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Get a Better Look than Wood with Wood Finish Vitrified Tiles

15 November 2022
Get a Better Look than Wood with Wood Finish Vitrified Tiles

When it comes to decorating the home and creating a unique aura whole around the house has become a primary goal for every house owner because every homeowner likes to give his house an outstanding look. This common quench of thirst has led the interior designing industry to constantly evolve and bring out new designs and modules every day to the respective customers.

The wooden tiles prices are pretty much affordable and bear the capability of serving a very pleasant look to the eye. The lavish ceramics create a sophisticated look on the overall home. Choosing wooden finished vitrified tiles can help in giving a proper aesthetic along with certain benefits. In this generation, many people usually go for such flooring more than any other type.

Types of wooden finished vitrified tiles

Many people want wooden tiles for their homes and for such people the industry of interior designing has launched vitrified tiles that have a woody finish on them. In the very genre of woody finished vitrified tiles as well there are many varieties to choose from. With wood looking like flooring not only will you be able to create a beautiful ambiance in your home but also will be able to level up the vibe. Choosing wooden finished vitrified tiles will help you in many ways, which of them are discussed here.

Some of the best vitrified tiles have been jotted down and discussed below that you can use for reference and choose wisely:-

Maple miel

These types of tiles usually go with the living room or the office area. In terms of aura, these tiles mainly offer a somewhat natural effect in the terms of wooden finished tiles. The beautiful color of the tile helps in giving a sense of an overall rustic vibe.


The Oregon rosewood is considered an ideal choice if you want to implement some more nature on your floors. This is because the Oregon rosewood has a matte effect along. Apart from this specific types of tiles offer a simple application procedure thus making the installation processes a piece of cake besides being easy to maintain.

Wenge Oscuro

These types of tiles are well suited for the kitchen room as well as the dining table. Apart from this, this tile forms the right choice as it gives an accurate natural wood shade.

Maple Natura

If you want a uniform tile that can go with every room of your home then maple nature has to be your best pick. This is because; it gives out the right amount of color and texture. The tile’s beige color will go with the furnishings. Apart from this, it is also simple and classy.

Sean Ligna

If you want a classic wooden feel then a darker shade of wood finish tiles will be the right pick for you and for that sean ligna is your best pick. These type of tiles usually vibes with darker shades of aesthetics. Moreover, it is resistant to scratch which means that it can be a smart choice if you are searching for floor tiles to install in your kids’ room.

Wood Finish Vitrified Tiles

Benefits of using wooden finished vitrified tiles

There are multiple reasons as to why one should go for buying such vitrified tiles, out of which a few are mentioned below and discussed thoroughly:-

Exceptional durability

Quality is the chief factor that needs to be taken into consideration before buying tile. Therefore, choosing wooden vitrified tiles is a solid guarantee that they will last longer than they should. Since these kinds of tiles have an exceptional level of durability, they are rightly durable.

Eco friendly

This is one of many reasons why as an individual and a protector of nature, one should opt for buying wooden vitrified tiles. Since for producing such tiles no trees would be sacrificed apart from the prototype one, it is an ideal decision to go for installing these where not only will one get his favorite flooring but also will prevent nature from hitting rock bottom.

Aesthetic look

Installing the wooden finished vitrified tiles gives out an aesthetic aura to the whole of the room. Since there is a variety of such vitrified tiles to choose from, an individual will be able to unleash the creativity within him and create something of his own that is not unique but also aesthetic.


Since it has been vitrified, it has a strong resistance to chemicals. This means if at all by chance there is any stain on the floor then there is no need to worry as getting rid of them is quite easy because all you need to do is clean the area thoroughly with some liquid and cloth. These specific features of the tiles make them the right choice for installation in the kitchen.

High flexibility

Provided the fact these types of tiles are very adaptable, it makes them just the right choice for using them in literally any space of the home. Furthermore, the tiles are also leveled as non-porous and resistant to moisture as well.

Natural appearance

When anybody thinks of using the wooden finished tiles instead of the actual wooden tiles, they expect that the former should be the replica of the latter for giving a natural appearance, and the same is delivered when such vitrified tiles are installed.


The lifespan of such tiles is said to be said somewhere around twenty years. There are many situations when these types of wood have come out as a winner when compared to real wood. In terms of hardwood, they are termed less durable than that porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Thus, with wooden finished vitrified tiles, you as an individual will not only give your home a sanity and aesthetic look but also be able to maintain them with minimal effort. Now that you have all the information regarding the vitrified tiles, you are all ready to use them and elevate the ambiance of your house.