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How to Clean Floor Tiles in Your Office? – Guide by Lavish Ceramics

17 June 2022
How to Clean Floor Tiles in Your Office? – Guide by Lavish Ceramics

When it comes to the office floor tiles, usually ceramic tiles are used as they are aesthetic and durable. The physical offices include various employees that keep the office areas busy the entire day. Hence, it is natural that the office tiles are sure to get dirty at regular intervals. And to keep the office tiles clean, it is important that they are cleaned regularly and maintained for extending their lives.

Many people think that cleaning the office tiles is a simple and easy job. But truly speaking, it is difficult to keep the office tiles as it is both a sincere and exhausting job which needs to be done with utmost care. Again, in the office, the tiles not only need to be clean but sanitized too for the health of the office staff and employees.

So, how can you do that? Are you also looking for different ways to keep the office tiles clean? Here is a list of different techniques from Lavish Ceramics that would help you keep the office completely clean.

Identify the issue

Have you ever seen or imagined how much dirt is there on your office floor? Have you checked the tiles if they need proper cleaning or not? No doubt, the office is swept daily and cleaned also using a mop. But have you marked the faded and yellowish-looking stains on the tiles of the office? An office needs to be cleaned daily as it is inclined to debris, dust, and dirt from the shoes of the people visiting the office, as well as the eatable stains that might drop on the floor. Again, the office tiles contain grout and moisture that holds a lot of germs on them. Hence, first of all, you need to examine or check the tiles for learning what kind of dirt is on the tiles. Check if they need basic cleaning for removing the spots and dust or need professional cleaning to obtain the shine as new tiles.

Understand about grout cleaning

Another suggestion the professional cleaners from Lavish serve you with is cleaning the grout along with the surface of the tiles. Merely using high-quality detergents, soaps, or cleaners isn’t enough for the complete cleaning of the tiles. The grout also needs to be kept clean. The grout is nothing but the material that is used in between two tiles to keep them properly fixed and steady. The material is composed of cement and water and hence, it is an absorbent. And this absorbent is the place where germs, mold, and other bacteria reside. Again, at the time of cleaning the grout comes into direct connection with water and dirt which degrades it. Again, if rough tiles are used in the office, it adds to the challenge of cleaning the tiles of the office. If the tiles of the office or even the grout aren’t smooth, it becomes a hectic job to clean them thoroughly and sanitize them. Hence, it is important to check out the grout while cleaning the tiles for complete cleaning.

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Regular cleaning or Deep cleaning of the tiles

Cleaning the office tiles is very easy compared to other flooring tiles. But you first need to know whether you need regular cleaning for your office tiles or deep cleaning. Regular cleaning is a technique that involves basic cleaning of the floor which is sweeping and moping. According to Lavish, if you have PGVT tiles in the office, they need less maintenance, and hence cleaning them is very easy too. Such tiles need a mixture of detergent and water for cleaning the tiles completely. Regular cleaning can also be done with warm water, vinegar, scouring powder, detergent, etc. However, if your company tiles need deep cleaning, you might need the help of professional cleaners to do the job. The professional cleaners would not only clean the tiles but would also pay attention to cleaning the grout using special products. Again, the professional cleaners would sanitize the tiles after the cleaning which helps in cleaning around 90 per cent of the bacteria from the tiles. Some organizations also opt for high-quality cleaning and disinfectants that are capable of removing 99 per cent of bacteria giving clean and shining tiles and grout.

The office tiles are more prone to get dirty compared to the home tiles, and hence, need regular or daily cleaning. Using good quality products for cleaning the tiles, scrubbers for removing stains and dirt from grout and tiles etc. is the best way as per Lavish Ceramic’s professionals to have a clean and hygiene office.

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Tips to keep the tiles of the office clean:

Here are some quick tips from Lavish that would help you keep your office tiles clean without any trouble.

  • When you find out any kind of spills, make sure they get cleaned right away to avoid any kind of discoloration and staining of the tiles
  • Dirt can lead to scratches on the GVT tiles, hence, make sure the floors are swept or vacuumed regularly to avoid it
  • If detergent is used for cleaning the tiles, make sure the tiles are cleaned properly using clean water
  • For cleaning the tiles, Lavish professionals suggest using detergents and disinfectants that are chemical-free to keep your tiles free from any kind of damage
  • The tiles after cleaning should be kept dry to avoid any kind of molds or bacteria
  • Avoid using dirty shoes on the tiles as this can worsen the situation of the tiles if not cleaned instantly
  • Make sure you avoid carpets or mats on the office tiles as they are sure to gather moisture, water, dust, dirt, etc. from the tiles and gather which can be harmful
  • Make sure you change the cleaning instruments like the broom, mops, bucket, etc. at regular intervals


No doubt, every office carries out daily cleaning to keep the office clean and hygienic. But make sure the office carries out professional cleaning frequently or once a year to make the working environment sterile for everyone.