exciting combinations paired with a palette of hues in gloss and matt finishes.

Style and Appearance

Lavish’s exclusive marble look porcelain tiles collection includes tiles with polished and soft finishes, and brings to the table: marble-look tiles made like mosaics or with originally-shaped designs. Suitable for every kind of setting: traditional and urban, simple and eclectic, brave and elegant, our uniquely crafted range of marble-look porcelain tiles evoke a dynamically comfortable and smart way of living.

Colors & Shades

You’ll not fall short of inspiration while experiencing the shades, tones, and hues that we offer in our marble-look porcelain tile collection. Using our advanced digital printing machinery, we can highlight various natural vein patterns, swirls, freckles, and subtle variations more accurately.

Dimensions & Sizes

Lavish’s marble-look porcelain tiles are available in multiple sizes. These range from medium sizes like 30x60cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 60x120cm to large sizes 80x160cm, 120x120cm, 120x240cm dedicated to special pieces and decorations.

Lavish’s Natural-Stone Collection Marmoreal

Inspired by natural rocks, marbles, and sandstones, this marbleƂ look porcelain tiles collection is great for creating timeless floors and wall designs. Apart from adding a mod accent to your space, their distinction, technical features, and polished finish will produce a classic ambiance.

Available in various shades and sizes, this collection consists of highly durable tiles that are suitable for high traffic areas.

Check out the glimpse of our new Collection.



Marble Collection

We have an impressive & wide range of finishes in our Marble look porcelain tiles collection, which is available in numerous shades that provide different variations in the gradient level, ranging from light to dark. Applicable for both floor and wall designs, this collection carries a wide array of tones and shades that interpret extraordinary realism and details of precious marbles.


So, for those of you who admire engineered materials, produced under the highest production quality standards; whether you’re set to tackle that big renovation or simply looking to give your space a little upgrade, Lavish has got numerous inspirations in the Marble-look porcelain tiles section, ranging from polished to textured to matt surfaces. Undergone the finest processing steps for impeccable surface and functionality, these will flawlessly blend with your surroundings and also stand out as the focal point, inspiring and stimulating the will to live a lavish lifestyle!