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5 Lavish Ceramic Tiles Designs that will Add the Oomph to Your Home

14 December 2022
5 Lavish Ceramic Tiles Designs that will Add the Oomph to Your Home

The indoor tiles of a certain home play a major role in elevating the look of the home. This has to be done since it’s a long-term investment. This is why one has to be very picky when it comes to selecting tiles for a home.

Ceramic tiles come in various shapes and sizes. Some of the popular shapes of ceramic tiles that are well growing in trend are hexagon ones. The best factor of these tiles is that they are waterproof thus making them the right choice for the bathroom or even the shower stall. Cleaning these tiles is a piece of cake which means that installing them in a kitchen makes sense. They can be also used for installation in the outdoor area. All that needs to be done while installing them outside is that proper management is carried out to ensure that they are rightly treated at regular intervals.

Which Are the 5 Best Lavish Ceramic Tiles for Your Home

Out of widespread lavish ceramics, below are some of the best ones that will spruce the lavish look of your home;-

Soluble salt tiles

The soluble salt tiles are in use where it is used in various flooring implementations for example the lounges, kitchens, and bedrooms along with the rest of the commercial and residential areas. One of the most attractive factors of the soluble salt tiles is that they are very pocket friendly when compared to the rest of the lavish ceramic tile design.

Ceramic wall tiles

The ceramic wall tiles are the right choice for hyping up the walls of the home. These tiles have a fine contribution to giving a posh and luxurious look to the walls of the home. Since they come in different patterns, one will have the liberty to choose tiles of his or her own. Some of the selective features of ceramic tiles are their airy, bright, and light design. If you want something then you can always customize it according to your own needs and for this, you have found a genuine firm worker who will cater to your needs.

Glazed porcelain tiles

The glazed porcelain tiles have a vibe of their own. The process of manufacturing these types of tiles is somehow the same as that of ceramic tiles. One of the best parts about these tiles is that they can be used for both the floor as well as the wall coverings. The fact that these tiles are glazed is strong enough a reason as to the lavish look they will radiate in their home. The glazing feature of the tiles prevents them from getting stained besides easy maintenance.

EMIL WHITE (Glazed porcelain tiles)

EMIL WHITE (Glazed porcelain tiles)

Wooden tiles

If you are among the one, who likes to keep a warm and farmhouse aura around the home then the right choice for you in this category would be the wooden tiles. In the world of wooden tiles, they come in uncountable variations which you can use to implement statement flooring style.

Double charge tiles

In these recent times, it has been actively seen that double charge tiles are in trend. These types of tiles are used both for residential and commercial purposes. The reason why double charge tiles are attracting such a heavy audience is that they bear the capability of handling heavy traffic thereby demanding minimum to hardly any maintenance.

Best of 5 lavish ceramic tiles designs ideas

There are almost hundreds and thousands of lavish ceramic tiles designs, however, five of them are mentioned below and discussed thoroughly:-

Traditional look for a modern aura

If the home has a brown or beige then something more rustic and earthy tones will be the right pick for your home. Try opting for the grid-style floor tile that is classic and looks natural. For this, the key consideration should be the right color pattern. You can also for a clean glossy finish or matte-style finish if that’s what you want.

Contemporary design in the bathroom

If you want to give a matte look to your bathroom then a contemporary theme is your go-to choice. This specific design in the bathroom will look neat if the fittings are made of natural stone or porcelain.

Vintage hall entrance

If the home is composed of muted tones then implementing the Victoria-style tile design is considered to be an ideal pick. This style will not overshadow the design. The tiles, usually come in multiple shapes, patterns, colors, and more. They bear the capability of making the space full and beautiful without overwhelming it.

Patterned Ceramic tiles

Patterned ceramic tiles have been used by many people in these currents. This is because the patterned ceramic tiles style reflects that of the British era. After installing these tiles, the look of the floor tile will be both formal as well as playful in the right manner.

Reflective tiles

For a posh, glamorous look, one can always for reflective lavish ceramic tiles that are glossy. Installing these floor tiles will make the room appear as something big. The key consideration that needs to be taken off, in this case, is that post installation of these tiles; the lightning used in the space plays a major role since good lightning will escalate the beauty of the room whereas, on the other hand, bad lightning will deplete it.


Thus, the ceramic tiles are thin and flat and have beveled edges. Their main purpose is for covering a certain space and is anti-corrosion. They also protect against thermal. The spaces that are present between the surfaces of the ceramic tiles are usually filled with grout. For outdoor purposes, mainly vitrified tiles and porcelain tiles are used as they can minimize breakage. These tiles are also able to tackle the extreme hot and cold temperatures that nature has to throw on them. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about ceramic tiles and their design.