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8 Tips to Clean Vitrified Tiles at Home and Make Scratch Proof

13 December 2021
8 Tips  to Clean Vitrified Tiles at Home and Make Scratch Proof

Vitrified Tiles are popular floor tile options amongst designers, architects, and homeowners due to their immaculate finish and high functionality. Who wouldn’t want their tile to have the same fresh look that it exuded at the time of purchase? Of course, we all need that! This article is a simple step-by-step guide for cleaning your precious vitrified tiles. Proper upkeep for your tiles increases their life and keeps your home’s look at its best.

Although tile care varies from material to material, nearly every tile requires the same basic maintenance irrespective of where they are installed & what type they are. Lavish vitrified tiles are durable and do not degrade as quickly as other tiles, but like every other tile they do require proper cleaning. Frankly, cleaning should be done on a regular basis for good hygiene and prevention of dirt accumulation.

Lavish’s polished vitrified tiles are made using the best raw materials and cutting-edge technology, making them the most preferred choice in the market. In our polished vitrified tiles, we use advanced protective coating that prevents dust, filth, and grime from infiltrating the tile & damaging its look. In addition, this coating prevents stains and liquids from permeating the tile.

Cleaning your floor tiles is all about maintaining a perfect balance. Meaning, you shouldn’t over clean them so frequently that their look and finish begin to fade or under-clean them to allow the stains, dirt, and grime spoil the appearance. Moreover, it is advisable to choose the best tile cleaner available in the market and make a cleaning schedule to retain the original look and feel of your polished vitrified tiles.

Given below are simple steps to keep in mind for your cleaning schedule:-

Vitrified Tiles

1. Clean low-traffic floor tiles at least once a week, and high-traffic areas every one to two days. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to dust the wall tiles weekly. Dirt particles can damage tiles if they are not cleaned or dusted on a regular basis.

2. Use a commercial tile cleaner formulated especially for tile material. Remember, if the cleaner is concentrated, dilute it before use!

3. Once a week, mop the floor tiles using the prescribed cleaning solution. Wipe the walls tiles with this mixture!

4. Use clear water to rinse the cleaning solution from the tiles. If you leave the mixture on the tiles, it will leave a hazy residue that can spoil the tiles.

5. After cleaning, use a soft towel to dry the tiles. In this way, the water stain formation are prevented.

6. For a more thorough cleaning, mix one cup of vinegar with a bucket of scalding water. Then, wipe the floor with a dry, soft mop soaked in the mix. Allow your floor tiles to dry fully before stepping on them.

7. A floor isn’t clean until the grouts are thoroughly cleaned. For cleaning the grouts, you can create a solution with one cup of baking soda mixed with 2 spoons of water. Clean the grouts thoroughly and allow the mix to dry for 5-7 minutes. Thereafter, use a toothbrush or any other soft brush to carefully scrape off the mix from the grout. Finally, clean the surface with a moist towel.

8. Avoid using acids and strong detergent products for cleaning as they can damage the floor tiles and grouts. Also, use soft fiber cloth for cleaning.

Aside from dirt and stain, one more foe that your floor tiles face inevitably is “scratching”. No matter how clean your floor tile might be, a big noticeable scratch can break the look. Although, Polished vitrified tiles are durable and scratch-proof, after some extent of tolerance they might get scratched too. The main reason behind this is the frequent shifting of furniture and appliances at homes.

Furniture such as heavy desks, bookshelves, couches, or appliances like fridges, washing machines and other items may easily scratch or damage your floor tiles. You may assume that the tile is sufficiently strong to move a heavy piece across it, but you may be astonished to see a long scratch on your floor when you look down.

You may think the furniture isn’t too heavy or the flooring is robust enough to withstand such damage, but it’s better to be careful. To save your floor tile from scratching, simply set pads under the legs or edges of the furniture/appliance. If you can’t set such protective material, you may either move them by placing them upon thick fabrics or lift them instead of pulling. In this way, you can minimize the risk of scratching the tiles and maintain the original look for years.

Additionally, we advise you to keep some spare tiles on time of installation as there will be times when your tiles will develop cracks. You don’t want to change the whole flooring or use a different tile. So, keep the spares on hand and avoid such situations.

These are some easy tile cleaning suggestions for your stunning vitrified tiles. Whether it’s for the floor or the wall, from now on don’t be intimidated by the task of cleaning and maintaining your floor tiles. Just, make a proper schedule for weekly or monthly upkeep and see your tiles as new as they are, years from now. The vitrified range from LAVISH is easy to clean, and it demands the least amount of upkeep; our skill-fully crafted have is intended to last a long time. So, on this Christmas season, make sure your tiles look their best for all of your guests, and stay tuned for more.