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How To Choose Tiles For a Small Kitchen? – Lavish Ceramics

26 November 2022
How To Choose Tiles For a Small Kitchen? – Lavish Ceramics

When it comes to renovating a small kitchen or building it, many extras should be omitted. Likewise, selecting tiles for your kitchen can be an equally important task like all other installations around the home. Provided that tiles come with varied shapes, materials, and sizes, it might be overwhelming at a point as to which tiles should one select. It s no doubt with a small space kitchen, there come great challenges as there is so much to install in the room. However, one can keep a close tab on the key considerations for buying tiles for the kitchen.

14 Point Guide to Choose Best Tiles for small kitchen

The right tiles type for a small kitchen is mentioned below:-

Light colored tiles

When tiles with paler shades are selected, they tend to soften the corners and edges thus making a great choice if you have a kitchen room with compact space.

Matching grout-colored tiles

As it goes, the smaller the tile, the more grout lines one tends to have. Therefore, it is an ideal decision to keep an eye on large format floor tiles. The reason behind this is that the large tile will somehow trick the eye further contributing to the illusion of making a kitchen room bigger as very limited grout lines will be there thus making them look comparatively less cluttered.

Glossy tiles

It must be strictly taken into consideration that the more there is light in the room, the more spacious the space will be felt. This means, here choosing tiles that are glazed and have a glossy finish. This is because when you install such tiles, the tiles will bounce the light around the kitchen room thus making them look small yet elegant.

Design of the tile

In the case of the smaller kitchen, it is always a smarter choice to go for plain white tiles rather than any other kind. Here, you may also want to add and can add some kind of pattern to your small space also.

Minimal color palette

Head off by selecting a color palette that comes with a minimal tone so that it can create an illusion of a larger kitchen room. You must go for such a color palette because when you select extremely contrasting shades, you are generally contributing to a visual ‘cut up’ of the space which will hence make it feel rather small.

Kitchen floor tile ideas

Some of the many ideas for floor tiles for your small space in the kitchen are mentioned below:-

Go creative and paint your tiles

You can go for your creative mode and opt for painting your tiles and giving your tint of personality on the floor of your kitchen tiles. The pro fact of this is that you will get a very unique design of your own.


Pattern complementing the wall tiles color

Another way of making a small kitchen look bigger is that you can pick a pattern tile that complements the best wall tiles of your wall. And for this, it is very important to be picky and select the tile that will help in putting the whole of the look together in a place.

Porcelain tile for durability

If you want your kitchen to be fuss-free then you can go for porcelain tile as they have the right amount of durability and often are easy to clean. one of the benefits of choosing porcelain tiles is that they come in many shapes and sizes to choose from. Moving ahead, they are also hard-wearing which makes them just the right choice for high traffic like the hallways.

Combination of luxe and marble

If you want that aesthetic luxury, then your best pick here would be marble. Although marble is quite expensive since you are installing them in your small space of the kitchen, it will comparatively cost less.

Terracotta for a warm tone

Although the terracotta tiles are comparatively more associated with the rustic kitchen they can be an outstanding addition to your modern home with your trendiest interiors. These kinds of tiles are best for people who want something traditional for their kitchen. A few of the many benefits of using these tiles are that they are durable enough and can bring out a very beautiful look on the kitchen floors.

Black and white tiles

If one uses the right tile then it will bring out an illusion of a bigger kitchen if the kitchen is comparatively smaller. The same purpose is delivered by black and white tiles since they have the right effect of widening and lengthening a certain space so that one can feel more spacious.

Terrazzo for pattern and color

If you want to ditch the plain flooring then, the terrazzo tiles are the right option for you. This is because they help in making a space more decorative. Apart from that, for a small kitchen, one can never go wrong with terrazzo tiles. The reason behind this is that it can vividly bring in the color along with the pattern and at the same time it won’t overshadow the space.

Penny tile for subtleness

In these recent times, penny tiles are profoundly famous because they go with both modern as well as traditional interior schemes. When you as an individual select penny tile for your kitchen, you are getting the leverage of adding some text to the floor if you want.


Out of all this, the best type of flooring for a small kitchen would be the large format grey stone effect porcelain tile. Apart from that, one can also choose some lavish ceramics for getting the posh look out of the kitchen. That comes with minimal grout joins along with a firm combination of low tonal variation ranging from tile to tile. Thus, when it comes to a small kitchen, there can come versatility. Now that you have all the information regarding kitchen tiles for small spaces, you are all set to give your kitchen the right and just perfect makeover.