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Top 10 Best Tiles Company in The World

25 June 2022
Top 10 Best Tiles Company in The World

When it comes to tiles, there are various companies that manufacture and deal with tiles. Some of the companies are yet struggling to gain a place in the list of the top tiles companies, others are marching towards eminence. The companies which have conquered steady accomplishments over years are the ones that have developed and researched their own functional and methodology processes.

Through this article, let’s discover the top 10 best tiles companies that are ruling the global market.

Lavish Ceramics

Lavish Ceramics

Lavish Ceramics is the new name that has made its way towards grabbing a position in the list of top 10 tiles companies. Renown as the best tile manufacturer in Morbi, India, lavish is providing the customers with supreme quality tiles that pass through a quality production process. The company uses a manufacturing process that includes a quality control process, high-tech machinery, automation, as well as research and development. Located in the Paris of India, Morbi, the company is popular for giving out quality tiles with a combination of Spanish and Italian designs with technical expertise and excellence.

Grupo Fragnani

Grupo Fragnani is also known as the South American giant industry for tiles. Grupo Fragnani ranks as the top company in Brazil. The headquarters of the company is located in Corderopolis. The company also owns two more companies under its name that is Tecnogres & Incensor and Dias d’Avlila. Since its establishment in 1971, the company has continuously manufactured quality tiles that are known for their durability, improvised artistic value, and suitability. Be it wall tiles, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, or any other tiles, Grupo Fragnani has given the best varieties in porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, 3D tiles, HD tiles, etc.

STN Ceramica

Ruling the tiles market for more than 3 decades, STN Ceramica has a stronghold over Spain and European Market. The company has a hold over nearly 120 countries globally. The company has made continuous ventures with various other companies that are technically enhanced and are providing morally responsible products. STN Ceramica is widely known for its heavy-duty tiles and amazing shine finishes that give the tiles an exceptional appearance. The company helps with a wide range of tiles in different shades, sizes, textures, and patterns.

Kajaria Ceramics

Kajaria Ceramics ranks among the best tile manufacturer in India. It is also ranked second in the list of largest ceramics manufacturers that have an authoritative presence worldwide. Since its establishment in the 1980s, the company has continuously struggled to obtain the position it is in today. Kajaria has today reached around 30 countries by grabbing a strong hold over 5 continents. The brand is considered to be among the most promising brands in Asia with more than 3000 ceramic tiles designs.

Pamesa Ceramica

Pamesa Ceramica is yet another ruling company from Spain with a hold over the ceramic world for over 5 decades. The company has remained popular among the customers for its parity culture, innovation, and environment justifiable practices that have invigorated equal occasion for their work edifice. With an annual turnover of approximately 5 billion Euros, the company possesses a production capacity of more than 80 million square meters. Be it marble tiles, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, or even porcelain stoneware tiles, Pamesa Ceramica is surely what one would look for.

Grupo Cedasa

Established in 1990, Grupo Cedasa is yet another company from Brazil that is ruled by the Pascon family. Merely in a decade, the company has raised its standards and successfully gained recognition among the largest manufacturers of modern tiles in Latin America. With an approximate production of more than 5.5 million square meters, the company holds popular brands like Lorenzza, Vista Bella, Majopar, and Cedasa. With a variety of tiles in different textures and sizes, the tiles manufactured by Grupo Cedasa are functional.

Ceramica Carmelo Fior Ltda

Started with a small venture, Ceramica Carmelo Fior Ltda is owned by a family venture since 1980. The company has a long and inspiring history. The company holds nearly 4 factories and has a production capacity of more than 7000000 square meters per month. The company also owns six brands namely Fioranno, Cecafi, Pisoforte, Vinilforte, Arielle, and Idealle. The company exports a wide range of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, natural stoneware tiles, HD tiles, PGVT tiles, etc. to above 50 countries globally.

RAK Ceramics PJSC

Founded by the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah and H.H. Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi in 1989, RAK Ceramics PJSC is popular for its amazing mission and vision as well as artistic machinery for having a global impact. The company gained amazing growth by manufacturing more than 120 million square meters of tiles in merely 3 decades. Ranking among the top tiles producers globally, RAK Ceramics PJSC currently holds 22 plants in Bangladesh and India. The company is sure to confuse the buyers with a multitude of options of tiles that come with matte and glossy finishing.

SCG Ceramics

SCG Ceramics a combination of five different tiles manufacturing companies namely Sosuco & Group Co. Ltd., The Siam Ceramic Group Industries Ltd., Thai-German Ceramic Industry Public Ltd., Gemango Co. Ltd., and Thai Ceramic Co. Ltd. The company carries a production capacity of more than 94 million square meters every year. And this makes it a 58% market holder in Thailand. The company exports tiles to various countries including Japan, Australia, and South East Asia, and generates more than 2 billion baht every year.

Mohawk Industries Inc.

Last but not least, Mohawk Industries Inc. ranks the top in the list of top 10 tiles companies globally. The company possesses the capacity of giving more than 250 million sq. ft. of tiles per year. And this has helped it expand its strategies to Europe. Mohawk holds a good reputation in the global market for dealing in ceramic tiles, wood flooring, luxury vinyl tiles, and much more.

It should also be noted that the companies in this list have gone through a huge struggle and have proved several times that they deserve this position through their manufacturing and trading practices.