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Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles

27 March 2021
Stone-Look Porcelain Tiles

A deep earthy look, an unignorable natural fair, and ever-inviting warmth are the three main reasons why we always look up to natural stones while renovating or designing our project. The growing desire among the masses, to incorporate natural elements into their spaces with more design flexibility and lower-maintenance has made Stone-look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles) a fabulous staple as both domestic and commercial d├ęcor.

Stone-look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles) have been around the architectural mainstream for a couple of decades now! Technological advancement and continual innovation in the building material industry have allowed industrialists to explore new horizons in tile simulation. The ability to reproduce virtually indistinguishable and definitively intricate resemblance to stones has given Stone-look Porcelain tiles a position in designers’ “top-10 list of favorites”. Not to mention the technical prowess of Porcelain-tiles upon which the interpretations are glazed. Hand-picked raw materials, state-of-the-art production facility, and years of expertise enable us to churn-out extraordinarily accurate, technologically sound, and widely versatile Stone-look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles) that merge the charm of stone with the exceptional resistance qualities of porcelain.

Just a few years ago, the use of “Stone-look Porcelain Tile (Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles)” did not draw much interest in people. However, as mentioned earlier, adopting the latest technology has made Stone-look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles) visually appealing and physically sturdy, thus giving them a spot in customers list of favorites.

Inspired by the unique visual characteristics of different natural stones, from countries near and far, Lavish’s Stone-look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles) collection adds an authentic flair in both indoor and outdoor projects.

Lavish Stone-look tiles For Walls and Floors

Lavish Stone look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles) feature a myriad of background and subtle veins, textures, freckles, shades, and tones that are reminiscent of natural stones. These beautiful stone-look Tiles are suitable for a range of projects and can be used as floor tile and wall tile, allowing flexible design and installation in both domestic and commercial settings.

Lavish’s Stone-look Porcelain tiles (stone effect porcelain tiles)help create sensational spaces. Timeless elegance threads through our inspirational stone-look collections, which not only shows our tangible passion for craftsmanship but our admiration for natural materials. The three ideals that come together in Lavish’s Stone-look Tile (stone effect tiles) Collection are- Timeless elegance, traditional mood, and a modern appeal that work together to create an ambiance that’s not only stunning but innately comforting; confidently radiating distinct personal identity.

Drawing its inspiration from various stones of distinct characteristics, Lavish Stone-Look Porcelain Tile (stone effect porcelain tiles) Collection comes with the same strength, personality, and elegance with the added technical advantage of Porcelain tiles.

Why Are Stone-look Porcelain tiles Becoming Customers Favourite?

Whatever design ideas you have in mind, if you admire stone-look, Lavish’s Stone effect Porcelain tiles can suit your creative flair sufficiently. From traditional or vintage, to cool and contemporary designs, Lavish Stone-look tiles (stone effect tiles) Collection caters to every taste and trend with its unique craftsmanship.

With new technology and design techniques, we can bring the highest aesthetics and emerging formats of different colors, hues, and textures to satisfy any type of furnishing requirement.

The best part is; as opposed to their natural counterpart, Stone-look tiles (stone effect tiles) require no special treatment. Simple cleaning procedures with easily available cleaning products and there! You are all set!

Our Innovative line Of Stone effect tiles

By uniting the charm of natural stone-undergone the passage of time-with a contemporary interpretation, we have designed some of the best Stone effect Porcelain tiles. Wide varieties of shades, tones, and designs that capture the perfect look of the most coveted natural stones. Inspiring a unique personality and characters in any context: domestic or commercial, indoors or outdoors. Our collection includes stunning options like ONIDA, ROCK, MARINA, AND BELGIO that delivers texture and depth.

From smooth neutral hues to vivid colors lavish Stone effect tiles never fail to create a cozy ambiance and bring a sense of sanctuary. By exuding a sense of restoration and balance, they help generate a fresh, updated look in any space.