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How to Pick the Best Vitrified Tiles? – Guide by Lavish Ceramics

10 July 2022
How to Pick the Best Vitrified Tiles? – Guide by Lavish Ceramics

Gone are the days when people used to select the tiles for their homes from few options. Today, there are various designs, colors, shades, and patterns available for decorating the floors and walls of your house. And the most popular tile design that is winning several hearts with a single glance is the glazed Vitrified tiles.

Yes, the vitrified tiles are getting famous, and why not? They are designed with enriched properties. They are not only durable but also capable of withstanding heavy traffic. Vitrified tiles are easy to clean, affordable, and impervious to stains, acids, and scratches. They have emerged as the best alternative or option to other natural flooring materials like granite or even marble as they come in a polished and shiner texture. Again, the glazed tiles are very easy to maintain and are durable too. Additionally, they come with anti-slip features that make them the best for areas like bathroom, kitchens, and other wet areas of the house.

So, are you confused about which design and color of vitrified tile would suit your home? Well, you are not alone. As there is a variety of options out in the market, anyone is sure to get baffled.

Through this article, let’s learn the various parameters that would be helpful in selecting the best vitrified tiles for your house.

Make a list of popular brands

One of the biggest mistakes people make while selecting vitrified tiles is purchasing them from any shop in the market. Hence, they end up buying faulty or flimsy tiles for their house. The best solution to this is listing up popular brands that manufacture vitrified tiles in the market. There are various traders who deal in vitrified tiles, but make sure to note down only the reputed and branded traders or manufacturers. This would be helpful in getting tiles that are strong, durable, and wouldn’t get cracked over some time. Again, make sure the manufacturers are verified.

Best Vitrified Tiles

Make sure to watch the technical specifications

While selecting the vitrified tiles, do you check out the technical specifications? Most of the buyers simply check on the designs and the colors. And hence, end up buying tiles that are flimsy and damaged. It should be known that the vitrified tiles are non-porous. So, make sure you check the technical specifications of the tiles before purchasing. The tile absorbs around 0.1% water by the weight of the tiles. The tiles that absorb less water are more durable and stronger. Also, make sure the thickness of the tiles is a minimum of 8 millimetres.

Select the right tile size

As per Lavish Ceramics, getting the right size of the vitrified tiles is very important. The standard size available in the market is 600 x 600, 800 x 800, and 1000 x 1000. If you are selecting a tile for your living room, it is advisable to go with the larger tiles. This reduces the visibility of the joint lines and makes the living room appear spacious. Again, the less the number of grouts or joint lines, the less would be the gathering of dirt, which would make the tiles or room look dirty. This also reduces the maintenance of the tiles. You can also select small tiles that are 600 x 600 size tiles for the entire house, or even for the bedroom if you are looking for a house with various compact apartments.

Focus on the color and pattern

As mentioned above, there are various designs, patterns, and colors available in vitrified tiles compared to other tiles. The GVT tiles are available in a single color, plain colors, two-tone colors, and even prints. Hence, make sure you keep your house, its wall colors, and other essential things in mind while selecting the right pattern and color of the tiles. If you want to give your house a spacious look, select vitrified tiles in light colors or shades. If your choice is a natural and marble-like look, go for printed vitrified tiles that would imitate the natural look of marble. Again, there are striking designs available which are capable of creating multitude effect in the house for an artistic look. Hence, keep everything in mind while choosing the design and color.

Know the number of tiles you need

Do you know the number of PGVT tiles you will need for your house? Having an approximate number of tiles, you might need for your house is very important when selecting vitrified tiles. Again, while calculating the tiles, make sure you purchase 5 to 10 percent more tiles to look after any damage while installing or cutting the tiles. If you are looking to invest in less number of tiles, select larger tiles as it also gives an even look to the flooring. Again, it should also be noted that there can be a slight color or pattern changes while selecting tiles from two different batches. Hence, go for the batch that contains the total number of tiles you are looking for to avoid any mismatch.

Know your budget

Lastly, your budget needs to be considered while selecting the polished glazed vitrified tiles. The vitrified tiles are available at a wide range of prices. So, make sure that the design and color of tile you are thinking to invest is in your budget. Again, while thinking of the budget, make sure you don’t the quality of the tiles. Select the tiles that are best according to its design, suitable to your wall colors, and in your budget. The total number of tiles required should also be noted as this would help in determining the size of the tile you actually should go with.


Henceforth, before purchasing the best suitable vitrified tiles for your house, it is important to study the area, space, and other features of your house. This will be very helpful in selecting the right tiles. So, now are you ready to shop for the best design of vitrified tiles to decorate your house?