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High gloss porcelain floor tiles

07 May 2021
High gloss porcelain floor tiles

High gloss porcelain floor tiles

Refreshing reflections of high gloss porcelain floor tiles

Bring your abode to life with the exclusive alliance of high gloss porcelain floor tiles and lightning that adds drama to any room by creating unique visual interest. As we all know, lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space; it can change the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room. Normally there are many nuanced benefits of lighting in our homes but to emphasize the ones that we deal with every day- is the ability of lighting to improve our mood by alleviating stress, providing energy, and making us feel happy and well-rested.

Consider the lighting in your workspace where you spend a lot of time of your day; research shows that daylighting increases performance, which in turn makes you more successful. Here, by lighting, we don’t mean artificial lighting, rather it is pure natural lighting that we are talking about. And when this lighting is used to our advantage for enhancing the foremost element of our house-which is the floor-the results are breathtaking.

High gloss porcelain floor tiles, particularly, are brilliant when it comes to reflecting light, and that too if you opt for white color the reflections are further defined to give a more impressive look. High gloss floor tiles make even the tiniest spaces look more spacious. The result is similar to putting a mirror in a room. The light reflection expands the space and deceives the eye into believing it is larger and more open than it is. As a result, gloss tiles are an excellent design choice for both larger & smaller areas.

Dazzling shimmer Of marble effect

Invite the time-honored beauty of luxurious marble by our High gloss floor tiles with a marble effect. This effect truly stands out with its shimmering surface and marble emulation and helps you achieve an impressive statement with easy-to-maintain porcelain tile that has splendid technical performance capabilities.

Lavish’s High gloss porcelain floor tiles with marble look has myriads of styles to outfit and revitalize your space with unspeakable shimmer. Our gleaming High gloss floor tiles collection stands out with its elegant luminosity and makes it possible to create countertops, backsplashes, tables, doors, and floors while offering immaculate details, versatility, and customization. Moreover, they allow design freedom, thanks to a very wide color range & finishes, constantly updated while keeping the upcoming trends in mind.

Finely polished finishes to revitalize the living room

While choosing high gloss porcelain floor tiles a question might arise about “where would they fit in the best and give that eye-catching look?” As mentioned earlier, the versatility, customization, and freedom of expression for design make the high gloss floor tiles virtually endless for applications, Yet, let’s talk about some of the areas that first come to mind. For instance, our living room is the second most area enduring traffic after the kitchen.

A place where you and your family carry out daily routines such as reading books, listening to music, gossiping, watching a movie, and so on. It is also the primarily exposed area that visitors come across and therefore, it has to be designed meticulously. High gloss floor tiles with Marble Effect is one of the best choices one could make for the living area. Eye-catching shades, elegant marble looks, and mesmerizing shimmer- all working in a unison to exude a cozy yet rich vibe around your settings.

Lavish’s high gloss floor tiles includes diverse patterns, colors, and immaculate details that leave no one short of inspiration. Moreover, the multiple sizes and customization options that we offer takes you to a whole new level of creativity.

High Gloss Glazed Porcelain tiles
High Gloss Glazed Porcelain tiles
High Gloss Glazed Porcelain tiles
High Gloss Glazed Porcelain tiles
Cluster Brown
Grizal White
Unique Black
Simba Black
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Patterned high gloss porcelain floor tiles: the luxurious touch

By now, It must be clear about the aesthetics and functionality of high gloss floor tiles that offer the same elegance in both darker and lighter colors. It is important that just like the main areas, we choose the best for the lesser central areas like hallways. To achieve a beautiful harmonious look, it is crucial to select the right shade, shine, and style for all the other areas. For instance, a high gloss cream floor tile gives a timeless appeal, making it highly sought in the design world. Not limiting itself to unique aesthetic effects, the high gloss floor tiles also have wonderful technical performance due to the inherent sturdy nature of porcelainware. This covering also visually increases the space, which is a very effective way of enlarging small rooms. These marble-effect porcelain tiles have one more advantage over other materials, it is the characteristic of being less slippery!

Match it with kitchen backsplash 

“Kitchen”! what a lovely word! And how differently it strikes our mind on hearing it!

Considering how much admiration a kitchen receives daily, it deserves to look elegant. So if you’re about to embark on a renovation, do take a decorating plunge and opt for a statement backsplash with Lavish’s high gloss floor tiles. Our collection is the perfect amalgamation of functionality and elegance, which is important for a busy area like the kitchen. Keeping up with the marble look around the house, we can decorate the kitchen in the same theme. Our collection enables the creation of a very luminous, uniform environment, matching the flooring with the other elements present in the kitchen, bringing effortless fluidity to the whole design. For example, cream-colored marble floor tiles will go perfectly with a glossy white top.

Lavish high gloss porcelain floor tiles inspirations collection that ensures luxury

You can never go wrong with Lavish’s high gloss floor tiles collection that ensures a luxurious feel to your homes. Our collection offers a wide range of intricate designs such as SIMBA BLACK, GOLDEN BORDEAUX, CLUSTER BROWN, CRUZE, GRISIAL, MIRANDA BROWN & UNIQUE. Every design is uniquely crafted with intricate designs and details. Thanks to the new age of technology, we can emulate and also create intriguing designs that captivate the beholder. You can select from all these marvelous designs according to your needs which will fit in according to your moods and requirements. Our high gloss floor tiles add an alluring vibe to your settings, whether it’s a house or an office, a residential project, or a commercial project.

Get creative by mixing matt & glossy finishes

Add texture to your space by combining matt and gloss finishes in your installations. The subtle softness of a matt, combined with the light-reflecting shimmer of a gloss, can supply an additional point of interest to your space. By integrating the high gloss floor tiles marble effect with different surfaces, furniture, stairs, doors, and windows featuring matt shades that reinterpret the appeal of worn surfaces and create beautiful contrasts.