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Shades Of Grey

09 June 2021
Shades Of Grey

The Lavish Shades Of Grey For Your Projects

Grey is a highly recommended color in the much LAVISH PORCELAIN TILE series. Ideal for both classic and modern, and suitable for many decoration styles. Depending on the series, its color intensity varies from light grey to more intense dark grey, with fluctuating shades that are sometimes cooler, while at times significantly warmer. Enriched with a timeless, sophisticated, elegant, and modern appeal, this beautiful color is a reliable source of inspiration for any setting, allowing the creation of monochromatic or contrasting combinations.

LAVISH PORCELAIN TILE COLLECTION FOR WALLS AND FLOORS appear rich, sophisticated, and elegant, creating incredible, practical, functional, and stylish surfaces that give out a chick yet sophisticated look. Our STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, WOOD-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, HIGH-GLOSS COLLECTION, CONCRETE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILE & METAL-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES encompass various shades of grey that are equally appealing and versatile.

The beauty of grey is that it’s not a strong color, it’s a neutral that provides the ideal backdrop to a modern setting. Grey floor tiles produce a relaxing scheme in your project as the nature of this color is connected with serenity and tranquility. Colors like black, white, yellow, powder pink, and shades of grey complement the grey shade beautifully.

The room’s size and exposure to natural and artificial lighting during the daytime and nighttime are two of the few key aspects to be kept in mind while selecting the shades of GREY PORCELAIN TILES FOR WALLS AND FLOORS. The volume & intensity of lighting that bounces around your home determines the shade of grey to be selected and the brightness it would yield.

To make your space feel even brighter, you can use light grey PORCELAIN TILES FOR FLOORS AND WALLS to highlight white or light-colored furnishings more vividly.

To yield a more spacious and light ambiance, we suggest you use the same grey shade all over the house with matching PORCELAIN FLOOR TILES. Also, paint the walls with shades of grey that match the floor to create a spectacular interplay.

Bedrooms are typically one of the most important parts of any home, just like kitchens and bedrooms. This is where you unwind and escape from the day’s stress and turmoil. With serenity & peacefulness being the main traits sought here, it’s important to choose the TILE COLORS accordingly. As mentioned earlier, GREY PORCELAIN TILES FOR WALLS AND FLOORS exude the serenity and calmness that you would want for your bedrooms. The versatile nature of LIGHT GREY COLOR adapts to any type of environment with a modern and contemporary style, allowing various combinations that suit your requirements -whether a big bedroom or a comparatively smaller one!

Grey Stone 001 scaled
Marlon Grey 01 scaled
Morella Grey 01 scaled
Ocean Grey 001 scaled
Onyx Grey 002 scaled
River Grey 20x120 preview1 scaled
Candy Grey 001 scaled
Grey Stone 001
Marlon Grey-01
Morella Grey_ 01
Ocean Grey 001
Onyx Grey 002
River Grey-20x120-preview1
Candy Grey 001
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The applicability of grey color with the color “white” is just remarkable, thus GREY PORCELAIN TILES FOR FLOORS AND WALLS go well with white sanitary fittings. This elegant combination will conjure up a luxurious modern look in your bathrooms.

To ensure you achieve a timeless mood injected with a harmonic and stylish continuity between your interiors and exteriors, LAVISH PORCELAIN TILES offers a wide variety of finishes to suffice both your indoor and outdoor projects that require elegance as well as practicality. To explore more grey shades, you may check out our WOODEN-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, STONE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, METAL-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES, HIGH-GLOSS PORCELAIN TILES, MARBLE-LOOK PORCELAIN TILES.