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Bedroom Floor Tiles Design

08 May 2021
Bedroom Floor Tiles Design

Inspirations For Bedroom floor tiles design

The bedroom floor tiles design ! A place where you can be “yourself” after a hectic day of hard work. A place where you relax, unwind and disconnect from the constant chatter of the world. A warm, cozy, and personal haven that you start thinking about whenever the daily stress becomes unbearable. Your bedroom unlike any other space in the house, says a lot about your personality. The whole house indeed represents a person’s personality yet, when it comes to the bedroom, it is pretty much more convincing about the person’s true nature. Everything from furnishings to curtains, to colors and the floors, represents your personality. Therefore, your bedroom design must align perfectly with your moods and personality. You might be an “admirer of the classics” or a “lover of modernity”, this article will surely decode what truly appeals to your style & personality-from floors to furnishings!

 Floors For The Classic Admirers

Classic design refers to a style that is firmly rooted in the past, but it does not have to be dull, boring, fussy, or filled with antiques. In fact, this style emphasizes classic design, symmetrical furniture placement, rich color schemes, and a hospitable, yet slightly formal, ambiance. The elegant looks of Classic style never go out of fashion, and observing the advancement of technology, it is possible to have all the features with the same refined atmosphere of the past traditional settings. The classic luxurious setting may have everything including a four-poster bed, wrought iron details on cabinets, wingback chairs, antique pedestal tables; all if chosen and arranged mindfully to make the room warm and welcoming.

If you are an “admirer of the classics” and classic style appeals to you, before you contemplate on anything else, start with the floor! Yes, you heard it right! The style of your floor decides the appeal of the collective design of your bedroom.

Questions might arise in your mind: What style should it be like? What kind of shades would give the desired results?

Undoubtedly, marbles have always been the decisive factors of luxury in vintage buildings. Thanks to technology, LAVISH has churned out an extensive MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE Collection viz. MARMOREAL. This collection precisely reproduces the look of natural marble and offers a wide range of graphics, sizes, and surface finishes. From medium to large-sized slabs, intricate patterns with fluid lines & veins, and nuanced shades make the MARMOREAL collection, exclusive art of skillful craftsman. Ideal for creating timeless floors and wall designs to add a classic accent to your bedroom with distinct looks, superb technical features, and finely polished /semi-polished finishes.

 Despite its rich and elegant looks, if marble doesn’t interest you much, you may go for Parquet-look Porcelain Tiles/Wood-look Porcelain Tiles. Although a little less appealing than marble, these tiles are still capable to whip up a classic design. However, if you still choose MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, we suggest you use cream, beige, or other neutral colors for the walls as these colors interact beautifully with each other and level up the whole setting, giving the bedroom a more vivid classical feel. Another important element to enhance the classic feel in your bedroom is the “lighting”; soft glow lighting bouncing off the tiles makes the room seem cozy and subdued. A great way to add such light into your room is via mellow chandelier lighting, which evokes a vintage luxurious feel.


 Modern Bedroom floor tiles design Lovers

Now, let’s dive into the contrary bedroom design: Modern Bedroom Style. A modern bedroom floor tiles design doesn’t need to be stark and cold. Consider it something of a pared-down, sleek look that is conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. Designing a modern setting means incorporating luxe bedding, the latest décor items, rich fabrics, and occasional pop of colors that are synonymous with this type of style. Traditionally, the modern color scheme is neutral: Various shades of brown, cream, tan, black, gray, and white predominate this style. The modern bedroom floor tiles design should be versatile enough to work with just about anyone’s needs as functionality is the foundation of modernism. Moreover, the decorating philosophy of “less is more” or minimalistic approach works just fine in this type of style.

Just like we did above, we will start with the basics: what should a modern bedroom floor look like? What styles or colors should be used? Although there are many styles yet, we highly suggest you go for Wood-look Porcelain Tiles. The look of hardwoods with all the durability of Porcelain tile. Again, thanks to technology, manufacturers in recent years have become adept at emulating the look of oak, birch, walnut, cherry, and pine all in a variety of shades, sizes, textures, and designs. Due to advanced techniques, tiles have been made more versatile, and customization has been made possible to produce more styles. For example; to achieve a more convincing look on the floor, you can mix two sizes in the same flooring to increase visual appeal.

Modern bedroom floor tiles design demand the combination of soothing light shades and bursting bold colors. For instance, dark oak style wood-look porcelain tiles will go best with a light shade like pink, cream, gray, etc. This further enables the floor to express its full stylistic potential. And, if the floors are brighter, then darker shades like maroon, dark green, dark blue, etc. can be used for the walls. For lighting, we should use cold and soft lighting schemes.  Luckily, the modern style allows us to get creative with our lighting: spotlights, profile lights, LED strips, and anything that aligns with the current trend can be used.

Industrial style bedrooms

To finish, let us learn about the Industrial Style Bedroom and what makes it distinct from the classic or modern styles. Everything about this style yells a minimalist, clutter-free aesthetic that is very trendy and looks especially fabulous in lofts and apartments. You can achieve this look by simply choosing LAVISH’S STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES for both the floors and the walls. Our collection includes stunning options like ONIDA, ROCK, MARINA, and BELGIO that deliver texture and depth.

So, if you are looking for an Industrial masculine look with timeless elegance, traditional mood, and a modern appeal that works hand-in-hand to create an ambiance that’s not only stunning but innately comforting, you know where to get your inspirations from!