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Ceramic Tiles in Interior Design: Creative Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom tiles

27 February 2023
Ceramic Tiles in Interior Design: Creative Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom tiles

Tiles are more than just a protective surface for the home as they have a very crucial role in the interior design of the home since they have a strong power in creating an atmosphere that adds as well as lifts the look and feel of the space. In modern times, ceramic tiles are the straight choice for interior design. The reason behind choosing ceramic tiles is that they come with versatility which is why one can see ceramics in several rooms of the home such as the ceilings, floors, walls, and fireplaces. Furthermore, they are affordable to install in any space.

Choosing the right tile can be adventurous and a hectic task as well. The fact that they come in various colours, makes it even more interesting to dig in deeper and find out the one tile design that can look beautiful in the space. Ceramic tiles are highly preferable for the bathroom since they are resistant to slippery and aren’t porous which is why they serve the right function in the bathroom. Besides serving the functionality, they also add and elevate the aesthetic of the room. When it comes to the size of the tile for the space, it is recommended to consider the size of the space where the tiles are supposed to be placed.

Ceramics for Kitchen Tiles

Interior designing can be also implemented in the kitchen to make it look more beautiful and appealing to the eyes. The following are the type of ceramic that should be used for kitchen tiles:-

#1 Coffee and Cream Tiles

The coffee and cream tiles give out a subtle yet warm look on an overall basis. For this, the PGVT Tiles or the Glazed Porcelain tiles are the right choices. Moreover, ceramic tiles and coffee also have their fair share of contributions in giving a luxurious and shiny look besides giving comfort and a cosy look under the yellow light shade. If the kitchen floor is cream-coloured then it will create a very vibrant contrast to the dark brown shade.

#2 Clear White Tiles

The colour white gives out a sense of diversity and peace. Furthermore, it gives a peaceful vibe with a tint of a modern look. With the square kitchen wall tiles, the kitchen will light up with all the glamour, shine, and serenity. The main reason behind using such clear white tiles is that it generally mirrors the richness of the colour, white.

#3 Spaced-out Circles Kitchen

Since these tiles come with a backsplash along with a circular design, they tend to elevate the kitchen if it is modest. The good thing about this design is that it won’t make the kitchen look cluttered since it has a scaled-up theme. If the kitchen has an open-plan area then it will offer an appealing visual impact that will positively divide the kitchen.


Ceramics for Bathroom Tiles

Ceramic tiles for interior design in bathrooms can go a long way to make them look modern and beautiful. The following are the type of ceramic that should be used for bathroom tiles:-

#1 Pebble Design Bathroom Tiles

if you want to give your bathroom, the vibe of a spa then opting for a pebble bathroom tile design is the right approach. Provided that it is a modern bathroom tile, it will give the room a very authentic and stunning look.

#2 Patterned Design Bathroom Tiles

To bring out some uniqueness, it is an ideal choice to go for grey-patterned bathroom tiles. For creating uniqueness, an ideal choice would be a radiant combination of geometric patterns with some excellently designed bath tiles that will lift the charm of the room.

#3 Starburst bathroom design tiles

To inculcate a modern as well as fashionable vibe to the bathroom, one can go for ceramic tiles that come with a starburst pattern. Another reason behind using these starburst bathroom design tiles is that they will render a minimal look so to achieve the same minimal look you can leave the vanity and walls as they are so that they can be neutral and not dramatic. To create an illusion that the area is larger than its usual size and more open than it usually is one can always drag the shower tiles to the floor.

#4 An Elegant Bathroom Tile Design

To achieve the aura of sophistication, grey bathroom tiles are the right pick since it comes with an elegant mixture of light as well as dark shades of the colour, grey on the floor as well as on the walls. Since these kinds of colours and patterns are not commonly used, this makes the bathroom tiles stand apart from the crowd catering to the need of giving a sophisticated, high-class look to the entire bathroom.

#5 Modern Bathroom Design Tiles

To create a modern aura around the bathroom, one can always go for matte black and white floors since they form an excellent combination. Apart from that, to separate the wash basin and the bathing, one can always go for glass doors. In terms of the mirror for the wash basin, to make it more modern, a rectangular mirror will do the job. Lastly, the white tiles on the floor will successfully create an illusion of space.


Apart from the above recommendation, one can always consult a certified interior designer. When it comes to modern homes, ceramic tiles have become a very common choice as of now. Given that there is an ocean of options available in the market when it comes to using ceramic tiles in interior designing, one is sure to come across a type that will meet his requirements.

With some selective modifications in the bathroom and kitchen, the look of the space can magnificently go from dull to stunning one, so all that is needed to be done here is just some logical right decisions in the installation of the tiles. This is all the information that was there to know about the role of ceramic tiles in interior design. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to create a very appealing and modern home for yourself.