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10 Creative Ways to Use Ceramic Tiles in Your Home Design

15 March 2023
10 Creative Ways to Use Ceramic Tiles in Your Home Design

The ceramic tiles can either make or break the entire look of your house or office. Installing the right tile can enhance not only the look of the house but also characterizes the space in a different way. Whether you are looking to design a house with a traditional look, modern, or temporary look, using the best floor tiles is surely a great decision for getting creative expression.

How to Use Ceramic Tiles in your Home Design in Unique Ways?

Are you looking forward to renovating your house? Or want to design your new house in an extraordinary way? Well, no matter what the reason may be, using ceramic tiles in the best way is sure to give you the desired look.

Here are the top 10 creative ways of using ceramic tiles for designing your house.

#1 Develop an Indoor Garden

Have you dedicated a corner of your home to flowers? Flowers are always trendy. No matter whether you use it blatantly or individually, flowers are surely going to spread a sense of pleasure to the entire décor in the room. Yes, you don’t need a huge garden area to be designed to give your house a greener touch, you can do all these indoors too. Be it the living room, bedroom, balcony, kitchen, or even the bathroom, the flowers add some gentleness that goes very well with the décor of the area as well as the walls.

#2 Give a Classic Touch to the Walls

Since the 19th century, hydraulic tiles are quite in fashion that gives the walls a wonderfully classic look in basic colors and geometric patterns. The classic styles have added a new redecoration regime for not only the existing homes but even the new houses that are yet developing. The PGVT tiles come in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles that are sure to increase the space when used for floors and even walls. They come with minor detailing which is sure to restore the essence of the past.

#3 Superhero Theme Designs

Wait a minute, this theme doesn’t apply to the kids only. The elders are also attracted to this kind of theme tile décor for the walls. Many passionate people wish to remain surrounded by their superheroes in the rooms for which they use the photos. But what if the photos are replaced with the tiles? Yes, the superhero-theme ceramic wall tiles are also available which are inspired by the superheroes and characters from the comics. When placed on the wall, they give a story-telling visual to the viewers in vertical or horizontal strips.

#4 Wall Art

Love to have a wall that is a little inspiring and framed? The wall art décor is the right thing to go with. This art can easily be formed using leftover ceramic tiles. All the ceramic tiles are beautiful in their own way to give a decorative display to the viewers. So, when there are many left tiles left over, select a wall as a canvas and use all the tiles for that wall and give it a wall art décor. By doing so you are sure to design a wall with additional beauty.

#5 Design the Ceiling with Tiles

Have you ever thought of adding some tiles to the ceiling? Ceilings are surely the last place focused on at the time of renovating the house. And hence, most of the time it remains boring. But not anymore. By using the glazed porcelain tiles on the ceiling, you can design a wow-looking ceiling that would also be pocket-friendly.

CANON GREY Glazed Porcelain Tiles

#6 Traditional Earthy Tiles

Are you also crazy about that popular brown and beige color tone for your house or kitchen? These are nothing but traditional earthy tiles that give a modern look to your interiors. These tiles come with a rusty and earthy tone which is the best suitable for the floors and walls as well. The glossy finishing or matte style finishing they come with makes everything go right when the right color palette is selected.

#7 Plant motif tiles

This might seem to be a little strange, but plant motif designs are highly in demand these days for a unique touch to the walls. Whether you are thinking to add such tiles to your walls, floors, bathroom, or any other area of the house, these tiles give a bright-colored touch to the interiors. Again, the pastel colors work well and are understated no matter what kind of setting you think to use them with. They come with a soft touch in whatever design they carry.

#8 Chessboard look

Love playing chess? Or are you a huge fan of combining black and white colors for designing the rooms? You can easily use this combination by installing a chess board looking floor tiles in your favorable area, particularly the bathroom. This design generally matches every décor easily which makes it one of the favorable tile combination design to go with. When installed as floor tiles, the walls are widely given a contrast color tile in black or grey for a complete look.

#9 Add some Amorousness to the Room

Are you looking to design something new, exciting, or romantic for your bedroom or any particular area of the house? Have you tried designing wall tiles with some romantic shades? Yes, using tiles with designs of roses, flowers, tiny wildflowers, etc. in pink, coral, pearl, or gray shades is sure to add some warmth and romance to the area in a different way.

#10 Mediterranean design

Have you tried using frames, pictures, etc. for your walls? Wait a minute, not that fruits, cartoon characters, etc. The Mediterranean design for the walls comes with a filmstrip of tiles that contain your pictures through digital ceramic printing. Yes, you can now add your pictures permanently on the walls through tiles and design a memory wall in the living room or bedroom.

Apart from all these, the paisley pattern tiles, Greek-inspired tiles, geometric designs, Japanese sanctuary tiles, etc. are other popular designs by Lavish Ceramics that give your home design the best trendy look.