How to choose Tile Grout for better tile look ?

How To Choose Tile Grout

03 July 2021
How To Choose Tile Grout

The Right Look With The Right “Grout”

Choosing tiles for a new/renovation project can be exciting, but one can often get so caught up in Grout Selection these major elements associated with a renovation that they unconsciously overlook the smaller yet impactful elements that can make or break the final results.

Grout is one of those elements that often gets downplayed or left on the contractors’ wit to decide! Well, that shouldn’t be the case as the type and color of the GROUT plays a significant role in deciding the final look of your space.

In this article, we’ve gathered some frequently asked questions when the topic of GROUT arises.

How To Chose The Grout Color?

As mentioned earlier, the color of your GROUT can make or break the final look of your space. Normally, GROUT COLOR is used to create a variety of effects, or sometimes to visually blend in between the tiles for seamlessness.

If you want a cohesive look, you should choose a color that closely matches the tile color in order to avoid visual breaks. To create a GRID LOOK or CHEVRON LOOK, consider a much lighter or darker shade. And, If you want to highlight a crucial part of the design that you love, use extremely contrasting shades like white & black. However, in the case of popping colors that contrast extremely, ensure that you give it a deep thought before making the bold decision.

What Type Of Grout Should I Use For Bathrooms?

Cementitious grout with latex polymer additives is the most popular type of grout used in bathrooms. For narrow joints, unsanded grout with a smoother texture is used and for wider joints, sanded grout with finer sand particles is generally used.

If you are a “Do It Myself“, CEMENTITIOUS GROUT is an easy-to-mix option! CEMENT-BASED GROUT takes a fair amount of time to harden, which makes it easier to clean the excess grout. On using CEMENT-BASED GROUT, simply mix it with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions and go on.

While Selecting The Grout Type, What kind Of Grouts Should Be Avoided?

EPOXY GROUT is a durable grout that doesn’t crack, shrink, or discolor, making it ideal for applying in wet areas, such as bathrooms. It’s also resistant to strong chemicals found in cleaning materials. It contains components that need proper blending as per manufacturer’s instructions, which makes it harder for those who are into “DIY”, or by inexperienced workers as it hardens quickly and can leave remnants that are difficult to remove. All in all, these types of Grout Selection are tricky to work with and even harder to clean up!

What Brands To Consider For My Project?

There are many brands available in the market that offer endless colors to personalize your space as per your taste. However, it is highly recommended that one should buy the GROUT, adhesive, and mortar from the same manufacturer for better harmony.

 We hope this was simple guide will help you know all about grout. Happy renovating!