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Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles

20 March 2021
Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles

A Long History

The Terrazzo-look Porcelain tiles that are currently taking the shops by the storm have a history of beauty that dates back several centuries in the historic Venetian noble palaces, where their predecessors-Terrazzo floors were the ideal choice for creating prestigious floor and pavements.


Never gone out of trend, the Terrazzo-look Porcelain tiles have always had a firm grip in their particular niche. Whether you’re looking for a highly elegant space with a contemporary look or want to add that antique flair with a modern twist, the Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles will take the center stage in any project you carry out. Truly sustainable, this composite material- consists of marble fragments, stones, and glass- conjures up glimpses of historic Triveneto palaces in any kind of surroundings.


 Added the more resistant, practical, and easy-for-application nature of porcelain tiles, today the Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles can faithfully recreate the same antique look-making it more popular than ever before!


Before we take the plunge into the specifics of Terrazzo-Effect Porcelain Tiles, let us first understand what Terrazzo is?


So, what is Terrazzo?


Simply put, Terrazzo is a type of material born from the processing of colored marbles and other stones of different sizes mixed with lime (or cement). In that era, the methods to process them were very complex which required creative reuse of waste(recycling at that time was not so much popular). The result: Extremely large marble floorings that held elaborate designs with subtle to extreme effects used to uplift the floor aesthetics. So, If you want to recreate the timeless ambiance that once embellished historic noble homes with its geometric shapes, twists & turns, and beautiful border lines, Terrazzo might just be the right choice for you!


What are the roots of Venetian Terrazzo?


This type of flooring has a long history. Commonly mistaken to have originated in Venice, these surfaces and their laying technique were already used in ancient Greece where they were made of torrent stones set and mixed with lime or clay. Yet, we cannot overlook the fact that Terrazzo floors owe their fame to Venice, where they were brought by Romans during the Renaissance to decorate floors.


Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles — A New Perspective


In a blink of the eye a new trend is born, a new revolution embarks. Such has been the case with Terrazzo; modern technology has increased the passion for highly functional places with increased aesthetic impacts that yield more sturdiness & originality. This enables the use of Terrazzo look tiles to perfectly recreate the antique look of noble palaces with elevated technical performance, and high aesthetic value.


LAVISH Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles


LAVISH’S Terrazzo-look Porcelain tiles give a fresh perspective on the classical Venetian Terrazzo. We stock a wide range of finishes in this collection, which gives you free rein to experiment and create interesting designs that allow you to mix many colors and make original combinations according to your taste. Lavish Terrazzo Look Tile collection is available in multiple finishes-Matte, Rocker, Sugar, Lappato, and Polished. Our extensive Terrazzo look Tile collection will leave you no short of inspiration. Moreover, the variety of colors, styles, tile sizes, and shapes, further allows you to create truly personalized spaces. Tried and true, Terrazzo-look Porcelain tiles are truly versatile and are well suited for spaces ranging from traditional to contemporary to minimalistic.

For those who seek to give rise to the compositional essence of classic Venetian Terrazzo tiles, our respective collections consist of geometric patterns with definitive angles of graphic design, and color combinations, that renew and update the antique style to create new solutions with a dash of creativity.


What’s more In Lavish Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles Collection?


In addition to the wide range of extravagant movement, iconic shapes, and energetic patterns in our Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tile collection, the highly versatile nature of these tiles go well with all kinds of decor and furnishings, and it is functional in all kinds of spaces- ranging from the bathroom to bedroom to private homes and malls. This collection confers character of sophistication and elegance to any setting by instantly lending a timeless charm!


Lavish’s Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles For Bathroom Floors


One of the spaces where you can make a statement with our creative Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tiles is the bathroom! It may not be all the inspiration you need to design the bathroom of your dreams, but yes, it certainly can make a huge impact. Featuring artistic textures with unique visual presentations, Terrazoo-look Tiles offers eye-catching bathroom floors. The bathroom is where we essentially begin and end each day. Oftentimes, that which happens in the bathroom sets the tone for rest of the day. It’s a momentary space of solitude where we unwind from our hectic lifestyle, and as we all know that accentuating the bathroom aesthetically plays an influential role in setting our moods for the day, so why not use something that appeals to our inner self? Right!


Lavish’s uniquely crafted Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tile Collection lets you do just that! Let us give you some ideas to summon up that antique penchant into your modern bathrooms. You might think, “How well would a Venetian Terrazzo-look porcelain tile go with cabinetry of framed drawers and lathe-turned legs, with a yellow sink resting top? Perhaps some brass taps to add a little glamour? To design such a setting, we recommend using dynamic color tiles and sticking to a neutral palette for furniture and fixtures for an elegant spa-like finish.


To create an excellent vintage and contemporary look, we suggest neutral or pastel hues with beige shades and avoid bold difficult-to-pair shades. Another remedy to accentuate your Terrazzo-look tiles in your bathrooms is to place darker furnishings that reflect light and create bold contrasts that affect the whole composition, creating chiaroscuro effects throughout the place.


Modern Kitchens


If a bathroom is the most important room in the house, then perhaps the kitchen is the most favorite room in the house; it is the heart of the house. Just like your bathrooms, the kitchens can equally adapt to your experimentation of different colors and finishes. If you are going for granulated porcelain tiles for kitchen floors, backsplashes, and tabletops, we would suggest you choose light wood furnishings, perhaps in birch, which give the kitchen more light and depth.


Walking on Terrazzo-look Porcelain Tile floors should be a pleasant experience in every way: their artistic designs catch the eye, also they feel soft and warm. To make your space more inviting and relaxing, it is suggested to not let the other decor elements be too overpowering. The dynamic nature of tiles is already enough for exuding authenticity, character, and sophistication, hence we advise you to use flat colors or light solid colors for furnishings and decors. This will create a perfect balance, restraining one to overpower the other while delivering the style and personality you want your home to reflect.


The Great Bounce Back


It has only been a little over a decade since these antique flooring tiles experienced a substantial makeover and bounced back to the world of design and architecture. In the beginning, it was considered an economic choice unlike its previous penchant for luxurious floorings. Often, considered to be “old-peoples-choice”, it had fallen out of trend due to randomness of colors only to bounce back with style and versatility today. Today, It has been given a modern twist, yet lending the same classical vibe. Suitable not just for flooring applications, Terrazzo-look tiles have tremendous potential to inspire the surrounding furnishings. In short, the advent of technology has enabled us to imitate the vintage styl that radiates contemporary elegance throughout the space.


In this type of design, even the smaller details can make substantial impacts. Adding brass, silver, or matt black taps can instill that additional opulence. In the past, where classic Venetian Terrazzo tiles were a sign of nobility and emanated the grandeur of wealth & permanence, today we use them in equally important settings where our design choices represent many modern and contemporary styles.