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Flooring Trends 2021

13 May 2021
Flooring Trends 2021

Flooring Trends 2021

It might seem a little presumptuous to think “What to consider as 2021 interior design Flooring Trends ?”, as the pandemic barely seems to go away anytime sooner. Yet, what a year and a half it’s been. Months in quarantine have already had a significant effect on design and architecture, resulting in new trends that will likely continue to resonate well into this year and future. The pandemic has compelled us to lead a more virtual life, both personally and professionally, the pandemic has changed how we live, learn, and communicate. By now we all know, that the places we inhabit on a regular basis – whether they are our homes or places of work – can have a significant impact on our mood, emotions, feelings, and, ultimately, our behavior. This affects our concentration and productivity in a notable way!


Considering people’s increased connection to their living spaces, it has become more important than ever to uplift the overall functionality & pleasantness of these areas. The first thing, to begin with, are the materials. On contemplating the right choice material for your wall or Flooring Trends, you can never go wrong with PORCELAIN TILES! They’re extremely hard-wearing and durable; a truly versatile material and they come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and styles. Also, CERAMIC TILES are a preferred choice of flooring because they too are beautiful, long-lasting, and easier to maintain.


Having said this, the right questions to ask are: Which Interior Design Trends Will Shape the Coming Year? What Does the Future of Design Hold in The Coming Year for Our Personal Spaces? The clear answer to these questions is, a harmonious mix of balanced, comfortable, and relaxing space that exudes serenity. This does not mean that you’ll have to settle for less! Thanks to technology, we have endless inspirations for both WALLCOVERING & FLOOR COVERINGS in multiple finishes, shades, and sizes. In this article, we have selected some of the best Floor & Wall Design Trends just for you. So, stick with us as we unveil the trend step by step.

A Nuanced Take On Colors

One of the key aspects that are surely impacted by the pandemic is the selection of colors. Yes! Colors and textures will become essential in terms of comforting and reassuring. And to have a nourishing effect- palettes of organic, natural colors that are warm to the eye as well as to the hand will be highly sought-after. The focus will be on neutral and more natural shades. Nuances with less intensity and strength, but a more balanced and relaxed nature will be preferred. Among these, more inclination will be towards greys and taupe-like shades that convey the peace and protection we desperately need right now. LAVISH has got plenty of collections that satisfy this type of design and texture. (GIVE SOME COLLECTION NAME THAT HAS NUANCED SHADES)

The Timeless Classics

Consistency in how you choose the tiles for your living room between the flooring and the furniture design is also crucial in getting a perfectly balanced space. Observing the current situation where we spend most of our time indoors, obviously, tiles with a classic style flushed with natural inspirations like – wood, marble, and stone will uplift our moods with their ability to create an attractive yet warming space. To fuel your inspiration endlessly, LAVISH has got ONIDA, ROCK, MARINA, AND BELGIO under its Stone-look Porcelain Tile collection that delivers texture and depth. Also, Lavish’s Natural-Stone Collection –Marmoreal-inspired by natural rocks, marbles, and sandstones is great for creating timeless floors and wall designs. From smooth neutral hues to vivid colors these PORCELAIN-TILE COLLECTIONS never fails to create a cozy ambiance and bring a sense of sanctuary.


Tasteful combinations between classic elements and contemporary urban style can produce awe-inspiring designs that are exquisite and displays traditional elegance with a contemporary twist. For this, Lavish’s Stone-look Porcelain Tile collection, Wood-look Porcelain, and Marble-look Tile Collection have an endless variety of colors, designs, and textures that make it extremely versatile, making it perfect for complementing rustic and wooden themed furnishing. Moreover, it is just as conducive to contemporary design elements.

Future Of Harmonious Spaces

Another interior design trend we will see in the area of floors and wall coverings will be the creation of harmonies of colors, materials, and above all forms, in spaces. In this sense, surfaces will allow other furnishing components to take center stage of Flooring Trends: without overpowering them, they will complement them, highlighting them and providing balance.


Our STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE collection, influenced by limestones and sandstones, is the ideal expression of harmonious Flooring Trends. These contain an elegant and minimalist sequence of vivid yet subdued colors, realistic veins, and delicate tonal variations. Thanks to technology, our STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE collection contains realistic shades and nuances that are both soft and soothing, making them ideal for creating extremely welcoming and intimate environments. Furthermore, the ONIDA, ROCK, MARINA, AND BELGIO comes in multiple sizes and a variety of textures and finishes, allowing for an endless variety of designs, fascinating shapes, and realistic effects to provide users numerous indoor and outdoor ideas. Our Stone-look Porcelain Tile range adorns areas with extremely soft textures, resulting in aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Sustainable Solutions

One of the most important parts of the design Flooring Trends for the coming year will undoubtedly be sustainability. Attention would not only be projected towards the utilization of eco-friendly decors but also when the subject of tiling would arise, sustainability of industrial production methods and glazing methods will be taken into consideration. Due to this, LAVISH’s green philosophy is exemplified by the company’s continuous quest for new possibilities provided by technological advancements to make the industrial manufacturing process safer and more environmentally friendly in order to provide eco-sustainable tiles. However, sustainability does not imply that new, chic, and latest designs should be sacrificed.


LAVISH’S MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES -Marmoreal-which replicates marble-impact fantastically for modern spaces. This collection consists of an extensive variety of colors, sizes, and finishes, starting from small to huge slabs, and is inspired by luxurious marble.

The Healthier, The Better

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered our lives in a short period of time. Although the virus may be short-lived, it will have a long-term effect on home design and is likely to trigger a widespread fear of germs, leading to a cultural change toward healthier homes and a greater interest in antimicrobial building materials, furniture, and surfaces. To help you create a safe interior, we are incorporating anti-microbial properties in our Ceramic tiles that will be available in both floor and wall tile collections.

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