How to Choose Tile Finish? I Lavish Ceramics

How To Choose The Tile Finish?

17 June 2021
How To Choose The Tile Finish?

The Art Of Selecting The Right Tile Finish

To create spaces with personality and stories, you must attend to both aesthetics and functionality. The finish of your selection must fit well with the overall theme of your space, also, it must fulfill your purposes and clear way for easy maintenance. So, the right question to be asked here is not “what should I choose for my space?” but “what do I really need for my space?”

This article aims at providing a practical guide to solve this quandary which many of us face while trying to achieve perfection on both floors and walls.

Beautiful Tile Finishes From The Lavish House


Just like the name suggests, LAVISH’S POLISHED TILES come with an extremely smooth and polished surface that makes them suitable for a variety of modern settings. These POLISHED TILES may be used in a variety of areas, including the living room, bedroom, workplace, restaurant, school, and terrace.


GLAZED PORCELAIN TILES tend to look like natural stones and flawlessly replicates the natural character of marbles. Made using our latest digital printing techniques, upon glancing it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between polished porcelain tiles and the natural stone equivalent. We have NOOR SATUARIO, MODERN SATVARIO, MARMO SATUARIO, CALCATTA ORO, FRENCH, VERONA, MERSION, and RESILIO ONYX in this category, making It easy to see why Lavish’s GLAZED PORCELAIN TILES are so popular.

On the other hand, in UNGLAZED POLISHED TILES, the color runs through the thickness of the tile, giving it a more sturdy look. How To Choose Tile Finish? These tiles are incredibly minimal by nature, making them ideal for today’s contemporary design ideas. Normally, these tiles come in solid colors or sometimes with a basic design to add some interest.


Lavish High-Gloss Porcelain Tiles

The surface of a HIGH-GLOSS PORCELAIN TILE gleams and features an enamel covering that reflects light. High-gloss floor tiles, in particular, are fantastic at reflecting light, and if you choose a white shade, the reflections are much more defined, giving a more striking appearance. HIGH GLOSS FLOOR TILES make even the smallest rooms appear larger. It’s the same effect as putting a mirror in a room. The light reflection increases the area visually, giving the impression that it is larger and more open than it actually is. As a consequence, gloss tiles are a great option for both large and small spaces.

SIMBA BLACK, GOLDEN BORDEAUX, CLUSTER BROWN, MERIDIAN, BLACK WONDER, CRUZE, AVENUE, MIRANDA, and ASTERIOD are our highly sought-after collections that give rich look to any area and are advised to use on floor and wall.       


Lavish Matt Finish Porcelain Tiles

If you want a mix of modern and contemporary design with high functionality, matt finish tiles are the way to go.  There are many matt tile designs to choose from, and they are available in ceramic and vitrified tile variations. Whether you’re tiling indoors or outdoors, for practical or decorative purposes, LAVISH MATT FINISH PORCELAIN TILES will instantly add a touch of sophistication to your space. The traction of MATT FINISH PORCELAIN TILES makes them an ideal option when it comes to avoiding slips in your space, rather than the less practical glossy alternative. Last but not least, matt finish tiles are affordable and suitable for all budgets.

Our range of finishes in this category includes the ALEUT, ROCK, SWIRAL, CRAFT, ORION, DYNAMIC, VELVET, and BRIO.


Lavish Matt With Structure

If you’re looking to make an edgy statement in your home, this unique tile design from the HOUSE OF LAVISH will prove to be a game-changer. Unlike the standard matt finish, this tile has a surface with a structure on it. This structure (mould) is made by the press and then printing is done by a digital machine on this structured tile. MARINA MATT WITH STRUCTURE, RUNA, RANZO, CIVIC, NEXTRA, ONIDA, and PLUTO are some of the best variants that we have in this category.

matt with structure

Lavish Rocker Finish Tiles

A true masterpiece of advanced technology, LAVISH ROCKER SERIES is by far the best signature collection that we offer. The structure of this tile is formed digitally as per our requirement. The structure is defined at the designing level.

If a customer desires particular veins or lines on the design with structure, we define them at the designing level. When our state-of-the-art digital machines process this file, it attends to the given input and prints the structure accordingly. These lines can be made shiny or matt, as per customer requirements. In this type of tiles, the general background is matt with a modest amount of shiny veins or lines scattered at irregular intervals.

If you seek to stir up a completely unique bedroom design the MORELLA ROCKER, FLAKES, ASH FORD, REVIVE, ARIZON, DOSIMO, SPIDER TRAVERTINO, and  LAVA are some great inspirations in this series that are durable, easy-to-clean, and versatile. The BAVARIAN is great for pool areas and the MOROCCAN ROCKER is great for creating a bathroom that looks like a one-of-a-kind work of art.


Lavish Sugar Finish Tiles

Are you looking for a floor covering that’s visually appealing, durable, and easy to clean?

If that’s the case, LAVISH’S SUGAR FINISH or semi-polished tiles could be the ideal option. These tiles are referred to as “semi-polished” because they lack the overpowering glimmer of completely polished tiles but do have a pleasing shine.

On top of the tile surface, sugar-like grains are added and these grains are polished. Therefore, appending a glimmer to the grains while leaving the base matt(this is how the tile derives its name “semi-polished”). Sugar floor tiles have a grainy exterior making them a unique option for both residential and commercial areas.

It’s easy to see why LAVISH SUGAR FINISH TILES are a popular choice for kitchen floors. These PORCELAIN TILES have a smooth texture and delicately radiate light, creating a pleasant appearance.

Not limited to kitchens and bathroom floors; you can use these tiles to create durable floors around fireplaces, where ashes can damage carpets or wooden flooring. They’re ideal for hallways with heavy traffic. Our SUGAR FINISH TILES are also a good choice for exterior applications. BONITA, HOLZA, TERAZZO PEARL, CONCEPT, GLAM SUGAR, FRENCH SUGAR, BIANCO STONE SUGAR, and STRATO SATVARIO are some good designs that we offer in this category.


Lavish Lapato Finish

This finish is a near replica of the Sugar finish with a little difference in its grain structure. Just like SUGAR FINISH, the LAPATO FINISH is also ideal for creating attractive kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor coverings. We have the DIAMOND series in this category which is available in 4 Color Variants and 60×60 CM size.

Undoubtedly, the technological and aesthetic evolution of tiles has advanced dramatically over the past few years, with technologies such as digital inkjet decorating, and the latest glaze formulations that have merged aesthetics and functionality in perfect proportions for a modern living style!