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How to Choose The Right Ceramic Tile for Your Home? – Guide by Materials, Sizes, and Styles

20 February 2023
How to Choose The Right Ceramic Tile for Your Home? – Guide by Materials, Sizes, and Styles

When it comes to renovating or constructing the home, installing new and best tiles has to be the number one priority since it is a long-term investment. Other than that, installing the right tiles in the home can alter the overall aesthetic of the home to an extremely good level. Tiles have been briefly used in many home interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms. Inevitably from the old days’ tiles have been put into use and with modernization, now tiles have been put to use in the living room, bedrooms, and other selective spaces as well. Some tiles are also available for home walls and flooring as well and they come in numerous shapes, styles, designs, patterns, textures, and colours. ‘

When it comes to tile flooring, nothing should be overlooked and everything should be taken into consideration such as the interior, and exterior of the space, colours, surfaces, designs, and such. Tile and stone are as important in the exterior of the home as it is in the interior of the home as they are considered to be worthy of a long-term investment. The reason behind this is that it will give out a very good and beautiful look and feel to the overall home. One of the key points is using the right tile adhesive as well as tile grout since it is absolutely important to set the selected tiles in the demanded space so that they don’t get damaged easily and the upcoming generation can make optimum use of them.

Choosing the Right Tiles Guide by Lavish Ceramics

When it comes to choosing the right ceramic tiles, the following are some of the key considerations:-

#1 Tile type

The first and most preferred tiles are ceramic as they are way more affordable and durable but the thing with them is that they are extremely prone to cracking and chipping. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to opt for the group 4 and the group 5 ceramic tiles which are apt for areas where there are high chances of certain traffic.

Other than ceramic, porcelain tiles are another best choice as they are denser as well as stronger when compared to ceramic. Another best feature of these tiles is that they are stain and scratch resistant. They are mainly available in PGVT Tiles and GVT Tiles. For the living room, tiles made up of natural materials such as marble, limestone, and sandstone are a perfect choice.

#2 Right tile size

When it comes to selecting the right tile size, the prior consideration should be ensuring that at the time of installation, there is a minimum amount of wastage. Therefore, for the living room, bedroom, and dining room as well it is best to choose large-sized tiles. In terms of the small tiles, their right home is the bathroom and the kitchen. The chronology behind using large tiles is that they tend to create fewer joint lines thereby creating an overall feeling of spaciousness in the room. You can use Tile Calculator to calculate the Right Size.

Choosing the Right Tiles

#3 Tile with ideal finishing

In terms of the tile finishing the following are such of them:-

#a Gloss finish tiles

The gloss finishing tiles come with a very attractive shine thus reflecting a tremendous amount of light thereby adding brightness and hence giving the overall home a very spacious look. The prime consideration while using gloss finish tiles is that they should not be used in rooms like bathrooms and kitchens since tiles with glossy finish have a high tendency of getting slippery if the floor is wet.

#b Matte finish tiles

Matte finishing tiles are anti-slippery and non-reflective and they don’t show any kind of dirt or stain easily. Fact that these tiles are resistant to slip, the extreme risks of falling into moisture-laden areas for example the bathroom and kitchen greatly decrease.

#c Semi-matte or laptop finish tiles

This kind of finishing tiles tends to be way shinier than matte tiles and these tiles are also non-slippery.

#4 Designed tiles

Tiles come in different variations be the colours or patterns. Furthermore, with the advanced technology, the tiles can bring out a unique look and feel of pure natural materials such as marble, wood along with other types of natural stone. To bring a different kind of uniqueness by following the protocol of mix-match of more than one tile so that an interesting pattern can be created.

#5 Tile shapes

In terms of shapes, the tiles come in round, hexagon, square, triangle, plank tiles, and more. It is extremely important to choose the right shaped tile for the room because one mistake while selecting the tile shape will lead to destroying the overall look of the space.

#6 Estimating the cost

The last and most important factor while choosing the right tile is estimating an overall cost. So, Wind up your decision-making process by estimating the number of tiles that are necessary for the flooring process. It is extremely important to keep a budget in mind because it will hence lead to an efficient selection of floor tiles.


To find the right size of the tile for the home, one needs to take the functional requirements as well as the size of the room into consideration. For example, if one uses large size tiles instead of medium ones for smaller rooms then it will lead to creating an illusion of a smaller room. Furthermore, materials also play a very important role in selecting the tile. For instance, the glass in mosaic work is smaller which means it is around one to four square inches in size. In terms of mosaic tiles, are extremely useful and numerous and can be put to use for creating multiple patterns such as murals and borders.

Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about choosing the right ceramic tile for your home. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to head with some beautiful tile designs for your home that will be a sheer mirror of your personality.