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Top 5 Tile Trends and Styles for Summer 2022

25 April 2022
Top 5 Tile Trends and Styles for Summer 2022

Summer is knocking on the doors and so is the latest tiles trend. Be it the walls, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, outdoors, or any other area of the house, the tiles are among the few design materials that carry the capability of transforming the entire space. From hexagonal to mosaics to terrazzo, a tile is capable of carrying a good vision.

Summer is quite popular as the season for renovating projects. This is because people have sufficient time and appropriate weather for the job. Are you also looking forward to making different changes in your house interiors or exteriors? If yes, you have ended up on the right page.

Through this piece of information, we have listed the top 5 tile trends that are sure to style your house this summer.

#1 Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo gives a modern touch over the traditional classic tiles. This kind of floor tiles was quite popular in the 60s and 70s. Made out of marble chips, glass, granite, quartz, or any other material, they are sure to give a unique outlook to the house. The Terrazzo tiles are quite popular in shopping malls, public places, and hotels too. However, modern designs are now adding to the elegance of these tiles as the designers are re-experiencing the outlook of such tiles to give them a playful look. Another point that makes the terrazzo tiles more adorable is the bright colors. The dull yellows or the beige winter tones are now outdated. Summers welcome bright patterns and colors with shades like bright greens, deep blues, etc. Terrazzo tiles include multicolored looks, bold blues, or greys, which are surely a great combination for interiors, especially kitchen tiles.

#2 Hexagon Mosaics

Be it the bathroom or the kitchen, hexagonal mosaics are the perfect wall tiles for the summer. The tile is designed with a tempting spherical form that can be very well used along with other striking styles, shapes, or colors. A definitive hexagonal tile will surely harmonize very well with an unattached bathroom or even a fashionable frameless shower. All such tiles are sure to add some advanced light and some casual vibes. The hexagonal designs are capable of matching any other tiles in various colors. Again the variety of patterns available in this category is sure to attract anyone’s attention. Why go for such designer tiles? The key benefits of using such tiles include advanced design, great for obstinate spaces, differentiating floor use, and much more. The hexagonal mosaics are versatile tiles that are gaining popularity as they are conventional and attractive too.

#3 Stone Look Tiles

Another emerging design for summer tiles is the Stone look tiles. With the advancement in technology and through digital tile techniques, stone look tiles are grabbing utmost popularity. The stone look tiles are mostly used in commercial designs and residential designs to give them a modern touch. The best feature of this kind of tile is that it is both slip-resistant and stain-resistant. It also eliminates the requirement of sealing. And this is the main reason why it is popular among outdoor tiles. The stone look tiles are stylish, affordable, versatile, and require low maintenance. Some of the recommended designs in this category include Stone Valley Sale, Steam Bone, Lime Quartz Grey, and Roma Silver.

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#4 Marble Tile

Marble tile ranks among the top 5 tiles for summers. People are looking for more and more designs in marble tiles for both indoor and outdoor installation. When talking about the indoors, pale and rich tones are the best to go with. The tiles are designed with feminine and minimalistic patterns that are unique and decorative too. If you want to decorate your house or any particular area with some classy looking yet versatile tiles, the Nature marble tile collection is the right choice to go for. The marble tiles are available in four different bold and flashy shades that give your area a sophisticated and subtle look. Some of the benefits you shall enjoy after using the marble tiles include gorgeous appearance, durability, resistance to scratches, hardwearing, amazing insulator, affordable, and much more.

#5 Rich Floral Tiles

Last but not least, rich floral tiles are also gaining popularity for a new and refreshing look during summers. Mostly used as bathroom tiles, the floral tiles are now also used for decorating different corners of the house. The beautiful blooms give a pretty look to the walls with lively floral patterns. Be it the wild plant prints, prints inspired by the canopies, or the bouncy botanical prints, the floral print tiles have something for every designer looking to design his house. The floral print tiles give a natural look to the interiors and are also complimentary with every color. Again, you can install the floral prints in any corner or wall of the house or even the office. Some people also use this kind of print to give a wall or space some focal points that would attract the attention of the viewers.


Apart from all these, there are various other designs ruling the market during summers. However, the selection of the tile mostly depends on the size of the area. Currently, people are more attracted to unique lay designs like the Auteur Diagonals, Vanessa DeLeon Art, Nomad Collection, the Pantheon collection, the Cadre collection, etc. All these are available in bright and bold colors that give a different look to the house and well complement the summers.

So, now as you are aware of the top designs in the market, and have abundant time to think over them, make sure you have the right tile on the wall and floorings. Apart from the interiors, all the above-mentioned tile types have a separate collection for the outdoor walls and floorings too. The tiles are sure to add a new outlook to your existing style.

In the end, the goal is to give an entirely new look to the house, not only for its appearance but for your eyes too. So, which design are you selecting for your space?