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Top 7 Ways to Check Sustainability of Glazed Porcelain Tiles

05 March 2023
Top 7 Ways to Check Sustainability of Glazed Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to tiling, Glazed Porcelain tiles are gaining much admiration. The reason behind its popularity is its qualities like durability, scratch resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Again, compared to other tiles available in the market, these tiles are also available in a wide range of colors, styles, designs, and much more which makes them capable to match all the themes in your mind.

Porcelain glazed tiles are made out of impenetrable clay and are fired at a high temperature which makes them strong. It is well blended with other natural materials making it non-porous and completely uniform. Hence, they are favorable for spaces or areas with fluctuating temperatures. No doubt, they come with a thickness that is similar to ceramic tiles, but they are actually heavier.

Are you looking to renovate your house or office but confused about whether to go for glazed tiles or any other flooring option? Here is a brief solution to all your questions that would help you know why glazed tiles are better.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles

#1 To Have a Cleaner Surface

One of the most important reasons to choose glazed tiles over floor tiles is because they give you a cleaner surface. They not only give you smooth flooring but also give you cleaner flooring, which improves the overall outlook of the floor. The tiles are capable of giving you a spacious look which makes the place more beautiful. The tiles give your flooring a mirror-like outlook and make the place look brighter and large than before. The latest flooring designs available in this category add to the charm of your place and its surrounding décor. Hence, even if you are not having too much furniture or other accessories in the room, merely installing the glazed tiles would fill up the space and give you a wonderful look.

#2 Totally Durable

Another advantage of investing in GP tiles is that they are remarkably durable. The glazed tiles have amazing strength as they are made out of kaolin clay and various similar components. Additionally, they are made with the help of advanced manufacturing techniques that make the porcelain tiles very strong. All these make the tiles capable of surviving unusual weather conditions and heavy footfall with ease. Again, the porcelain tiles can easily deal with the stains in a better way compared to other flooring options. And as the porcelain tiles are durable, they extend the life of your flooring and also lessen maintenance costs.

#3 Multiple Designs and Styles

Are you thinking of investing in some ceramic tiles for your floor? But not getting the design or style that matches your theme? The solution to this is porcelain tiles. The porcelain tiles are available in various designs and styles that are sure to confuse you while selecting. The porcelain tiles come in a variety of amazing patterns, styles, colors, sizes, etc., that are sure to fulfil your demands to design your house. You can look for tiles like rocker finish tiles, high gloss tiles, polished tiles, wood-look tiles, matt finish tiles, etc., in this category which is available in various sizes and styles. In short, if you are looking for a stylish flooring option, give a chance to porcelain glazed tiles.

#4 Scratch Proof

One of the common tiles problems is scratches. The surface suffers a lot throughout the day. Walking of people, kids playing on the surface, food stains, and whatnot damage the smooth surface of the floor. And hence the need to change the flooring arises within a few years. But when you invest in GVT tiles, scratches are never a problem. The glazed tiles are completely scratch-proof. The material they are composed of makes them completely scratch-resistant. Thus, these tiles are completely capable of handling scratches caused due to daily wear and tear, even in kitchens.

#5 Easily Matches with Other Décor

The main problem when selecting tiles is whether they would match the décor of your house or not. Along with the décor, the theme and surrounding also make it difficult to select the right tile for your floors. At times, it happens that the tiles you select go perfectly with your choice of flooring but don’t match either the surroundings, décor, or theme. But this problem vanishes when you select PGVT tiles. The glazed tiles are available with a perfect blend of colors, styles, and designs that matches your traditional or contemporary decor. Hence, going with the glazed tiles ensure you complete compatibility with your favorable theme.

#6 Completely Water Resistant

Most of the tiles are water-resistant. They absorb water in high quantities, and hence, the life of the tiles reduces. But the glazed tiles are completely water resistant. They absorb merely 0.5% of the total water on the surface. And due to this, it protects the tiles from the damage caused due to water. The reason behind its low absorption quality is the clay and the fine particles it is made out of. The tiles are fired at a higher temperature which makes them hard and less porous compared to other tiles available in the market.

#7 Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Last but not least, the glazed tiles are very easy to clean. Whether it is day-to-day spills or any other hard stain, the glazed tiles can be cleaned and maintained easily. While on the one hand, other tiles need detergents and floor cleaning agents for cleaning; the glazed tiles can be cleaned simply using water and mild cleaning agent with ease. When the cleaning and maintenance of the tiles are easy, it also adds to the life of the tiles as it reduces the chances of any kind of damage due to harsh cleaning agents.

So, now are you ready with the type of flooring you want for your house? Get in touch with Lavish Ceramics, one of the famous dealers of glazed porcelain tile in the market, and select your favorable tile from a wide range of shades, designs, sizes, and colors suitable to your house and theme at reasonable rates.