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4 Enduring Tile Ideas For The Living Room

20 January 2023
4 Enduring Tile Ideas For The Living Room

In almost every other home, family members tend to spend most of their time in the living room which is the primary reason why this room needs to be taken care of because since it is used more than often, the chances of the room getting prone to spill, stan and whatnot is comparatively higher. Although, the room needs strong materialistic care, doesn’t mean, one cannot give the overall aesthetic vibe to the room. In these times, it has been seen that tiles that come with neutral tones have managed to be at the forefront and cater to the needs of people which is many houses are implementing these tiles for their living rooms.

Tiles for the living room are as essential as any other elements. Therefore, the whole process of installing and giving a fine finish to the living room tiles should not be avoided under any condition. Thus, selecting timeless, durable living room tiles become a very crucial step in the process of living room tiles. Terrazzo tiles are being used since the fifteenth century and can be very durable and alluring. In terms of its design, it is usually embedded with a certain marble fleck which is then followed up by smoothing down to a polished finish. Some of the other primary features that terrazzo tiles should be put into effect is that besides giving out a posh look, it is highly durable and the job of repolishing it after certain years is certainly easy.

Tile Ideas for Living Room

Four of the most enduring tile ideas for the living room are mentioned and likewise discussed below;-

#1 Terracotta tile

Terracotta tiles are one of the best living room tiles, it gives out a certain special Moorish feel and is considered a staple in the modern homes of this generation. One of the out-of-the-box installation ideas would be running them from the inside of the home through to either the garden or the courtyard which will result in creating a seamless flow not only in the inside of the house but also in the outside of the house.

#2 Tiling the fireplace

Adding a fireplace to the living room is considered a very productive investment as not only does it level up the aesthetic of the room, but also it helps in keeping the room soft and warm. one of the tile ideas for the fireplace room is the tiles that come with Herringbone pattern because they have their fair share in maintaining the heritage feature. Another brilliant choice for a fireplace is the subway tiles. These tiles form the ideal choice if the same type has been installed in the kitchen and bathroom as this will reflect continuity.   another one of the famous choices for sprucing up the tiling in the fireplace is the Mosaic tiles, as they also help in levelling up the vibe of the living room.

#3 Natural stone tiles

The main benefit of installing such Natural stone tiles is that, when the time comes when summer is at its peak, these tiles help in cooling the overall temperature of the room. The best part about selecting these tiles is that they come in a wide range of finishes, colours and textures, and more. Some of the best reasons for choosing these natural stone tiles are that they are eco-friendly, organic, aesthetic enough, and warm as well.

living room tiles

#4 Ceramic tiles

In the world of architecture, ceramic is labelled as a spectrum. These tiles are made with chemical agents, natural clay, minerals, water as well as pigments. They are certainly made at high temperatures. However, one catch that comes with selecting lavish ceramic tiles for the living room is that although they are typically resistant to water as well as stains, they easily tend to crack as well as chip. Some of the best reasons, why people usually pick this tile is that they are easily available in the market and are affordably priced.

Vitrified and Porcelain Tiles for a Clean Look

Tiles such as Vitrified tiles are mainly made from feldspar, silica, clay as well as quartz and are manufactured through a particular process which is known as vitrification. These types of tiles have an exemplary level of porosity and hold the upper hand over porcelain and ceramic tiles when it comes to durability and strength. One of the best features of the tiles is that they can be easily tailored to look like marble. If the living room of the home is a bit more crowded than it should be then vitrified tiles should be installed as they have the capability of withstanding almost every movement and pressure.

Other than this, people also use porcelain tiles. The primary feature of porcelain tiles is that they are durable, and stronger as compared to ceramic tiles. These types of tiles are mainly made with mineral and clay components following up with heating at a high temperature. Thus, it can be said that these types of tiles form the ideal choice if the living rooms tend to be more traffic than any other rooms and the reason behind its exceptional strength is its length as well as the thorough manufacturing process, some of the other primary features that make the porcelain tiles the right choice for the living room area is its toughness, durability, density, porous and its capability of withstanding heavy traffic.


Thus, the above are some of the best floor tiles that you can choose for your living room. To conclude exactly which type of tiles should be selected for the living room, one must consider many factors such as durability, strength, longevity, look, and more. It can be a tiring process at times which is why the above-mentioned tiles are the best tiles that one can choose from the wide range of living room floor tiles. Another way of finalizing tiles for the living room is to have a thorough talk with a professional who will walk you through the process that will enable you to narrow down to one right kind of flooring tile for your living room.